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  • Published 02/17/12

Comments (23)

  1. Rob

    so, I take it the usb ports were dead?

    and, did it even work?

  2. Arthur

    Same question here, would it even work?

  3. zaphod

    of course not!

  4. Andrius Ordojan

    What is the middle one called?

  5. Keith

    The middle one was for a mouse being connected to an older computer that only had a serial port. It also came with an orange one.

  6. Keith

    Serial mouse to PS2 port

  7. Jon

    Wouldn’t work sadly. That’s a server and that model only has 1 USB and its a 1.0 on top of that

  8. Brenda

    HaHa…that’s something I would try.

  9. RA

    Question, What it the big purple port at the end for, I had one on my old computer and never used it.

  10. elazar55

    Parallel port I believe.

  11. Doc

    @Jon Then so what are the 2 USB ports between the mouse and keyboard PS/2 ports, and the RJ-45 NIC (blue network cable)?

  12. DG

    @Jon – that server is much newer than you are implying…

  13. spin498

    The big Purple Port is how us Ancients used to attach a printer before they invented USB. I think there are still some esoteric uses for it, that’s why they’re still included on modern boards.

  14. Heywood

    The big purple one (parallel) is also sometimes used for software that comes with a hardware key (a dongle). And no, that image above would never work.

  15. Daniel

    for shure i have doubt about the working capacity, but it is an hilarious pictures, so unplug you rationalism and logic … and smile at it :-)

  16. Devon

    What’s the name of the first 2 at the computer? I’ve seen those before but I forgot what’s it’s called. I think the third one in the middle is COM (serial) and the green one is PS/2 and then USB.

  17. Luke

    Looks like a Mac

  18. hakeem

    that looks funny to me. only doubt if that can work

  19. Dave

    For those of you just guessing whether this config works or not, it does if you install the drivers first. The null modem adapter makes it possible even though the speed would be slightly slower than USB 1.0. Things like this are not done out of necessity; they are done just to see if it can be done. Us true geeks do things like this all the time for fun.
    @RA The purple round port is a PS2 port for a keyboard. The rectangular port that the others are calling purple when in fact it is a shade of fuscia is a parallel port. It is hard to tell that the parallel port is fuscia in this picture.

  20. Qrazydutch

    Interesting from sixteen or fifteen down to three or so so keep the first plug and wire the rest to reduce resistance and speed this bad boy up if you have Linux U can write one driver fr it?

  21. Little John

    Starting from the I/O to Flash drive we have the following adapters:
    Parallel to 25-pin serial to 9-pin RS-232 serial to PS/2 to USB port

    In theory it should work but you would have no driver for this setup.
    At one time I have used all those adapters. They do make USB to printer port on the printer which does work just fine.

  22. Ushindi

    Had to laugh – I had to connect my parallel port IBM Network 17 printer to my new HP Pavilion, which of course only has USBs.Thank god it was simpler than THIS setup.

  23. MikeyC

    USB Ports provide 5 volts, up to 1 amp

    Parallel ports do not.

    That would never work, on any machine.

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