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Huge Solar Flare Might Interrupt Power, GPS, and Satellites Tomorrow

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According to and a lot of other web sites, there was a large solar flare yesterday that is set to unleash the biggest solar storm in the last five years, with a possibility of knocking out satellites and power.

The reality is that it’s pretty unlikely there will be many problems, but it has happened before. In either case, it’s an interesting story with some pretty cool video of the storm. Check it out at the link below.

Huge Solar Flare’s Magnetic Storm May Disrupt Satellites, Power Grids

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  • Published 03/7/12

Comments (6)

  1. r

    oh no !…someone should send a technician over there to fix that.

  2. IrishIT

    ^Yes! Please, would someone call Support to fix the sun…….Damn thing keeps turning on and off!

  3. patty

    The precursor to predicted EOW event 12/21/2012 imo is the increased solar flares and their effect upon Earth. It’s happened before in the planet’s billion year history, and will happen again in the future. It’s how we act that matters.

  4. akoolo

    I hope that has nothing to do with the abnormal heat am experiencing for the past few months in the part of the world am in?

  5. buddyboy9

    I sure hope it happens at night. We’re covered for daytime, it’s supposed to be cloudy here tomorrow.

  6. gecko

    How to hack the sun ?

    Sun is a star with thermonuclear reactions ( fusion ) going on.
    A star keeps on producing various elements as a result of fusion of lighter atoms to heavier atoms.
    Hydrogen (at wt. 1) forms into heavier helium (at wt. 4) and then into heavier and heavier elements.


    When Iron (at wt. 56 ) forms, BOOM

    the fusion cannot continue as Iron 56 has the most stable nucleus .

    There is an explosion on the star ((((((((( KA-BOOOM ))))))))))

    The star becomes a supernova.


    Sneak into the space shuttle with a few tonnes of Iron (say disguised as dumb bells shipment for the esteemed astronauts )

    when in space , borrow ;-) the space shuttle when everyone is asleep and throw the Iron shipment towards the sun Hah Ha.

    The Dumb bells will reach the Sun eventually one fine day.

    and then

    ((((((( KA-Boom ))))))

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