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Downloading the Internet [Animated Humorous Image]

Looks like we need more floppy disks…

Download WWW – [via Fail Desk]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 03/9/12

Comments (24)

  1. PVC stolarija

    lol :) great !

  2. Jacob

    The A drive? Good lord if you’re using 3.14MB floppy drive you’d need 7.64×10^9 of them. o_O


    :D great! :D

  4. Xilef

    so if I calculated right the Internet is **only** about 24 thousand terabytes?

  5. 135Goodwin

    24 Thousand ZIPPED !

  6. Gordon Oldham

    This is silly, why use floppies when you can use DVD’s !

  7. nidzo

    @Gordon why use DVD’s, when you can use cloud storage. It would make sense to store internet on the internet.

  8. Monk

    It’s just a joke :P. Floppy Disk is epic :P.

  9. Harkaboy

    @Monk, is it just a joke? You don’t say? O:

  10. hawkins

    41.2 kB/ps? at least he’s not using dial-up i guess.

  11. clark snyder

     7.64×10^9 + 1 is still a packaging option in the 3rd world.

  12. keltari

    can you imagine unzipping and getting to the last disk to find it corrupted?

  13. zapper067

    It is not animated on my computer

  14. Riddle

    hmmmm, that is one funny joke, gave me a good laugh :D , but with holographic storage that’s theoretically possible !
    you only need about 4000 HVDs , according to wikipedia one disk can store up to 6TBs …
    well the number isn’t real anyway , and there would be a “bandwidth” problem too . another problem is that there aren’t 4000 HVDs in the whole world ,probably , and commercial products only fit about 100-200 GB so far . And I didn’t mention the cost yet ..

  15. devSubZeroX

    Isn’t there like a Petabyte worth of information in the Library of Congress?

  16. HDARK

    great,^_^ how i can fix? I have Blu-ray drive,you can change it for me ^___^

  17. Jokestah

    Oh no… I better get started on the download now before it gets bigger.

  18. edmenje

    This joke is about 20 years old, but it still keeps circulating, and it’s still working on the download LOL.

  19. kenedy123

    Good to know about the Downloading the Internet [Animated Humorous Image].

  20. antonio

    On Megaupload closed servers, it can be saved. xD

  21. bobro

    this is stupid… if you wanted to backup the internet you should really print it out.. :P

  22. Sadeq008

    زمانش نصف عمر جنتیم نیس

  23. Max

    I miss those old dialog boxes. I miss the old Internet.

  24. anon

    wait a minute… the whole internet is just under 24 petabytes? you mean i could fit it on a couple racks of data servers in my garage or barn? (i was figuring 12TB/node, 40 nodes per rack is ~24racks.. but IBM somehow managed to fit 12Pb in 7 racks.. so theoretically it can be done with 14)


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