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Browser Wars – The Transportation Edition [Classic Funny Image]

5 Browsers and the Modes of Transportation They Resemble [via Reddit]

The combined single image version courtesy of Reddit:

Browser Wars: Transportation Version

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 03/14/12

Comments (19)

  1. anybodysguess

    Sometimes very fast is all that matters! *

    * Read: When your internet is 1 Meg down.

  2. oktboer

    “nearly useless because of all its stupid add-ons” … which you installed yourself

  3. Paul

    That’s a bit harsh to internet Explorer. I find it very useful for downloading Firefox on new builds.

  4. anybodysguess

    @ Paul

    I don’t even use it for that, I refuse to use it.
    I have a flash drive on my key chain with a version Chrome that runs off a flash drive, I use that.

  5. firefox fan

    @ oktboer

    Agree with you on that. Firefox becomes slow because of the loads of addons that you install. Just get the most useful ones and Firefox is a breeze.

  6. Urichhai

    Well to tell the truth. No problems with IE and can customize the way I want, Unlike Google chrome and there new policy is really BS. Now I have noticed that all my ads seem to know what I have been serching, Nice (NOT) I feel like I cant surf using google anymore without their all seeing wisdom watching over me. Oh Well JMHO.

  7. Mike

    We are Google. You will be assimilated.

  8. Raj A Malhotra

    Opera’s should have been a Swiss knife…but I guess the artist was using only means of transport…

  9. Nick

    I like Opera’s mouse gestures

  10. Lisa Wang

    Looks like the artist is in love with Chrome. I use both Chrome and Firefox, and they’re quite in par in speed. It’s not the browser’s fault that you install ‘useless addons’,right?
    I only use Opera in my mobile phones. Very good compared to built in browsers.

  11. Kodess

    Pretty sure the last browser comparison tests have all shown that Chrome isnt the fastest anymore…
    Firefox has been faster than Chrome since the beginning of February 2012

  12. RonV42

    Firefox should have been the car that Homer Simpson designed, The Homer:

  13. George

    Love Firefox! I only use Adblock Plus.

  14. Gathma

    Honestly, I’m still stuck between Firefox and Chrome. Chrome was definitely faster for the first few days that I had it, but I’m kind of a hoarder when it comes to having tabs open (I have 35 open right now, even), so that seems to slow down chrome, since I noticed that each tab is apparently it’s own process (that’s what it looks like, anyway), it looks like chrome is taking up more memory than Firefox ever did, even with a bunch of add-ons. I might switch back to Firefox soon, but Chrome seem to only be for people who don’t have a problem with tab closing.

  15. Gathma

    (also, I prefer the scrolling through tabs in Firefox method rather than them constantly shrinking in Chrome)

  16. WeArePPl

    Im with Gathma

    Firefox FTW, chrome use to many memory when having multiple tabs

  17. Citrus Rain

    Dat Cutie Mark.

    The poor horse died at the sight of it’s flank.

  18. Jeremy

    Seems the maker of this infographic doesn’t like any browser…Ah well, can’t please them all I guess.

  19. @anybodysguess

    my internet is 90 Kb/s down and 0.0065 Kb/s Up. I know, the upload speed is slow.

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