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Recycle Bin Nightmare [Humorous Comic]

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Recycle Bin Rage [Fail Desk]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 03/7/12

Comments (15)

  1. Aequitasvkilo

    My CIS prof told a story of a computer someone repaired for another faculty member on campus. The guy actually did keep important files in the recycle bin. The tech emptied the recycle bin as part of his routine procedure, and the guy lost all his work. The prof used this story to illustrate how important it is to leave a computer exactly how you found it after you finish working on it.

  2. Cobaltqube

    To me that is the same thing as keeping your food in the trash or your important papers in the fireplace or incinerator.. Why would any id10t ever do such a thing?

    Just my two cents..

  3. TechGeek01

    I agree with Cobaltqube here. Doesn’t it seem kinda redundant to keep a backup of a drive on the drive. If the drive fails, where’s the backup?

  4. Robert

    I know a lot of people that like to “file away” their e-mail inside Outlooks Recycle Bin – folders and all – completely organized.

  5. martinsk007

    Nice.. Just like my little brother.. :D tried to delete his game and deleta all my info from D: drive :D

  6. GG

    I had something similar happen, I shutdown someones computer, and outlook asked if I wanted to clear out the deleted folder, which I happily said yes to……bad move. Apparantly, the user had setup an elaborate system of folders in their deleted folder that they were storing their emails in????

    Since then, I NEVER delete or clear the deleted folder unless I get the users permissions.

    As they say…..Nothing is userproof, because users can be so ingenious!

  7. Andrew Jackson

    If you’re going to leave it exactly how you found it, then you are not going to make any changes, therefore will have fixed nothing. The tech did nothing wrong – except needs better psychic abilities. :)

  8. Gerry

    I had to repair a slow computer for a friend a while back and to as part of the clean I ran ccleaner which deleted his web history. He was happy when he got it back that it booted quickly, but rang me half an hour later to ask if i knew how to access his websites. He didn’t know any of his passwords (which he kept on a text file in his recycle bin “as nobody would look there”, it contained online banking passwords, email passwords, website passwords & his pin numbers) and blamed me for “blocking access to his emails & facebook”. He also had some sites ‘saved’ so he could look at them later, when in fact he only had them in his history. eventually he remembered his email password which got him access back to most of his other sites but he still couldn’t understand why I emptied his recycle bin. He still uses the same system for his passwords and wont learn to bookmark sites he likes, even after I and several other friends have warned him. Another friend has used the computer and emailed himself a list of the passwords and although he wouldn’t do anything to harm the first friend, he will occasionally leave strange messages on his Facebook and change random facts in his profile.

  9. tommy2rs

    The first thing I thought when reading this article was “Here’s your sign…” The second was “Yup, stupid should hurt”.

  10. SuffolkSilver

    Cleaning up daughter’s full machine I spotted what I thought was a shortcut to her Pictures folder on the desktop and the defragged. Nooooo ! It wasn’t just a shortcut. It was the real thing.

    First comment: leave the PC exactly as you found it ?

    What ? Broke?

    But the worst words you can ever hear are “It was OK until you touched it”

    I sometimes check granddaughter’s full machine and wonder if I should delete 5Gb of video of her pulling funny faces at the webcam :)) Decisions, decisions.

  11. vicsar

    Yep… been there, done that. Oh the humanity.

  12. Elliot Tulane

    I agree with SuffolkSilver it makes me cringe every time I hear “It wasn’t doing this BEFORE!?” or some other similar phrase. I like to use analogy to explain concepts to most of my users. Example: Look, leaving your passwords saved on your browser is like leaving a key in your door. Its easy to get in….. for everyone.

  13. dave

    oh, the stories that i have from working on computers for a year….

    Saw bs like this all the time, however the expectations are the worst part. Ive seen plenty of questions such as:

    -I spilled beer all over my laptop and it wont turn on, cant you guys fix that?
    -My roommate stepped on my laptop and now the screen is all messed up, can you fix that?

    The list goes on

  14. soapy

    Delete means remove. Anyone who keeps files in a delete folder cannot get upset at someone because they removed files from a folder that basically says, remove me.

  15. Romero

    Tommy is so right. Here is your sign!

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