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VLC Updates to 2.0; Sports Massive Pile of Upgrades and New Features

Windows/Mac/Linux: Wildly popular open-source media player VLC has updated to version 2.0 and brought a mountain of new and upgraded features with it–including enhanced codec support, hardware decoding, and experimental Blu-ray support.

The new release is a substantial overhaul of the VLC platform that includes a rewritten video output core, half a dozen new video filter algorithms to clean up video and provide a smoother viewing experience, audio resamplers, faster audio processing, multi-thread processor support for popular video formats like H.264, enhanced hardware support for CrystalHD cards and other hardware decoders, and even experimental support of Blu-ray playback.

Whether you’re a long time VLC user or you’ve never heard of it, the new release is worth taking for a test drive. Hit up the link below to read more and grab a copy.

VLC Reaches 2.0

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 02/20/12

Comments (21)

  1. gogo

    saw some difference in anime such as Bleach really liking it :)

  2. B. Moore

    If you have an older pc don’t even bother installing 2.0 stick with 1.1.11.

    2.0 is a process hog and has rendering problems on older pc’s.

    for instance… text that is displayed over video like subtitles or the volume level displays as a garbled pixelated rectangle with no readable text. when playing the video and opening a menu causes the video to stutter.

    If you know of a solution to my problems I would love to hear it!

  3. keltari

    not working so well…

  4. Straspey

    And – if you do have trouble, or a bit of “Buyer’s Remorse” after installing the version – you can always grab a fresh copy of v 1.1.11 (or earlier versions) at File Hippo:

  5. LadyFitzgerald

    Unless it is a security update, I rarely update programs when the first update comes out because, too often, they are buggy as a flophouse bed. Even with security updates, including ones from MS, I wait two or three days, just in case there are problems. I also keep the installation files of previous versions of programs in case I need to revert from from an update.

  6. junmar

    I agree with B. Moore. Stick with version 1.1.11 for now. I also experienced those problems mentioned.

  7. Jenita

    Does it support any video editor software?

  8. Raj

    VLC 2.0 works fine for me and I have not got a new system or anything. I would suggest uninstalling VLC 1.1 fully and clearing your preferences before installing VLC 2.0. This will help avoid problems or compatibility issues. You can always install VLC 1.1 later if it does not work. Seriously, it does not cost anything to try the 2.0 version.

  9. kenedy12345

    New feature of VLC Updates to 2.0.

  10. Art€

    Just installed it and “everythings running smoothly Dave”….

  11. rodney

    downloaded and used vlc 2.0 on windows 7 64 bit works great no problem uninstalled vlc1.1 version and did a clean install of vlc 2.0 a few days ago i scanned my computer with norton power eraser and at the end of the scan norton power eraser said this program was BAD false positive from norton on there part vlc is open source and a good clean virus free, spyware free program, downloaded it from vlc website and scanned it with avg 2012 free, & malwarebytes pro, and emsisoft anti- malware version 6.0 free edition, and none of these good security products found anything BAD like norton said norton products are no good and full of false positive results i think i will never use them again norton sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anon

    I can finally watch 10bit anime with my favorite player again! So far so good, great update!

  13. pbug56

    Unfortunately the blu ray playback does not seem to work for most people. When you look it up on the appropriate forums, you get some very vague, confusing directions to install 2 files to your PC (though one of them needs to be installed separately for each user). Assuming you get this right, you still get an error and bd playback still doesn’t work. A few people claim it works for them but don’t seem inclined to provide details (like in Windows, how did they do things).

    VLC is an amazing tool, but it is also extremely complex and confusing, even to a long time IT pro.

  14. Kevalin

    I generally like VLC, and I hope this version turns out to be as cool as previous versions. Still, I think I’ll stick with my old motto: Never try anything new… let someone else try out first, and see if it kills them.

  15. lizbit

    VLC works great, but back to what Rodney said about his antivirus, I have microsoft security essentials running on my machine and the other day it picked up one of the operating files as a trojan, I nearly fell over laughing, because I know it really isn’t, you go Microsoft.

  16. slmc1949

    Didn’t work until I uninstalled older version first. The Ok on win7X64 bit

  17. kebinee

    I hope when they release vlc 2.0.1, they’ll bring back the up to 400!% volume feature.

  18. Eric

    This version is a lemon–back to version 1.

  19. Dark Reality

    Looked like crap in XP SP3 32-bit. I got a yellow line down the middle and across the bottom, kind of an upside-down T. I went into options and took the video renderer off default and put it on… oh, I forget now, one of the DirectX options. DirectDraw or something. Ran great afterward.

    I like the OS X inspired (?) time progress bar. I used the interface editor to add elapsed time to one end and total time to the other. After that, and making the fullscreen control stretch, I like it a little better.

    Kinda dumb they jumped to 2.0. Should have been 1.2. IMO.

  20. Doug

    I use VLC on my Aspire One netbook for an occasional ripped DVD. V2.0 plays OK with and without subtitles. I did notice that if I played it full screen, then I couldn’t navigate or switch tracks without leaving full screen mode. I don’t know how V1.x performed, but since I don’t use it much. What I’ve seen isn’t a serious issue for me. I’ll stick with it unless I find something that is really objectional.

  21. Ricky

    I don’t like what they have done with the volume control. It used to be very sensitive & was numbered 0 – 400. Now it’s 0 – 200 & it seems the volume is either too loud or too quiet. I’m using a Creative XFi card.

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