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Use’s Android App; Score 50GB Free Storage

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Android: A free cloud storage account comes with 5GB–upgrade to 50GB by taking their new Android app for a test drive.

Note: This offer expires 23 March 2012.

If you’re unfamiliar with, it’s similar to Dropbox: the storage is cloud-based, it syncs across multiple devices, and so on. personal accounts start at 5 GB and max out at 50GB, so simply installing and test driving the Android application essentially maxes out your personal account for free. 50GB accounts normally run $19.99 a month so using the Android app trick saves you a ton of money over upgrading through traditional means.

Hit up the link below to download the Android app, or stop by first to signup for an account. Android Application [via MakeUseOf]

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  • Published 03/12/12

Comments (10)

  1. D

    When I first read that offers 50 GBs for free, I was very amazed and vowed to switch from Dropbox. I registered but found that it does not offer a Windows client just as Dropbox does. Only if you subscribe. … Also, the max file size is 100 MBs…

    So in other words, although still happy, I am not so excited by now…

  2. CyberCowboy

    You had an article about using on Linux (Ubuntu specifically) with webdav a while ago, but the address listed I keep getting a Permanently Moved error, any chance for an update?

  3. C.W.

    I believe the file size limit is actually even lower, namely 25 MB, not 100 MB. That I still could have lived with, though. But there was an even bigger deal breaker. I bet you couldn’t guess. What can there be that makes a free 50GB online storage completely useless? Here you go: You can only manually download one $*%^#$* file at a time! One file at a time!

    I think you should put that in the article. I think that will be a deal breaker for many people. As soon as I found out I deleted my account.

  4. Mike

    Wasn’t there a concern about the app wanting access to read your contact list, then e-mailing out to everyone? I’m not sure if it was valid, but seems like I read an article about working around it by installing the Android SDK and setting up an account on a “phone” with no contacts.

  5. Jay

    I recommend that people just avoid this altogether. The offer could almost be called a scam in my book.

    I signed up, uploaded about 20gigs only to find out that I had to pay to download it (unless I wanted to download 1 file at a time).

  6. dragonbite

    Except for the advantage of size, there is little benefit of over Dropbox at this point.

    There is, however, some means to use Google Docs to edit your files in but of course that costs money.

  7. Steve-O-Rama

    I don’t like Box’s privacy policy at all, and given their blatant advertising of corporate customers, it doesn’t feel like it’ll be around as an independent entity for very long, nor a secure one. Thanks, but I’ll pass, and keep using Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Minus.

  8. Rubipy

    It is possible to upload complete folders with subfolder and tons of files using an java window labelled bulk upload. Very convenient.

  9. rangerevo8

    Suitable for backup and web access availability.
    But for everyday use, it is useless without windows client support.
    My Dropbox setup was untouched for that reason.

  10. Mektub

    I registered, but found out that this 50 GB are useless.

    The max file size is 100 MBs… no joke.
    it does not offer a Windows/linux client, no sync.
    And worse: You can only manually download one file at a time.

    For me, this offer is scam.

    I am out.


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