This article was written by MysticGeek, a tech blogger at the How-To Geek Blogs.

When you have a long Word document containing a lot of different information pertaining to the same thing, it can be difficult to create a summary of the document.  AutoSummarize is a feature in Word 2007 that scores the document by giving points to sentences that contain frequently used words.  You can then use the highest scoring sentences to create the summary or use the Auto function.  For this example I created a simple Word document using the =rand() trick.

First we will add the AutoSummary shortcuts to the quick access bar. Click the Office Button \ Customize \ Choose commands from \ All Commands then scroll down and highlight AutoSummary Tools click the Add button.

Now click the quick access AutoSummarize icon shown below.

Now that we have the AutoSummarize dialog box open we have different options to choose from.  The Highlight key points will allow you to go through the document and find most commonly used words and phrases so you can conclude your own summary. 

Using the Executive Summary basically auto generates a summary of the document and places it at the top of the document.  Creating a new document will just take the below summary and place it in a new Word document.


Finally hiding everything but the summary leaves just the summary in the Word document and omits the rest.  In this example I used only 25% of the document.  You can adjust the length for Word to summarize based upon the length of the document.