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Ask the Readers: How Do You Get Your Caffeine Fix?

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Although caffeinated drinks are enjoyed by all manner of folks, there is a deep affection for caffeine in the geek community. This week we want to hear about your caffeine workflow–how do you get the caffeine from the bean to your brain?

Low-tech, high-tech, store bought, or hand-roasted in small batches with a loving touch, we want to hear all about how you enjoy your coffee or other caffeine sources. Sound off in the comments with tips on getting the best brew, buzz, or both to help your fellow readers enjoy a caffeine workflow just as well tuned. Don’t forget to check back on Friday for the What You Said roundup!

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  • Published 02/22/12

Comments (154)

  1. Stephen

    52oz Soda twice daily from the local QT. Go Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew

  2. emily

    My company has the best coffee ever. I head straight downstairs every morning for a cup with one shot of french vanilla creamer and six packs of sugar (:

  3. Derek

    Beans + Grinder + French Press = Caffeine

  4. Rob Brewer

    I grind beans from a local roaster, and make it in a French press. I’ve had it made in an Aeropress a few times and really liked it, so I may need to go that route soon. I also have coworkers that use auto-drip makers and while not nearly as tasty, it gets the job done, so I often help myself to a cup in the morning. Also, I have to mention 7-11. When I’m in a rush and not around work, a cup of their Bold brew definitely helps.

  5. Johnny Skandalakis

    I start the day off with a small cup of instant coffee. I keep myself going by drinking two cokes throughout the day. After dinner I like to keep the energy running with some Thai Tea.

  6. Aaron

    Daily Dr. Pepper!

  7. Overheard Undertones

    I go to a local cafe for a long macchiato in every morning. Two-plus energy drinks (usually red bull) lunch and afternoon. At home I have a semi-pro machine with a self installed PID controller and other modifications, using locally roasted coffee.

  8. Andrew

    Grind my beans fresh each morning and use a French Press – Thats with Breakfast. If I need more then I hit the local Barista in the morning – and or Starbucks for a Frappachino in the afternoon before Class

  9. Asgaro

    Strange, am I the only one who uses Senseo?
    I started drinking coffee about 2 years ago, during an exam period. Now, it’s my daily habit to drink 1 or 2 coffees a day.
    I know I will later (I’m only 20) experiment with seperate beans and a grinder, but now Senseo seems fine.

  10. Kirk Longuski


    Grind beans, heat water, press into cup for an almost instant quad espresso.

  11. Paul Parkinson

    Twinings English Breakfast Tea.
    Never that Liptons muck. I’d rather drink Starbucks.

  12. GeekE

    Energy = Morning Coffee x2

  13. Shawn

    Monster low-card energy drink & coffee … switch off depending on how hard i partied from the night before ;)

  14. lostalaska

    Got a Bunn STX (thermal Carafe coffee maker) for Christmas. Never drank much coffee before I got the coffee maker. I usually would pick up a Red Bull, Rockstar or mountain dew in the morning on the way to work, but I’ve been slowly cutting down on sugar and all the extra calories over the last couple of years. I now brew a couple cups (~32oz) of coffee in the mornings. One (16oz) to drink with breakfast and one for my to-go container to take with me to work to get me to lunch. I’ve been picking up local roasted coffee and have to say I generally don’t need any sugar or cream in it when the coffee beans are quality. Right now I’m stuck on a Sumatra Roast that is delicious and I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last 2 months just by cutting out all the soda.

    I’m so thankful for legal stimulants…….

  15. Steve-O-Rama

    1cc syringe, straight to the arm. 8)

    j/k I’ve got a variety of methods, and it mostly depends upon the ratio of motivation to laziness as to which I use on a particular morning.

    If I don’t wanna muck about with it too much at all, I let Mr. Coffee take care of it. A little more time, and I’ll use the French press. If I need a large cup of 116 octane and I have five to ten minutes, I’ll use my trusty Melitta Ready Set Joe single-cup brewing thingy; it takes a #2 cone filter, and I control the brew speed by varying the rate at which I pour hot water into it.

    As for grinding the beans, it’s pretty much the same story. No time, I throw in some Folger’s Gourmet (just like Jules said in Pulp Fiction lol). A few more minutes, and the cheapie ‘blender’ style grinder gets used on whatever grade of beans I’m trying to get rid of. I’ll use the burr grinder if there’s enough beans to make it worth firing up, and they haven’t been in the hopper for more than a few days. God I hate cleaning that thing.

    Late in the day, or just don’t want coffee? I’ll take a cup of Irish breakfast tea. Stuff’s dark as coffee, and tastes absolutely amazing with a bit of cream. Real half and half only; none of that fake, powdered, probably-soylent-green-and-asbestos flavored crap. No sugar, either. That’s ruining the bitter end of the flavor spectrum, which is why you wanted a cup of coffee or tea in the first place, right?

    Regarding pop, I’ll take a Diet Mountain Dew or a Diet Cherry anything. :)

  16. Callum Booth

    I don’t really drink coffee, just copious amounts of tea, really really strong tea. Not the decaf stuff, no milk, that just ruins it in my opinion.

    Or I just have it intravenous… :)

  17. LadyFitzgerald

    Hi, I’m Jeannie and I’m a caffeine addict.

    Seriously, I’ve been on the caffeine wagon for several years. When I was using, it did nothing for me–no buzz, no energy rush, no jitters, no keeping me awake, etc.–but it would put my kidneys into overtime. But let me miss my morning fix and I would get a headache that would be worse than a migraine if not for the lack of nausea (the worst part of a migraine for me) and would last for two to five days if I didn’t get a fix first.

    Except for the miniscule amounts in chocolate (that’s a whole ‘nuther addiction), I completely eschew caffeine. No more worrying about getting my next fix. No more caffeine headaches. No more emergency runs to the restroom while doing the peepee dance (not to mention running is so hard when one’s legs are crossed).

    When I was using, I got all my caffeine from Diet Cokes. I now drink Caffeine Free Diet Coke, caffeine free diet green tea, water, and sugar free Hawaiian Punch.

  18. Kelly


  19. Anne

    I used to live in South America and I like my coffee so strong you can chew it. I make my own cold-brewed condensed coffee and use it about three times as strong as you’re supposed to. It’s not bitter at all, it’s the smoothest coffee you ever tasted, and it makes my little beady eyes open wiiiiide! In the late afternoon, I like a cup of Irish Breakfast black tea, really strong, with milk in it.

  20. gyffes

    Tablets. 100 tabs of 200mg of caffeine (easily split for lighter ‘dose’) for $3.50.

    That’s a helluva lot less than the equal amount in brewed or canned beverages!

  21. JiimyJet

    1 tablet of caffeine with breakfast (200 mg). When needed in the afternoon (not usually) a 100mg tablet.

  22. Deez

    Aeropress if I’m making coffee (because you can dilute it to an Americano if you want to, or drink it as straight rocket fuel), or loose leaf tea if I want something a little less intense.

    Seriously, if you haven’t tried a really good loose leaf tea brewed in an IngenuiTea or Finum brewing basket, you’re missing out. Bagged tea just tastes so bland by comparison.

  23. Steve-O-Rama

    Anne, you and I would get along just fine. :D

  24. RABO

    none: that way I don’t need or want the stuff. Besides, stuff’s to hard on your heart for me.
    but I get a can of coke at lunch on fridays just because I can(no pun intended)

  25. r

    I grind them up into a fine powder and snort them through a McDonald’s straw.
    The rest I just chew on with my morning coffee.

  26. Roger

    Grind enough beans each morning for a full pot. High quality and cheaper than Starbucks. The smell of the fresh beans is definitely part of the wake up process for me!

  27. semiretired

    1. Black coffee at home and work………..not too much.
    2. Occasional Starbucks , cold bottle of french vanilla….too expensive!
    3. Sheets fat free french vanilla some days.

  28. bluelord

    chai. With cardamon / lemon-grass / ginger

    strong sticky sweet… thats what keeps the office running..

    you could also drink “suleimani” which is a lightly brewed tea without the milk had straight up with sugar..

  29. Facemelt

    At the risk of sounding like a hipster or snotty, I care a lot about the taste and not about the fact that most caffeinated drinks are just a catalyst for caffeine itself.

    I drink just a cup of drip coffee (I prepare it myself) from a local roaster named Blue Bottle. Best stuff I have had. I really can’t drink anything else. I have cut all corn syrup drinks out except for when I go to In-n-out I will have my nemesis Dr. Pepper.

    I do like tea’s for the taste, but I don’t drink them for the caffeine.

  30. Mason Swanson

    I Used A Cup And A Half Of Folgers Or Maxwell House In A 12 Cup Bunn Brewer, I Did Have A Percolator From The 50’s But It Got Ruined So I Had To Switch :( I Still Love The Coffee Though, Go Through About 8 Pots A Day Thank You Very Much For Asking By The Way, I Am Off To Enjoy A Cup Now

  31. Tima

    Only italian ristretto ( as the capacity of a teaspoon, just for the taste with a glass of water) like my origine !

  32. Giovanni

    Espresso, Espresso, Espresso. Many per day, sometime even 7 or 8.
    Must be small and VERY strong.
    After all, I am italian! ;-)

  33. steve

    im not a fussy one so any cup of coffee will do me! the amount i have depends on how tired i feel! simples.

  34. steve

    a regular cup of coffee does me! amount is proportional to how tired i feel!

  35. steve

    *double entry sorry*

  36. Elliot Tulane

    Two cups of coffee gets me from 4am to about 8am. Then its a soda. Weekends I like RedBull.

  37. TheFu

    I was completely addicted to caffeine for 20+ years. When I retired from corporate life, I slowly reduced my intake from 5-8 cups (really more like 10-16 cups due to cup size) of coffee daily to zero. Then added a single breakfast tea back after a few months.

    It is amazing how much better I feel. No more caffeine highs and bad caffeine lows. No need for a soda fix in the afternoon.

    To me, coffee is a pleasure enjoyed while traveling to places that really appreciate a wonderful cup. A cafe doble con leche in Buenos Aires or Madrid at the corner cafe is a wonderful thing.

  38. dragonbite

    I have one cup in a travel mug for the drive, one once I get in to work (sometimes I have to make it), 3-4 cups during the day and maybe one at dinner time.

    At my last workplace we had a coffee pot in an empty cubicle and a “Coffee Club”. We made at least 1-2 pots a day, sometimes more. The day after I left they noticed that at the end of the day the same pot of coffee from the morning still had a cup’s worth of coffee in it!

    (Unbeknown to them, one other heavy drinker was cutting down his coffee intake, and abstained from drinking that day so it wasn’t only me, but it sure left an impression!)

  39. Wayne

    Coffee and Kombucha Tea.

  40. 4G Reaper

    24 Pack of Monster at wholesale price. $1.40/ can 2 Per day at work doing data entry. Nothing beats wholesale prices. ;)

  41. Olimpiu

    Instant coffee, half liter cup in the morning and one or 2 more along the day. If I am before the exam I go for redbull.

  42. Vartges Saroyan

    instant coffee + cold milk + sugar

  43. J0309

    I get 8 hours of sleep so I don’t require caffeine to get through the day.

  44. f1racefan

    K cup used twice with BOLD Emeril’s coffee.

  45. Jason

    Diet coke- first thing in the morning and through out the day!

  46. JerKlein

    As stated above,

    Beans + Grinder + French Press = Caffeine (pure brown awesomeness)

  47. DrLagos

    FRS Energy Drink and a cup of joe.

  48. Dano

    I hit up Starbucks every day. Say what you will about them, but I find that their product is the absolute…Okay. You’ve got me. A cute girl works there.

  49. John

    Two K-cups in the morning. In a pinch, Mountain Dew works to get me over a late night of coding, sight-seeing, or meet-ups

  50. Andy

    I drink unsweetened ice tea. Probably about 5 glasses a day.

  51. Jason Franklin

    Bodum Pebo 8 Cup Vacuum Coffee Maker, tried a french press (too complicated) and am battling a serious soda addiction (trying to cut down on processed sugar and I will NOT drink cancer in a can) but that Bodum create the most amazing cup of coffee and if you have a thermonuclear gas stove will brew faster than a good auto drip, best 80 bucks I’ve spent in awhile.

  52. CheapGuyCT

    Café Bustelo !!!


  53. Steve

    With a burr coffee grinder (v important!) I grind 10 cups worth of Kroger (Ralphs grocery store) Organic Medium Roast whole beans. I brew this for the house in an automatic coffee maker. I enjoy with Ralphs Half and Half in a mug which I replenish throughout the day.

  54. Nachol

    Frankly, I don’t drink coffee because of the caffeine in it. I do it because I enjoy it. Of course, you might say that I’m addicted and I don’t want to recognize it! Haha. Am I?

  55. Chris

    Me, I also have a tiny but powerful vending business startup. Caffeine comes best in candy form — Buzz Bites! Think of a Tootsie Roll with 100mg caffeine. Same as a cup of coffee, or an energy shot, or 1.5 energy drinks, or 14 Penguin Mints!

    And for just 50c :)

  56. Mr. K

    I’m in the cold brew group, roast my own beans for max caffeine and flavor, then brew cold for a steady buzz through the morning, then repeat in the pm…

  57. Gil

    Guess I’m too cheap – I only use Folgers coffee, but I make it double strength. I go through a pot a day in addition to some caffeine pills around lunch time.

  58. George

    Usually, just a regular cup of coffee. But when I need an extra pick-me-up in the morning; I reach for my bottle of Black Blood of the Earth. Stuff is powerful, and tasty to boot.

  59. buddyboy9

    Black coffee. I worked construction for 42 years, and over the last 25 of those the shift among the young guys went from coffee to Mountain Dew mostly and other soft drinks too, much to the glee of all the Dentists out there.

  60. Mark

    Current method is 5 heaping teaspoons of store bought coffee beans ground very fine in a Melita #2 coffee filter with 20 ounces of boiling water. The preferred method will be a IV drip to a bottonless pot…

  61. Wagonman

    In another life, when I was a limousine driver, I used to drop
    a handful of beans in my pocket, before a long, tiresome
    mission whithout stops. Biting a bean sends a chock to
    the brain; strong taste, and concentrated coffee powder
    hits your stomach. Keeps you awake and alert.

  62. Chuck Steel

    Caffeine is a crutch. Ditching it is the best thing I’ve ever done. No more energy peaks and valleys, just good consistent energy level all day long. A cold glass of water first thing in the morning gets me going better than coffee ever did.

  63. bsthetech

    2 sometimes 3 Tall Long Americanos, and a couple Diet Cokes to round out the afternoon/evening. I can sleep when I’m dead.

  64. techrep104

    JAVA ofcourse.

  65. Darryl

    Tanzanian Peaberry (as my wife prefers) or Colombian (my choice) home roasted at least twice a week. Home roasting is very satisfying and lets you get you coffee just the way you like it. Then Grab the best coffee maker ever: AeroPress and 165 degree water and enjoy…
    Now surely someone is trying to come up with a USB powered one cup or maybe one bean coffee roaster?

  66. technae

    I keep a small zip-lock bag of dark chocolate espresso beans in a small wood box on my desk at work for those mornings when I need a little pick me up. (Needless to say, it doesn’t take much caffeine to keep me from falling asleep at night.)

  67. Lance Wilson

    I brew my own tea every day. 1 gallon of Red Diamond with 1 1/2 cups of sugar. Nectar of the Gods. Oh…cold sweet tea, by the way…None of that hot nonesense.

  68. Lance Wilson

    PS…and don’t anyone get a lemon anywhere near my elixir. That amounts to Blasphemy.

  69. jiy

    Mug of coffee, not usually a need for more.

  70. Armand

    1 spoon of NRG + 1 Tablet of Kick Off for started my day.
    (herbalife products)

  71. Darren

    Relentless twice a day

    500ml cans :)

    32mg / 100ml


  72. Shawn

    my company buys fairly decent quality Peet’s coffee. I keep it stocked in my office and use it in my espresso machine at my desk. Makes a delightful cup of espresso in the morning. Usually one espresso, but sometimes two.

  73. bodiddley


    “My company has the BEST coffee”

    I’m hoping that comment at the top is sarcastic; because I’ve never known any company to have good coffee. That said, get a milk frother. Yes, it sounds like you’re lisping, but a little, manual milk frother from your local kitchen-goods store. you heat up some milk in the micro- just short of scalding it, and then “Froth” it… you can dress up the “best” company-provided coffee with a full, frothy, latte/cappucino head without the Barista price tag. Believe me, steamed milk (or micro-heated mil, in this case) makes ALL the difference!

  74. Kathy

    Iced or just cold from the fridge. Made with a coffee toddy. I grind 12 ounces of decent Colombian beans and used filtered water.
    After trying to make iced coffee on the cheap, my kitchen was a disaster. I broke down and got the toddy. The filter is great, makes a non cloudy cup, also the cleanup is lot easier.
    I usually don’t water it down with anything but ice and some cream or half and half.

  75. Hisa

    Coffee freshly made at home is the best. I prefer to grind my own beans, prefer dark coffee, and plain (no sugars or creamers). And because me and my husband differ on our coffee tastes, he has his own 4 cup pot and I have mine :) He grinds his too, but he prefers flavored beans and light coffee… while I prefer a strong dark coffee. Who says opposites don’t attract?!

  76. Kevalin

    Earl Grey. Hot. ;-)

    But that’s only if I’m serious about staying awake all night or in the mood for something a bit more dessert-ish (it’s a joy to have with honey and a dollop of heavy whipping cream). Otherwise, I just knock down a few cups of coffee during the course of the day.

  77. Jim

    Holiday 16 or 20 Columbian hot coffee or a Starbucks doubleshot cold coffee with guarana every morning and a 20oz Green tea at lunch. If I know I’m going to work late or really need another kick in the afternoon, a low-cal Rockstar works great. Caffeine stays in the system for up to 12 hours, so it’s not good for sleeping at night if I have caffeine later in the afternoon.

  78. HWND

    My family boycotts Starbucks. (Coca-Cola and Pepsi too.) Morning coffee is bought from a locally-owned coffee shop, or made from Fair Trade organic beans purchased from a coop. Afternoon caffeine: Earl Grey. Hot.

  79. Mutantone

    IN Florida Cuban coffee is a must

  80. Len

    Home roasted, custom grind, Kona coffee. 3 cups first thing in the morning made in vacumn siphon, then Sweet Maria hand roasted espresso, 6-10 shots during the work day.(espresso machine on my desk). No I am not addicted, but dont touch my espresso machine unless you want your hand chopped off. Hmm I think I will have a double espresso.

  81. Blake

    No messing around with all the hassle 300mg in pill form at 9:30 and again at 2….


  82. Linda

    Espresso, straight

  83. BMo@CC

    Giant Coke Zero from our Free Style. A Milky Way rounds out breakfast (especially now that ‘they’ say chocolate/desserts contribute to weight loss when eaten @ breakfast).

  84. Rusty2130

    “Nickybeans” straight from Hawaii…what a rush!

  85. Bill

    My drink of choice is Diet Coke. Drink it all day long

  86. Jim

    I used to buy packets if Morning Spark but waly world stopped carrying it. They now got a store brand version with less caffeine but still tastes good and these things are still sugar free. I am trying to stay away from canned energy drinks loaded with sugar and calories.

  87. john raguso

    I read about a french writer (I can’t remember which one) who had such a keen addiction to caffeine that he took to eating the grounds right out of the grinder—dry! no water, no milk , no sugar! No french press! Just grounds! So I was tempted to try it myself, The result: I have an ulcer the size of the Grand Canyon. A much better way would be to buy those chocolate covered beans that you can get at fancy coffee shops. They are delicious and quick!

  88. cwcarlson

    Half a NoDoz first thing with my meds. i.e. 100mg

    May repeat as necessary multiple times during the day.

  89. John Paulson

    1 200mg when I wake up. Maybe one or two more through out the day, NO COFFEE, NO SODA, NO ENERGY DRINKS. I like the pill I can avoid empty carbs and sugars. Coffee I never really liked.

    I also get some caffeine from a herbal energy pill I like. It is quite strong. Also I get some caff buzz some from a Korean NoSleep gum.

  90. Susanne Iles

    MMmmm…caffeine. My favourite caffeine hit is a Vietnamese coffee (extra french roast please) with a side of chocolate covered espresso beans. Heavenly.

  91. gparuss

    Used to use tablets – cheapest by far. Now half a 5 Hour Energy. Best boost ever.

  92. sdgserv

    Come to..Grind a blend of Colombian + Sumatra little French. 3 cups later,,Life

  93. Scooter

    Regular coffee in the morning with sugar and creamer. Monster Mean Bean or Monster Double Shot Espresso in the afternoon (1 or 2).

  94. SmilingAlong

    I am a coffee addict. I do not care if I ever jump on the wagon. I love coffee. I love French Roast beans, because of the bold flavor. I know that there is less caffeine, but I don’t care. I am a coffee addict; the side effects are caffeine addiction. At my work, the coffee is hideous, about as good as restaurant coffee. It is so bad, that I have to hide the dreadful taste with flavored creamer. I drink 3-5 cups per day, weekends a little more. If I am honest about the fact that my cups are oversized, I probably consume 5-8 cups per day.

    At home, I start with San Francisco brand French Roast, I grind the beans in my burr grinder, I use an automatic drip coffee maker with a gold filter.

    Someone once told me that coffee is only as good as the oldest ground beans. So, I make sure my equipment is always clean.

  95. Alice

    5-hour energy drink – 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 early afternoon, ok, and another 1/2 if we’re going out for an after-work bike ride.

  96. Antonio Saverio

    I take at least 1 liter (if possible 2 l) of strong “café”, which is drunk during all the day…

    P.S.: “café” is not coffe.
    Coffe is only found in USA and it seems more tea.
    “Café” is strong, almost an “expresso”, and has perfume and taste.

  97. frosticus

    caffeine and purified water, adds to anything you can think of. I have the gallon jug sitting under my desk. 125mg with every pump. Mornings start with a 52oz fountain Donkey Kick Lite from QT and 5 pumps of 5150. Good clean fun.

  98. Sue

    Stayawake tabs 200mg.(equal to one large coffee)
    One in the morning, late after noon and after super.
    Coffee has gotten so bitter that is upsets my stomach, even with milk and sugar,

  99. TrisheBear

    Can’t have caffeine, bad for arthritis, causes pain in fingers & hands, soda, coffee and chocolate are No Nos.

  100. Glen E.

    I grind beans and use a stovetop espresso maker.

  101. Chris

    Buy my diet mt dew in 2 liter bottles & just keep refilling 20oz bottle as needed. ( keep up to 8 2 liters in fridge at work so I never run out). the wife drinks coffee but I can’t stand it.

  102. LadyFitzgerald

    @ SmilingAlong. I detest coffee yet, when I worked at a convenience store, my morning customers always told me I made the best coffee of anyone there or at other nearby stores. The secret? Meticulously clean equipment. Unlike everyone else, every night, I THOROUGHLY cleaned everything, not just the pots.

  103. tommy2rs

    I make my own. I know it’s ready if a horseshoe floats in it. Carve off a couple of hunks and I’m go to go all day.

  104. tommy2rs

    Argh, make that good to go. Dang caffeine makes me type worse than than I usually do.

  105. willie

    Cruz by the local Mickey D’s and get a medium sized coffee, then off to work………. work,work,work

  106. Ms Hanson

    Mr Coffee, Puroast Low-Acid House Blend. Pinch of Xylitol, tempers the harsh bite without white sugar concerns.

    Yeah, as Lady Fitzgerald did, I went decaf a few years back. No issues with kidneys. But one day, whilst I was driving oversized loads on the freeway, working 14-hour days with insufficient sleep, I found myself nearly asleep at the wheel.

    Since then, I discovered coffee is a time-tested remedy for my asthma, is high in antioxidants, and none of those late-night TV lawyers are bringing class-action suits against coffee or caffeine for the associated side-effects.

    My friend prefers 72-85% chocolate for her caffeine fix.

  107. Ushindi

    Every morning I brew a pot in my 20 cup aluminum percolator on the stove and fill my steel thermos and my large air pot when the fresh pot has perked. Yes, I drink a lot of coffee (regular, not decaf) and I like it hot. No, I don’t grind anything or use “French presses” – I buy my Folgers or Yuban from the local grocery. This has worked for me for years.

  108. CAndrews

    Having been fortunate enough to live on a coffee farm in South Kona Hawaii several years ago I processed my own. I picked the coffee cherries, dried the cherries, hulled them, and then roasted in a hot air popcorn popper. However, you will never pop popcorn in the machine again unless coffee roasted flavored popcorn is to your liking. Caffeinated was the only option. I was wide awake in Hawaii.
    By the way, the best part of living on a coffee farm is the cool evenings when the the scent of the coffee flowers would waft through the house – they smell like a delicate jasmine.

  109. Ford Prefect

    Well I don’t drink that coffee rubbish that’s for sure, it’s Tea or nothing.

  110. Snoo

    44 oz Big-Gulp of Diet Coke from 7-11 at refill rates!

  111. Joyce

    1/3 cup dark roast hot coffee diluted with hot water 3x daily

  112. dave


  113. Old Gnome

    A full pot of black, strong, drip coffee once a day, every day.

  114. dlorusso

    Diet Pepsi

  115. the old rang

    I use my Aeropress, I use Patriot Blend Coffee…
    and I consistently have a good cup.

    Starbucks is for yuppies that think McDonalds make hamburgers

  116. bubbatie1

    Mt dew iv strung up alongside my comp !

  117. Scanner

    I take 2 cups of milk, 2 to 3 teaspoons of instant coffee and 3 heaping teaspoons cocoa mix and 6 to 8 ice cubes and mix them in a blender (amount of instant coffee and cocoa mix depends on preference). Makes 4 or 5 cups of frothy, frosty mocha at nowhere near the cost of an iced mocha or a mocha smoothie at an espresso place. :)

  118. Jeffrey

    A Bosch espresso maker as near to the computer as sense will allow.

  119. Nisan5702

    I tried Seattle’s Best DECAF …… uck
    You can’t taste the difference between the two ….HA!!!
    The coffee is flat …. that’s the difference. Coffee is a “natural Anti-oxidant” too??? ….. DANG!!!
    And I don’t sleep any better either.
    So, if price is the factor …. than YUBAN DARK ROAST is the ONE …..
    Please accept my apology to all you bourgeois coffee drinkers.
    Those big names are incredibly expensive and GRITTY ….. puck!!!

  120. Tom D

    A&P Bokar blend, ground in the coffee maker. Minimum 3 cups, no milk, cream or sugar.

  121. Red B

    As high levels of caffeine have been found to increase the risk of stroke and more particularly heart attack, I’ve dumped it.
    It opens the synapses in nerve conduits allowing the brain to be inundated with intormation; way too much information. We think we function better and react faster on caffeine but in reality it is the reverse. More mistakes are made and accuracy is diminished.
    One of the reasons people think they react faster is that they actually get jitters and over correct.
    Stuff containing caffeine smells and tastes good because of the brain’s anticipation of a hit. Coffee is probably better for you without the caffeine. Sort of the reverse of tobacco: nicotine is good for the body and brain being required for memory enhancement and weight control to name but two but the most common delivery form, the cigarette, is the most toxic wasteland on the planet. Far better you stick on a 7mg nicotine patch or pop a 4mg pill every day though I advocate neither, just get it through your daily food intake (but don’t eat cigarettes:).
    It might keep you awake but it works adversely with alcohol. Caffeine will always be defended as having redeeming features but in reality it is addictive and does what the Want Makers require of it; to keep you buying a product you otherwise probably would not go near.

  122. Fastjza80racer

    Cuisinart Burr Grinder set to fine with local roasted beans and an Aeropress that is as close as I can get at home to a perfect cup

  123. Ian

    after being hospitalised for a caffeine overdose (heart pounding at 180 beats / minute at rest) – i no longer yearn for a coffee…

  124. Frank

    coffee is good for you … associated with lower Alzheimers, etc.

    many experiences, from Greek/Italian villages to SEAsian cloth filter to condensed milk kopi susu, and the best espresso in Rome, I used to brew it straight in the cup, and leave the mud on the bottom, but after a slight high-cholesterol reading, I’ve recently converted to paper filters after I read it absorbs the high-cholesterol triggering oils – my doctor said ‘I don’t know what you did, but it’s working’

    freshly ground sounds good, but I think it depends more on freshly roasted, (e.g. within 2 days) and that’s hard.

    I just buy the cheapest $10/kg Greek ground from the supermarket, keep the tin in the freezer (good or bad), chuck a heaped spoon in my paper filter (conical like Euro, not flat like US) and top up it for 2 gos to fill my big mug – if at home, 2 of those in the morning does my day, max 3.

    Avoid at least 6 hours before bedtime to allow the caffeine levels to drop enough for sleep …

  125. Frank

    Hawaii – man, in a central Oahu farm I tried the best coffee-coated macadamia nuts – like a sprinkling of sugar/ground coffee – delicious ! Haven’t found them anywhere else, so tried making them at home not really successfully – how they get the ground coffee/sugar to stick just right to the outside … loved those !

    and for summer cooling – cold brewed coffee – chuck ground coffee in a large pot of water overnight in the fridge, maybe cover it so it doesn’t absorb fridge flavours, and you have an instant iced coffee next day – just pour, add milk or cream and server – tastes smoother, less nasty oils or something, I liked it, try it !

  126. mountain wombat

    I usually start with a double shot flat white in morning to help me get over morning exercise (I walk to the coffee shop) the buzz is kept going via 2 or three more during the work day (I am a mobile PC tech and have coffee stops all over the place, I am known by name and usual coffee order in more that 7 coffee shops).

    The other nice way to get caffeinated is by eating chocolate covered coffee beans, I get them as a bribe from the receptionist at one of the offices whenever I go to fix their computers

  127. Vezikon

    I Drink Iced Coffee .. Awesome

  128. Brett

    If you think Red Bull or V or any of those drinks carry caffeine, then you want to look at the SERIOUS end of the spectrum and a drink called N.O. Xplode (made by BSN from memory). One can of Mother, Red Bull, etc does not really start me off (a bit jaded too early and it takes a serious ‘cranking over’ to start me) but a single Xplode has me up and away.

    Not carried everywhere – you often have to go to sports shops or the like, but it is worth it if you want a concentrated dose to *really* make you alert!

    Here is their Facebook link:

  129. Brett

    Oh yeah, and I am NOT interested in the health freaks who find everything (except rainwater, unfertilized homegrown carrots, and fuschia’s – as in the flower) is bad for you in some way – causing cancer usually and other various things. Get over it, we’ll all die anyway, so why do it in a barren gastonomic landscape?

    If caffeine is your pleasure, then the Italian coffee dispensers where I used to work were magic. Tiny cups of syrup which needed 2-3 tspns of sugar just to make palattable. I had 5 one day and had the most wicked hangover; worse than any alcoholic one – ever. My colleagues were unsurprised as even though they were brought up on the stuff, none of them could drink 5. I did because it was both effective at delivering caffeine to me, and because I actually liked it.

    Yes, I will die with blood in my caffeine-stream and chocolate on my lips.

  130. valhalla

    I take 5 guarana tablets a day and when I get off of work at 10pm I am wide awake.
    It contains a natural caffeine without the caffeine jitters you get with real caffeine.
    Been taking it for years and it always works without any side affects like caffeine.

  131. nicled

    I take 2 cups of organic coffee from the mountains were i live. I grind the beans and brew on a coffee maker. If i can afford it, i drink alamid coffee, very expensive but one of the world’s best.

    Coffee Alamid is Philippine Civet Coffee from wild civet droppings on the different forest floors of Philippine mountains. The Paradoxorus Philippinensis is a civet which belongs to the mongoose family –  a nocturnal animal which uses its nose to choose the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries and relentlessly eats them during coffee season. Gathered very early in the morning usually before the sun rises, the forest dwellers climb the mountain and pick the civet droppings on the forest floors. On a good   day, a  gatherer can collect one kilo of civet droppings.

  132. Betty

    I’ve been buying and drinking Eight O’Clock coffee for 47 years – 3 to 5 cups each day. It used to be made and sold by A&P. In recent years, it became available in numerous stores. It’s just plain coffee – no crappy flavors – just really good stuff. And I mean REALLY GOOD.

  133. Brenda

    A delicious shot of espresso made at home, with a Bialetti Espresso maker and hand-stirred crema.

  134. ceninant

    I have several methods. All of these are used monthly. Multivitamin and energy drinks probably used the most.

    1.My multivitamin pack comes with an energy enhancer, 180mg of caffeine.
    2.Raceway unlimited fillup cup.
    3.Monster Rehab Lemonade or Rockstar Pink Lemonade, or Monster Java.
    4.Local coffee shop, triple or quadruple espresso, caramel frappe
    5.My preworkout supplement contains 400mg of caffeine per serving! I usually take a teaspoon of this(a serving is about a tablespoon and a half), put it into empty medicine bottles, and keep 2 of them in my backpack, add water, shake, and shoot. About 100mg per serving.
    6.Caramel McCafe or Starbuck Frappe
    7.Coffee maker, make coffee in morning, freeze leftover, add chocolate syrup and milk, blend, homemade frappe.
    8.Self brewed double espresso shot+chocolate milk, or just milk.
    9.My mom’s homemade alabama ice tea, always served in a mason jar
    10.Do Jager bombs count?

    …..Do I have a problem?

  135. James

    Diet Mountain Dew – or “DMD” as I affectionately call it. It’s got the most caffeine/oz. of the regular sodas, without the price of the Energy Drinks.

    20oz plastic bottles are my favorite because it’s the perfect dose and stays cold and bubbly long enough to finish it, but I go for the 2-liters once in a while when they’re on sale for $0.99, because it’s such a great deal (although once they’re opened they don’t retain that wonderful FIZZ!!).

    Also, when I want a little variety, or need the EXTRA boost, of the Energy Drink, I only go Sugar-Free NOS!!! Most people don’t know about this one, but IT’S THE BEST!!!! The passion-fruit flavor isn’t too sweet, and a far superior alternative (IMHO) to the Red Bull/Rockstar flavors (and about Double the caffeine/oz of the “others”).

    I head to the fridge first thing in the morning and slam a 20oz. quick, then I usually maintain the caffeine intake with about 3 or 4 more 20oz, or the equivalent, during the day.

  136. Saeed Iranzad

    I even don’t drink tea! I left the habit several years ago.
    Although I enjoy tea or coffee, but I don’t want to be attached to these delicious drinks.

  137. Koos


    Coffee helps me to do stupid things faster.

  138. Maddie

    Chai tea, or soda pop= coke cola or mtn dew…or a energy drink… Seem to do better when I have caffine of some kind in AM.

    I love tea, add creme and 4-5 teas sugar (16oz).

    Don’t know about coffee, always smells delicious and but tastes bitter nasty, yucky, puke, blaa get it out of my mouth- spit, spit. And wipe tongue off! :-P

  139. Maddie

    Oh and I forgot… Excedrin’s or the generic brand. usually have 1or 2 in AM also, 65 mg of caffeine.

  140. Elbi Zioncheck

    There are a number of ways I get my caffeine. I take in an obscene amount. Since I drink so much coffee, I prefer Godiva’s French Vanilla. Better than other brews. I usually start my day with 5-Hour Energy. I also got hooked on “Black Fly Eggs” (dark chocolate covered expresso beans) or the equivalent, Coastline Confections’ Morning Loon (a dark chocolate bar with ground expresso beans in it). When all else fails, there is always Vivarin.

  141. Trush

    Keurig sigle cup coffee maker – French vanilla Cappuccino.. or different flavors!

  142. RogerDodger

    Make a pot of coffee. Make a batch of Espresso. Pour them together. Enjoy!

  143. crab

    Fresh ground beans brewed in a stovetop “espresso” pot (I’d like a real espresso maker but I don’t have the counter space). No milk, no sugar, just coffee. Occasionally for a treat I buy green beans and roast them in my popcorn popper but not for my daily fix.

  144. Sargdon

    Caffeine itself is better straight.
    Pharmaceutical grade powder, Caffeine Anhydrous USP.
    Great for doping fruit juices, boosting sodas, or concocting your own energy drinks.

    However it is VERY bitter and requires careful use. Too much and you just feel ill.
    If you’re feeling lazy it’s better to just grab an energy drink.

    Speaking of energy drinks!
    Monster’s Nitrogenated line is a pleasant break from their Vitamin-flavored syrup theme, and goes down smooth. Easy to pound-down in a crunch. Red Bull is a good ol’ stand-by, but Amp has the market on variable additive solutions. Most others follow in the line of early Rockstar, off vitamin flavor with the drinkability of gasoline.

    Coffee? Cold-brew. All the good flavors with none of the bitterness. Downside is it requires foresight enough to prepare the right amount ahead of time.
    Tea is easy on the system when not feeling 100%, but doesn’t have much kick.
    Yerba mate is a different beast entirely; no defined rush, but has staying power. Stimulant Stamina!

  145. Vargasc

    Grind Kona Beans brew in cappachino maker….max dosage. Two cups in the morning with brown sugar and cream……..makes my day.

  146. Carbonhorse

    I wake up with one cup of instant coffee. The supermarket brand that I use is fairly strong, so I have to be carful to keep the teaspoon level. One 500ml energy drink (brand irrelevant) between 11 and 12. Another coffee between 4 and 5. I try to space caffeine doses to at least 4 hours. I also find that no more or less than 3 doses per day, is the least likely to aggravate my insomnia.

  147. mickey

    …ground up coffee in a coffee pot with HOT WATER…drip method (makes the whole house smell warm and comfortable in the morning) … is the only way to slowly invite the day….then run to work. I’m addicted…..2c every morning.

  148. Roi

    I stay classy and drink a couple Diet Coke bottles a day :D

  149. rodhajj

    Usually I have 2 coffee breaks in my day; At 10:00AM I take a full mag of Nescafe with coffee mate and at 14:00, after lunch, I gather with my colleagues a coffee pot of Turkish Coffee. Have a blessed journey.

  150. astralcyborg

    No coffee. I get an apple instead :]

  151. Norm

    Latte at Starbucks when I am flying – when I am at home I make a latte

    But my favorite one is – I was on a 4 day boat trip where we rowed for 85 miles on the Rainy River in Minnesota… we had just left the shore and I realized that I did not have my morning coffee…so I grabbed the jar of instant coffee, took a big mouthful and then grabbed the bottle of water and took a drink… swished it in my mouth and …I was set….

  152. ron

    shot bloks period

  153. techboj

    I’m drinking truckloads of coffee every day and don’t have any sideeffects either.

  154. bartman2589

    WTF?? I tried to post and it said it was blocked ‘because I used a word usually used by spammers’?????? I used 2 brand cola brand names (big blue bottle and big red bottle), and a brand name of a brand of Tea (the one in the yellow boxes). How are we supposed to state specifically how we get our caffeine if we can’t use brand names????????? F’ing moron/a**hole website programmer!!!!

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