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How to Find Which Tab is Making a Noise in Google Chrome and Mute It


When you have lots and lots of tabs open, it’s extremely annoying to suddenly hear a background tab playing some loud noise or music, and then you have to hunt down the right tab to close. Here’s a great Chrome extension that gives you better control.

Head over to the Chrome Web Store and grab a copy of the MuteTab extension.


Confirm your installation by clicking on the install button.


Once the extension is installed it will create a small icon alongside your existing extensions.


When you click on the icon you have some pretty nice options, you can choose to mute all the tabs.


You could choose to Mute the current tab if you know some noise is on the way


If there is noise coming from a tab in the background and you need to focus on the current tab you can mute all the tab except the on that you are currently on


Alternatively you could just mute a specific tab that you think could be the culprit


MuteTab [Google Chrome extension]

MuteTabe [website]

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 02/14/12

Comments (10)

  1. Hornmaser69

    This comes in quite handy while watching or looking at pr0n!

  2. StevenTorrey

    This is good to know. Always wondered where that background noise/music came from .I always thought it was some sort of weird virus. Reassuring to know that it’s not. And yes it does happen when a person views pr0n; not that I do mind you, just saying…

    And now I learned that the word p=o=r=n sets off a spam alert on How-To-Geek; go figure…

  3. Don

    Is there a way to see which tab in chrome is using to much RAM? Sometimes in my task manager I’ll see a Chrome 32*exe using alot more memory than others, I don’t know how to kill it, other than to start going through and closing each tab.

  4. Gabriel M A

    @Don don’t know how precise it is, but you have an internal task manager within Chrome. it’s in Tools>Task Manager.

  5. 1

    why would you not link to it??

  6. 1


  7. N00bN00b

    Is there something similar for Firefox?

  8. N00bN00b

    For Firefox there is a global mute extension:
    It won’t mute single tabs, but rather the whole browser.

  9. Doh

    So does this actually help you FIND the tab, like the title says? Or do you still have to systematically mute individual tabs till you find the right one? If the latter then I say bollocks!!

  10. ana

    Does it not work on incognito pages for anyone, or did it just mess up when i installed it?

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