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How to Get a Metro-Style Start Menu and Start Button in Windows 8

Windows 8 has a new Start Screen, but there’s no Start Button anymore–and that might be too much for some people to deal with. Here’s how to get a Start button that opens up the new Metro-style Start menu.

Note: If you want to get back the Windows 7 style Start Menu, you can do that too.

Head over to this page to get your free copy of Start8. You will need to enter your email address and hit the Sign Up button.


Once your email address is processed you will be given a download link.image

When the download has completed the installation of Start8 is of the next,next, finish kind.


Once your installation is complete you will have the regular Start Orb that we all know and love.


But when you click on it, you will have an impressive new Metro Styled Start Menu.


During testing both The Geek and I noticed some inconstancies in the program, such as what happens when you press the Windows Keyboard shortcut, however it’s a welcome addition to my Windows 8 taskbar.

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 03/7/12

Comments (17)

  1. igeek

    Great, I am really missing the start button!

  2. PhantomTurtle

    It looks kinda like the mint menu for gnome

  3. Martins

    I doesn’t like this. I like default start menu.. but design could bee better. Green colour not for me.. (puke)

  4. Sid


    Don’t puke. It’s not always green, it picks the color from the start screen

  5. Martins

    this suck… after couple minutes i discovered big mistake right menu in this start menu… u can chose only 3 first items… :D LOL… it’s only for me or for everyone? :P

  6. Martins

    one more mistake… if you go in some app and wat go to start u will open last menu (metro style) so u can again go to desktop and then press menu agian to get your new menu :D

  7. James Grehan

    The new windows 8 sucks its really seems to be aimed at touch screen use

  8. W52

    Why not give the complete experience a try first and not try to tweak things back to the way they were. For heavens sake, this is a beta OS meaning that only tech geeks are using it. You would think these tech geeks would be on the forefront of technology instead of being pushed by the wave.

  9. Rick

    Once you get used to hovering in the lower corner to snap back to the home screen, it’s really not that bad. Takes about 2 minutes to get used to it if you try. Open app, done with it, snap back in the lower corner. This OS on a tablet with a “home” button would be really awesome. I would like to see a keyboard shortcut for returning to the home screen, if anyone knows one that I missed, let me know, eh?

  10. jon_hill987

    @Rick: Mouse buttons were invented so we didn’t have to wait around for a “hover” to trigger. The whole interface is a step backwards in terms of usability if you are the sort to use large numbers of applications at once. It might be fine for Facebook users who only have their PC as a web browser, but it is not for me.

  11. Ben

    “When the download has completed the installation of Start8 is of the next,next, finish kind.”
    Say What?

  12. Ben

    My bad, I get it now:)

  13. Satya Naraya Vyas

    Great help.

  14. jimi

    I took your advise and downloaded Start8 for windows consumers preview,
    and low and behold? to my surprise I found the windows media center.
    which is not found on the “metro apps desktop”, configured , worked great
    with my current hdtv tuner (Hauppauge hvc 1850)

  15. kenedy123

    Good to know about the How to Get a Metro-Style Start Menu and Start Button in Windows 8

  16. beergas

    Thanks but a polished proggy would be best. Why beta on a beta? Ugh. Win 7 x64 SP1 still ok for kb & mouse use for now. Like need this proggy in further version for final Win 8.

  17. Anonymous

    What’s with the email requirement? I gave it a temp email but I never had to do the usual bogus signup dance – it just let me download. So, did they change this email requirement or get smart about the “free means free” thing?

    Usually, I provide a temporary email address to sites like this, get whatever code/link I need and then never use that email again. But in this case, I think they realized I was not going to give my real email when I used an obvious random email domain ( It apparently just gave up and said “here you go”.

    For anyone else, I highly recommend 10 Minute Email for ding-dongs who just want your email to spam you. This may be a great product but I don’t think I’m alone when I say: DON’T SEND ME ANY MORE SPAM!

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