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Here’s How to Download Windows 8 Beta (Consumer Preview) Right Now

Note: This article is part of our archive and is likely out of date.
(Links may not work, downloads have not been recently tested for safety)

The latest Windows version was just released, and here’s how you can get your hands on the Consumer Preview, otherwise known as the Windows 8 Beta, right now.

Our feature article covering all the changes will be out later, but for now, you might want to install it on a spare PC or into a virtual machine. Just keep in mind that the servers might be hit pretty hard this morning.

Downloading Windows 8 Beta

Windows setup (with tools to create an ISO or thumb drive)

ISO image (use Disk Image burner or USB tool)

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  • Published 02/29/12

Comments (75)

  1. anybodysguess

    1 Hour after release and servers look to be handling it fine. Amazing!

  2. Chronno S. Trigger

    Does anyone know if it works on VMware or do we still need VirtualBox?

  3. Nixed

    There’s not a Live DVD version by chance?

  4. Anonymous



    If you don’t have a Product Key then you will probably have to get one from Microsoft.

    As foe me, I just downloaded the ISO and then made an actual DVD to install with. I got past the select keyboard and country screen only to be asked to provide a product key. (EXPLETIVE)! I said. There was no way to get past this like you can with Windows 7, Vista or even later versions of XP. Microsoft seems to be clamping down on the activation circus and won’t allow Windows 8 to even be installed unless a valid product key is provided. So beware! You too may be in for a disappointment.

    I will now see if one of my Windows 7 keys works or even if my old Windows 7 beta key works (I had to boot a live Zorin Linux just to post this since I had already swapped out my hard drives). Otherwise, it looks like I’ll have to sign up with Microsoft and/or use the Customer Preview Setup just to get a valid Windows 8 preview key.

  5. Anonymous


    Sorry about the Product key stuff. But you WILL need a valid Product Key if it isn’t there when you go to install. Fortunately, a friend of mine just called and pointed out Microsoft’s FAQ. And as usual, the info was buried and not too obvious (it’s about the 10th topic under the section “Downloading and Installing”).

    In any case, Microsoft recommends (in that FAQ) that you use the following product key to install Windows 8 Customer Preview:


  6. Cambo

    @ Annonymous

    It’s also plainly there on the Microsoft web site, in the last link that HTG provides.

    That said, Metro is still crap.

  7. Anonymous


    Look again! Those are file checksums NOT Product Keys.

  8. RABO

    if they provide a key why not just not ask at all?

  9. Anonymous


    That’s a good question. It makes no sense to require a product key to install an evaluation copy when there is a product key on their web site that anyone can use. But I’m guessing once Windows 8 is officially released that the public key (and Windows itself) will no longer work. Sort of like they did with Windows 7. (I bet it’s even documented down deep in a EULA somewhere too. But who wants to read that stuff unless they’re trying to get to sleep?)

  10. dfarrich

    Here’s what showed up below the download link: Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

  11. Cambo


    No, the fields beside the downloads (that says Sha 1 hash) is the checksum.

    The one under 32/64 bit that says “Product Keys”, are the product keys.

  12. Anonymous

    I don’t know if anyone else has been playing with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I have! And I like what I’m seeing. Particularly now that there’s a somewhat easier way to close windows and not just minimize them. I was getting tired of launching the Task Manager just to close Tinker. (Not that it’s hard to do or anything – just an annoyance.)

    I think my biggest beef is still with the Start screen (it’s no longer a button, you know). You can’t really customize the Start ions other than moving stuff around or adding/deleting shortcuts. And you pretty much have to have a Microsoft Live account – and Internet access – to install any of the pre-made apps specifically built for Windows 8 too. However, you can still install/run your old stuff – just don’t expect it to look very pretty in the Start screen. Desktop icons are another matter but for the Start screen – ugly!

    But one of the biggest reasons I think I may now stick with Windows 8 is the (once again) inclusion of Microsoft Media Center. YEA! I can once again easily use my TV tuner card without having to dual boot to Windows 7 or some other OS just to DVR or even watch my shows. Perhaps even more surprising was total driver support for my Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1600. In fact, I didn’t have to do a thing in the Device Manger – absolutely nothing. It just worked! (Now, where else have I heard that?) I only wish Microsoft had pre-loaded an icon in the Start screen rather than me having to figure it out. (Again, not hard. Just an annoyance.)

  13. Cambo

    My prediction is Windows 8 will not be adopted by business. Most enterprises haven’t even upgraded from XP to 7, yet here they’re completely redesigning the UI.

    Unless Microsoft gives enterprise IT departments the ability to turn off Metro, it won’t be adopted. And Enterprise is where MS makes the majority of their money. Businesses largely ignored Vista due to the inherent problems and customization with it. 7 is much better, but development and rollouts take a very long time to minimize disruption and maintain functionality with legacy apps.

    Windows 8, would be a MAJOR disruption to workflow.

    Metro was probably designed for the eye candy, certainly not for functionality.

  14. Anonymous


    I don’t know how I missed it. You’re right! Product Key IS there – now. But it’s not the same one in Microsoft’s FAQ. I’m sure DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J will also work. However, I used the one in Microsoft’s FAQ of NF32V-QP93W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8 and it worked without issue. Maybe cause I’m using the 32-bit version.

    I can only guess there’s something funky going on with my browser on my other OS, or someone was playing tricks or something. Cause I swear I didn’t see that key earlier – it just wasn’t there. Of course, I’m now using Windows 8 with all new software Including Firefox 10.0.2 too (and still no add-on’s).

  15. Ryan

    I’ve read that the consumer preview can be installed on a partition, so it doesn’t over write Win7. When I go through the install process I never get an option on an installation location. Is it further down in the process and I just aborted too soon? Or are one of the 3 options given when you go to install what I need to look at? BTW, I’m installing from an ISO in case that’s relevant.


  16. Anonymous

    @ Cambo (again),

    You said, “Metro was probably designed for the eye candy, certainly not for functionality.”

    I agree! I too don’t see Windows 8 being adopted and much for the same reasons you stated. But I see the major reason being more financial. There are just too many people going to be asking, “why would I want to spend that kind of money to upgrade something that works now?!” They’ll only adopt when there’s no other choice.

    Microsoft and Apple make some amazing products, but they just have no real sense of value! And as long as there are sub sets of people willing to pay through the nose to be on the latest fashion trends or whatever, companies Microsoft, Apple or even AT&T will always have an income. The rest of us just better figure out how to save our pennies or learn to do without.

  17. Arston

    Am I really the only one not that excited about Windows 8? Nice features added, indeed but nothing ground breaking for me. And many annoyances. I’ve tried the dev.preview in VirtualBox a while ago.

  18. Anonymous


    Windows 8 installs almost exactly like Windows 7. When you get to the part about where to install, pay attention! Do not just click next. You will want to direct the installation procedure to use an unused partition, assuming you made room by shrinking what you have now. Do NOT choose any existing partition since your current Windows 7 system, other OS, or even data will be on one of those existing partitions. And the installer will use whatever it finds if you don’t at least look at the “drive options” during installation too. Although it will probably result in a warning or error if you miss it I just can’t say for sure – this is a completely new OS after all. Point is, don’t just zombie-mindedly click through and you should be OK.

    That said, it sounds like your first hurdle will be figuring out how to shrink your current Windows 7 NTFS partition small enough to allow enough free space for Windows 8 when you go to install. And for that I would suggest trying GParted which is usually included with most Live distros such as Linux Mint. You might like to use a Windows tool like the Disk Management tool to do this instead, but I find GParted easier to understand and easier to use (aside from any potential rare boot issues with Linux). However, you may want to defrag the heck out of everything in Windows 7 before you do anything. Now that I think about it, defragging should probably be step one!

    But for all the headache and potential danger involved with single-drive dual booting you might want to instead just temporarily replace your hard drive. I find cheap 40Gig drives all the time for under $20 – even new ones. Maybe you can find one too if you don’t already have one. You can always re-connect your primary Windows 7 drive on a different channel after Windows 8 is installed. I personally find it easier to not have to mess with boot loaders this way too. In fact, I find it preferable to select the default boot drive from the BIOS settings or by pressing F8/? during power up. No muss, no fuss. And if I don’t like it then it’s just a (simple) matter of hardware reassignments – done!

    Then again, you could try it out on a virtual machine. Something like Oracles Virtual Box are excellent clients that cost nothing other than the time to download. Of course, you might find it a bit painful if your current “real” system isn’t at least a 2GHz dual core with at least 4gig of RAM and a descent video adapter.

  19. xana452

    Does anyone know if you HAVE to download the new version, or if there is a simple update for the current one? I really don’t feel like having to re install it.

  20. Ryan

    Thank you for such a detailed reply. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I was just going about it the wrong way. A simple reboot and install from the disc was all I needed. But having just removed a DVD drive led to more issues, but I eventually solved it.

    Thanks again for your reply.

  21. zachary graham

    so sad…

    i had just gotten over the resentment i had about windows 7… with all of the flashy new things, vista was a flop and i am an XP fan before, now & forever…

    but, i was beginning to enjoy windows 7… i mean, my desktop is my comfort with windows XP PRO and my laptop with 7… but now, looks like change again…


    why not make something near perfect before starting on something else?

    make a computer that no longer freezes, something smart enough to un-freeze itself…

    no? oh well…

  22. Havoc

    Downloaded the ISO 64 bit, burned to disc and the stupid thing just sits there at the beta fish and the spinning dots. Lame ! The Developer Preview installed perfectly fine.

  23. jag

    Windows 8 i have downloaded and installed, the features are looking entirely different from win 7, please post more articles on win 8 also.

    howtogeek fan

  24. LMFAO

    Product key is the same for everyone, at least microsoft website says so

  25. Jeri Atkin

    I loaded Windows 8 last October. Mine is working fine. Is this a updated version or do they up date mine as it goes along? I’m brave downloading, but not too informed about what I downloaded and how it works.

  26. TsarNikky

    Serious PC users will probably stick with Windows-7 for a long time–at least until 2020. Interfaces designed for smart phones (tablets) just don’t work well on the entirely different laptop/desktop form factor–not to mention the purpose of the two form factors is so widely different.

  27. zepe

    Does Windows 8 Consumer Preview allow you to select the partition where it installs? Someone told me they installed it and didn’t give them a choice of where to install, it just replace their installation of Windows 7.

  28. A

    For those who keep questioning whether they have to change from the developer preview to the consumer preview and how long the consumer preview lasts here are the license dates (I actually took some time to read the license agreements.
    The Developer Preview’s license ends March 8th
    and the Consumer Preview ends January 15th 2013 so almost a whole year.

  29. Paul

    @zachary who asked: why not make something near perfect before starting on something else?
    make a computer that no longer freezes, something smart enough to un-freeze itself…

    We do have that — it’s called Linux.

  30. sammymike

    HEY,has anybody had issues with the . Net Framework after installation ???? the framework (at least in my case)seems to be missing..

  31. Doug

    I’ve been running Win 8 Consumer Preview for the better part of a day now and, after getting over the initial shock and sorting out what is possible, I’m beginning to be reasonable comfortable with it. I made the desktop a near duplicate of my Win 7 installation on this laptop and find the new START screen a step up from the old, confined screen. I haven’t found anything I can’t do compared to Win 7.

    One thing that seems obvious is that while all of the arcane adjustment/computer-guts tools are there they don’t get in the way of running applications, which is what the majority of non-geek, everyday computer users do.

    Win 8 is the best Windows yet for people like the automobile owner that knows there is an engine in the car, but is content to know little else but where to put gasoline and how to drive it as well as the mechanic who knows what makes it run and how to keep it running.

    I don’t know if I will upgrade anything from Win 7 (4 PCs), but if I get a touchscreen device with Win 8 on it, that would be a strong driver for me to want some of my other machines to use Win 8.

  32. Little John

    I tried the virtual install, just do not work out. I have laptop which I have install number of OS on over past couple years. As I am typing this note, it is under Windows 8. So far doing things on Windows 8 is easier to understand. For new user starting with Windows 8 will easy time getting up to speed than Windows XP user. The install went great, no problems with any drivers including my camera on laptop. Windows 7 I have to download the driver to make the camera to work. Have not tried to install any old programs, I have a copy of Paradox 4.5 for DOS which I will try to run under Windows 8. The only problem I have is learning what the mouse does and don’t do any more.

  33. emar1000

    Honestly windows 8 is a retarded layout….period

  34. acknack56

    It won’t run on my laptop.
    The message says windows 8 has encouintered an error, and I should search for “inaccessible boot disk” for more information.
    Wimdows 7 doesn’t have a problen accessing the boot disk.
    Does anyone know what gives?

  35. RayBay

    Can it be a clean install on a formatted, but otherwise blank disk? using a download to a flash drive?

  36. hammer90

    I used it for 24 hours and I am back to XP on my desktop–7 on my laptop—The touchscreen/app icon format should be an option not the default ?? Or at least someway to switch back and forth to a more identifiable desktop UI ??

  37. pbug56

    If you download the .exe variation it has the product key built in. If you download an iso a product key can be printed from the site right by the download buttons. Virtualbox still works but the downloaded iso’s don’t work for some reason (though you could burn them to dvd’s which should work fine). I ran the .exe variation, which actually downloads the real installer. Worked very smoothly. Easy installation.

    Booting is very fast (even on my virtual machine), as is shutdown. And taskmanager still looks very nice. And that is the last of the nice things to say about it.

    The Mutt or Mutro interface (bark bark) is not just back to stay, they made it worse. They went into the registry and while you can still set keys that would (in the developer preview) bring back the orb, etc., the keys have no effect in this release. So no Start menu orb. No direct access to so many things. You have to hover and swipe all over the place to get the ‘settings’ to open to change anything. And of course there is no ‘logoff” command anymore in the gui, which is somewhere above stupid for a system designed for multiple users. Microsloth has gotten through their little brainless robot heads that from now on every one will do their computing on tiny little touch screens with only one person per computer. Who needs to logoff when it’s a tiny, portable device. Of course in reality, if I want to logoff or switch users, there’s no easy way to do that from what I can see. I’m looking for sidebar gadgets, but Microsoft made most of them disappear months ago from the web in preparation for win 8 – even though the remaining ones seem to work nicely.

    Basically, until someone can come up with a tool that MS doesn’t block to make the stupid phone swipe screen interface go away on normal screens, I’ll never update a single computer in real life to Windoze 8. I hate what they’ve done even more then I hated Windoze ME or Windoze VISTA. The only way VISTA got in the house was by preinstallation, upgraded to Win 7 as early as I could. Even the improvements under the skin are not worth forcing people to use this Sesame Street oriented interface.

    Maybe there’s a reason though, for the baby and toddle oriented gui. Maybe the big boss is going senile, reverting to babyhood, and needs something he can handle as he gets older. Anyone else have any guesses?

  38. cpomd

    Using VirtualBox and using all the above Serial Nos I cannot proceed any further.From the above it is probably because I chose the 64 bit version

  39. nazirji

    I have XP on my old desktop PC – I downloaded the windows 8 preview yesterday and I Like what I see but I am getting no sound when I play any video – tried to trouble shoot but problem not resolved and went into control panel and checked to see the sound cards and they show fine – so why no sound ?

  40. paul and jean

    Downloaded and installed, took about 2 hours. Then, when I went to fire it up, said “inaccessiable boot device” ? Searched on internet and see this is a very common problem…but not one solution given.

  41. jordan
    @zachary graham
    true that i love win 7 but cannot wait for win 8 to be finished
    email me lol

  42. CJD

    Guys… as for enterprise use… Metro can be turned off. Realize this version of windows is a converged version that runs tablets – touch screens – and – desktops. Windows 8 is primarily a tablet OS – however – bringing great features to the desktop also.

    Agree – will people have to get used to it – yes. Try it and observe the quickness of it. Its elegant for enterprise and consumers – as well as the various platforms you may run it on.

    I do agree however – Metro is a significant change. Will users adopt? Don’t know if M$ will be successful with it. I will say this – its their last chance to tackle Apple.

  43. Bill Antoniak

    if your tablet doesn’t have the required resolution Windows 8 needs, non of the apps will work. I have a Win 7 tablet (1 yr. old) with 1024×600 screen. Win 8 loads, but each app says it will not run due to screen resolution.
    looks nice, though…

  44. barton

    On the ISO page there are product keys with the ISO’s.
    I downloaded the 64bit version and installed it on Virtual Box. It worked OK. When I rebooted it however after install it had a “hardware” problem and tried to fix it without success. Trying another install.

  45. Sue

    Had to give up, tried to install Windows 8 on an old unused XP computer, it gets so far then gives me a cryptic message, “Something happened, we can’t tell if your PC is ready to continue installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Try restarting set up” well I have disabled virus and firewall. checked I am the administrator. If it would give me a hint, a clue to what it needs I would do it This is an old computer – I dont care what happens to it. I Just wanted to try windows 8 – why do they make things so impossible to use!

  46. Roxy

    I got multiple O/S in boot – XP, win7 & Win2k8 server. After getting tempted by lucrative blogs about Win8, finally tried to install win8 over XP.
    Usual practise most of people is creating some unallocated/ free space( I allotted 30 GB) to experiment this stuff. I installed ISO file through XP, waited for an option to get it installed in my unallocated HDD space; to my dismay Win8 installed over XP making it completely unusable??
    Luckily I was saved having Win7 which is running good..
    Is this something normal? Why doesn’t it gives option as other O/S (including all Windows versions) do?
    Any thoughts, comments —

    Win8 – I’m sure this is out of the box completely innovative interface which will take ample time to get used to, particularly desktop users like me.
    Still trying to figure out how to use this acclaimed simple GUI after using MAC, IOS, Linux, Win 9x, etc.. somehow feel its too native/ buggy; first being NO Sound(realtek sound drivers)

    More to discuss

  47. TC

    The Product Key is in fact right on the ISO down load page. There are also check sums – however the Product Keys are there.

    There is an English download section with 32 and 64 bit versions and to the right there are the check sums. Below these and before the Chinese section there is the Product Key.

    I thinks RTM is order:

    Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

  48. Gyro

    Well, as expected from Microsoft, it doesnt work unless you adjust it. Plain enough, and exactly what I would expect. Forst off, get the product key for the iso. dont try the regular “simple” install as that failed on two machines and 2 virtualboxes I tried saying “unsupported platform”.. go figure.. Well, ok so now you get the fricking iso and want to install.. well you still need a product key. What? you didn’t realize that? well Microsoft told you you needed it. Oh, they didn’t? oh sorry, lol Microsoft… Try NF32V-Q9P3W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8. OK so now you have it installed. My resolution doesnt work. OK I guess I’ll say the monitor manufacturer didn’t give them a 1920×1080 driver. another “oh well”. lmao and to think I hated Gnome 3. well, good luck kiddies.

  49. Gyro

    CJD.. your an idiot. simply an idiot. Yes the same version for tabs or desktop but there are software “switches” that determine end use and adjust accordingly. This thing is crap. Plain and simple. Crap. Glad you made it through your 8th grade computer class and think your an expert.

  50. JOEL.

    windows 7 starte mas ja teu progama install domoa moito 3 dia

  51. JOEL.

    si o nao

  52. Chris

    I’ve installed Windows 8 on a new partition on my Samsung N220 Plus Netbook. Unfortunately there is an issue with the graphics driver and I cannot use many of the functions from the Metro screen. So far graphics appears to be the only issue, although that is a pretty big stumbling block. The current o/s is Windows 7 Starter. And the graphics are Intel GMA 3150. If anyone can help I would be vert greatful…

  53. kachan64

    It’s only works with VM8, Virtual Box already have support for that ages ago.
    And if you run into VM8 error, run VM8 as Admin and you have no more errors.

    You do have to download the new iso and burn it into dvd if you are doing a fresh install. If you doing upgrade, I think the exe file will do that.

    There a thing in win 7 trick here saying how u can duel boot both win 7 and vista, take vista as 8 for example and do the same thing.

    @zachary graham
    Yeah, I know what’s been like. I enjoyed win xp and 7. vista (not that good) and win 8 (not use to metro shit).

  54. Anna

    I’ve already installed Windows 8 and its working great! I’ve been playing around and still trying to get used to it… I’ve read that Windows 8 comes with a beafed up “anti virus” already built into it. Should I install a 3rd party anti-virus as well or should I not be as worried? If so, what would you recommend?

    Obviously none of the current anti viruses support Windows 8 yet for a few good reasons…

    Also, I’m wondering if there is a “user manual” or a “how to” document for Windows 8 out there?

  55. robert rcr

    i was wondering if i do a system restore of win8cp if it would effect my win7 os.the reason being is win8cp has crashed twice and i have had to refresh it both times!

  56. ibivi

    Hi. I loathe Windows 7 so when I saw Windows 8 Consumer Preview was available I was all too happy to download. But after being wowed by the new setup I am not happy. I can’t access my programs like Microsoft Office 2010. And I use Firefox not IE. The options float and I have to fiddle around to be select when I want something. I have wasted more time fiddling around!!! It is just too frustrating and I want to go back to the hated Windows 7-now. Microsoft please let me out of this thing!

  57. William Knight

    Been trying out windows 8 and seems pretty good, but for life of me I cannot find a use for the Metro part of it, I have been running in the desktop mode with a third party program that creates a windows 7 type startup. Sure wish microsoft would make it possible to turn of the metro and turn on the startup menu.

  58. Hariks

    Can I upgrade from developer preview to this consumer preview release just by installing updates? Or should I install it afresh and toast my multi-boot GRUB?


  59. Les THacker

    Installed Windows8 on Separate Partition, went well. Use Netgear WNA1100 for Home Network. Could not connect to home Network, despite many tries. Uninstalled Windows 8 OS boot option and wiped partition. Will wait for something that works, (Apple?)

  60. Adam

    f they give the option to get rid of the new metro start page, Win 8 will repeat the success of Win7, but if MS insists on the Metro look, it will be a fluke like Win Vista.

  61. Qrazydutch

    Best bet…run it inside oracle box on Linux…have dual boot with win7 and ubuntu both win8 (u can import w8 as vdi file from 1 version) so u don’t need to install twice…the w8 version in the oracle box on Linux is faster and easier to run…just my own way of solving the unknown errors I ran into when attempting to load from iso or burnt iso to DVD…(needed a cd driver?)….like anything new a learning curve is needed…but I leave my frustrations of the keyboard when publishing…using fowl ( foul) language is immature and not part of a real hacker’s life….

  62. Chris

    I haven’t tried Win 8 and I have no plans on doing so. I’m working on building a new PC and I will install Win 7 and milk it as long as I did XP. MS is making our PC’s look like the 360. That’s maybe way I’m playing my PS3 even more. I HATE the road that Win 8 is going. If MS wants to help Linux out there on there way of doing so!! I’ll install Linux on my PC before this Crap.

    But again that may just be me.

  63. Ramesh

    Installed successfully on my desktop PC but I’m experiencing problems in windows 8, as tried print from excel 2007 it prints no data only blank form printing. all other application can print properly. kindly advice. and there are so many time restart unfortunately with minor errors.

  64. ibivi

    Do not download this unless you know exactly what to do to get your system back if you don’t like it. Microsoft will not let you out of it.

  65. jeniffer

    no crap APPLE any questions!

  66. Frank Stnger

    I have installed Cygwin on my Windows 7 computer. I forgot to install ssh. Please help.

  67. Michel Wilhelm

    No runs with Intel 2 Quad Q8200 =/

  68. chary

    Hi,this free beta version download is fine, but i wanted to know how long the key is valid before Microsoft asks us to pay up for the new OS. Is there a date until which the Beta version will work and will it be free forever for those who download it ? Will updates be made available free, too, for Beta users ?

    Chary BS

  69. Bruce Erlichman

    NF32V-Q9P3W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8 worked fine for me! Much thanks!

  70. tarang verma

    i like this window………

  71. Dave

    Anyone trying to load the Windows 8 Consumer Preview should be aware that if you want to set up a dual-boot system, you need to create a new partition first, about 20-25GB should do, then you can boot up with the DVD you’ve created from the ISO download and just follow the instructions, making sure you choose the new partition for Windows 8. I’ve not had any problems and I’ve even made my laptop a triple-boot system with Linux-Ubuntu on another new partition! All without any problems at all.

    Cheers, Typodave.

  72. SaGaR..

    i hav Windows 8 Consumer Preview but both the product key is not working DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J , NF32V-QP93W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8 …… plz sugzzz me any other key frndz….
    am sagarbanwa…


  73. S. Wilson

    I like to use my computer as a computer, so all the tv stuff doesn’t matter to me when it compromises all the good features we used to have for computing. No more good and fast searches. With Vista and Windows 7, searching always takes forever and never returns everything. I get super fast searches with Windows XP which returns everything referencing my search terms. The MS Paint tools with Windows 7 appear better to start with, but are much more difficult to quickly and easily navigate. They decided most artists are not really artists but Word users, which is probably true. They can use software for art, but wouldn’t know how to paint something in real life if their real life depended on it, so the use of the tools is from a whole different angle of thinking. The ability to see previews of image files without having to make their icons ALSO a preview was removed. The ability to make folders a slideshow within the folder, with a preview opened into a topbar of the folder was removed, to be done only a a full screen previewer instead, which takes away the ability to view the files in the folder AS they are being previewed, and navigate through them and move from one on preview to jump to another 5 rows down on the list by hovering your mouse over the file itself. The old slide show preview in the folder also allowed you to see right where the file was that was being previewed, an automatic highlight on the file icon. You can no longer move, copy, paste files without them immediately moving themselves into the position they will stay in, instead of first appearing at the bottom of the list so you can continue to work with that group you just moved or pasted without other files suddenly being mixed in between them. Many things to make working within your operating system were destroyed with Vista, never returned with Windows 7, and from the dumbing down of our nation into just wanting a glorified TV, apparently still isn’t there for Windows 8 Beta. I may switch to something else. There IS something else, isn’t there?

  74. Paul

    So far I like the little dots spinning in a circle as opposed to the hourglass. I wonder if the time metres will still be out of sync. I am 68% done installing and will report back.

  75. Narayanachar Murali

    Why is it that with so many programmers in Microsoft, they cannot make a mouse or keyboard default to the basic functions and not freeze the screen and demand reboot? Why is it after 8 versions MS has still not figured out way to close a non functioning applet and not demand restart of windows. Why does windows disable the keyboard when the screen freezes? Why do screens freeze if there is a peripheral device conflict? why not just disable the non-functioning peripheral or ask user to pull out and re-plug the USB device? Why doe sit take so much time to re-boot. Assuming users normally DO NOT change configuration of peripheral devices every day, why not keep that info in fast memory and reboot computer in seconds? Why can’ the OS designers decide which are the core system files and not allow programs to access this area but store that information in a different folder to prevent window freezes? Why is there no simple way of creating a ” reconfigure to boot to a working configuration” icon that does a usable disk image on a USB? Does Microsoft still have living Architects? Why don’t they create a decent boot loader like GRUB? I feel like a mango after trying this program and wasting time reinstalling old OS !

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