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The Ultimate Mac Hard Drive Repair Tool [Humorous Image]

Well, something is definitely going to get “repaired”…

Mac Hard Drive Repair Tool (Full-Size Version) [via Reddit]

You can view the Windows version here:

A Very Satisfying Windows Service Pack [Funny Image]

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  • Published 02/15/12

Comments (6)

  1. Thane

    Had a macbook air hard drive die on me 6 months ago. Result was a total, unfixable loss of all data. Good thing I back up regularly.
    Don’t believe the hype on Apple quality. The Macbook air has major problems. My company issued these to employees and we’re seeing ~10% failure rate.

  2. Little John

    The only trouble I see you do not have bigger hammer. You need minimum of 10 lb sledge hammer or bigger. I have used 20 lb hammer to drive home some fence steel posts one time in the past. Or take the drive to a blacksmith shop, where he heat up the drive before you put hammer and anvil to the unit.

  3. xana452

    flamewar iminent… inb4

  4. bartman2589

    That’s the only PROPER fix for ANY problems on any of those Fruity Computers!!

  5. bartman2589

    Ok, well not the only fix I guess, a stick of dynamite would likely work just as well. Or some C4, or some other incendiary agent maybe.

  6. peter burns

    why i use windows, u just press ‘check errors’

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