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Microsoft Removes Start Button in Windows 8 “Consumer Preview”, Adds Hot Corner [Poll]

The move to the new Metro UI as the default for Windows 8 has stirred up a good bit of controversy since its introduction this past Fall. Now Microsoft is taking another step in this new direction with the removal of the Start Button in the upcoming “Consumer Preview”.

As you can see in the final “pre Consumer Preview” build screenshots above and below, the Super Bar remains intact, but definitely lacks the classic Start Button that we have all been accustomed to seeing. Instead you will have a “Hot Corner” available that will display a thumbnail-like user interface (Metro and desktop modes) for accessing the Windows desktop and Start Screen.

Here are some additional screenshots from the PCBeta forum…

A look at the Apps Display…

And a view of Internet Explorer 10.

What do you think? Is this a good move or a bad one? Is this another Vista in the making? Make sure to vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Screenshots courtesy of PCBeta.

[via FavBrowser, CNet News, The Verge, Softpedia News, and PCBeta]

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  • Published 02/7/12

Comments (34)

  1. Matthew G

    I learned pretty quickly that I missed the classic Start Menu when I gave the Win8 dev preview a shot last year. Removing it completely is pretty counterintuitive to me, as a laptop user of Win7.

    On a tablet, I’m sure Win8 will shine and be awesome, especially on x86 tablets on which I can run all my x86 apps.

  2. Steven

    No way. Even if it is an efficient or productive change, the fact that people are so accustomed to it is much more important. Taking that out will really alienate people. Just think back when Vista removed the up button that was so useful in XP. I had to use a 3rd party file explorer just to get back the up button functionality.

    Removing the start button is a terrible idea. In fact, many manufacturers go out of their way to establish familiarity in their products; even if they are impractical changes. For example, the early Harley-Davidson bikes had a signature engine sound. But when new engine models became more efficient and quieter, it caused a commotion. So to change that, manufacturers would artificially reproduce the signature roar that classic bikes had even though the engine is realistically very quiet.


    What the hell is Microsoft doing?
    They are messing up the GUI of Windows 8 and it gets even worse.

    Remember there is a saying that goes “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”.
    But what Microsoft does is fixing something not broke and they end up messing it day by day.

    We want the good old interface of Windows 7 compared to the cr@ppy interface of Windows 8.

    I want my Start Button back!

  4. Frank

    Undecided. By the way, while the loss of the “up” button in Vista was initially counter-intuitive, you do realize that you can click on any of the path parts in the address bar in Vista/Win7’s file explorer to go “up” to that specific part of the path? It’s a little different, but actually sort of dramatically better and more to the point, does not remove any of the functionality that was previously there.

  5. Chronno S. Trigger

    So they moved the start button from left to right and called it something different? Where did they move the minimize all button to?

  6. John D

    So, they’ve basically added steps to get to the programs? After years of trying to get people to not put everything on the desktop, this is only going to encourage it more.

  7. dave

    Right now 6 of the 9 machines in my house run Win7 once support for Win7 and Snow Leopard run down, all the machines in my house will be running Linux.

  8. Grant

    “They should have an option to choose the UI we want to use (Classic vs. New).”

    They do. You can use Windows 7 (no Metro UI) or Windows 8 (Metro UI). Personally, I think Windows 8 is stupid unless you use it on a tablet. And even then…

  9. Urichhai

    Seems to me that they are trying to emulate Ubuntu. I dont care but really hope they will set it up to use a classic GUI because there will be people who will not like it. As was said why fix something thats not broke. I see where this will be ok for tablets but seriously cant see it working well on a a desktop.
    Oh well time will tell when I actually give it a test drive.

  10. tslmy

    On seeing Alipay I know its a Asian Angel post…

  11. Anonymous

    I don’t know why Microsoft seems so intent on playing with new GUI designs when the very heart of their product needs some very serious attention. Frankly, I could care less about the inclusion or exclusion of a start button or even a desktop! If the darn OS would just run reliably, efficiently, securely or even cheaply, I think most of us could learn to live without a stupid little start button.

    Then again, I can easily see why fluffy items take more precedence. This is America after all. We never judge a product (or even our leaders) on substance. We’re all about the fluff like start buttons (and who looks the best on television).

  12. Harry

    @ Anonymous

    I agree with the sentiment of your post but it slightly misses the point.

    Microsoft are not really trying hard to fix their flawed OS, they are preparing a product for SALE.
    It needs to be “different” enough from previous versions that they can call it NEW and they are walking a thin line between not changing enough to call it a new product and changing too much thus alienating their existing customer base.

  13. ivan

    Why has 8 reminded me of Gnome 3 for the longest time ?

  14. Ray

    I’m all for it. Why must people bee so critical? MS haters, always have something negative to say. Must be apple or linux fan boys.

  15. Jeremiah

    I would go with having a option for old/new UI, but then again we all know it won’t take long for someone to implant the start orb back into Windows 8.

  16. Dafoo

    Jeremiah is right. One of the great things about Windows is that it can be customized to a great extent. I was easily able to put an “up” button back in Windows explorer in Windows 7 using a 3rd party program. I’m sure, if you REALLY need the Start button, you can put that back too.

  17. Rahul

    Its a clever trick
    The person (victim) will click on INTERNET EXPLORER instead of start menu due to his habit!

  18. RABO

    this is Fed up. Windows hasn’t changed it’s core since the change from DOS. A tablet-desktop hybrid just doesn’t work unless you use 2 different UIs and 2 sets of apps(one shrunk down for a tablet, one normal for actual PC).

    And although I like linux more, I am not a MS hater. They do charge too much on XBLA though

  19. RABO

    actually hold on a sec. that sidebar isn’t too shabby. Maybe some RSS feeds, system monitor, and app shortcuts. But I stil want a start menu

  20. jeorgekabbi

    my guess is that windows 8 will be too fat to the extend that tablets will be either heavy and fat or sluggish.

  21. John

    Every person I have ever talked “computers” with said the exact same thing,,, “Win XP” is the best Windows ever made.. yes .. even better than Win 7….
    MS should stop trying to come up with something new and weird and just keep the XP OS updated…

  22. Henry

    Search for windows 8 start button, with any search engine (google or bing or any other). You will find a way to restore it to windows 7 look. Just one change in the registry.

  23. miki

    Start button is windows for me.

  24. pbug56

    I’m tired of learning new GUI’s every few years. And you can be sure that the more MS messes with the GUI the less effort they are putting into debugging. Win 7 works. It could use the new taskmanager, some 20 year overdue debugging, and a cleanup of things like startup.

    Win 8 looked OK (on normal laptops and desktops) when run with the Win 7 GUI. MUTRO is meant for WINDOZE phones and maybe tablets, and is a royal pain in the butt on a non touch screen. So now it looks like 7 will be the last version of Windoze I’ll ever migrate to, and if I’m guessing right, numerous businesses will never get past it either.

  25. Kikoman

    Is it just me or are they somewhat heading to the same direction as Chrome OS? Just a point to ponder…

  26. Quit Whinning

    Looks like W8 is for tablets to me, why would I want to use my dirty finger to touch the screen.

    Compared to Android, it looks like a “cheap” arrangment of boxes on the screen. I prefer the Android Linux OS look to Windows 8 look. I guess Microsoft wants to sell us a bunch of those 99cent apps.

    Microsoft will call the app Market place the Money Pit app store.

  27. John

    Meh. Even though I’m using win7, I still love XP and which they gave me an option to use that UI. Personally, I don’t think this new idea is all that bad because since they introduced metro, they might as well go for broke.

  28. ivan

    Wonder if Ray’s comment was directed towards me just because I said it reminded me of something else.. :\

  29. banderlog

    Nice. I allways used a small program StartKiller to remove Start button and another program to have my own comfortable menu in the right side of taskbar. In Win8 it’s almost already done. :)

  30. jake

    i dont like it… i tried the dev preview build last year and didnt like it then, and they made it worse do i really dont like it now. sure the animations and all that in metro look fancy and nice but it isant going to do anything for someone with just a mouse and keyboard

    however i really dont have to worry about it much anyway, i run w7 and ubuntu side by side and have no plans on going to w8 untill i can change it back :)

  31. Farhan Afnan Iskandar

    remove the start button is not the right solution for the windows in the future

  32. William

    They should have an option to keep the start button in or take it out. Everything else in Windows 8 is nice.

  33. Sarge

    I just tried Win8 CP, and the fucking thing SUCKS!

    A) The setup asks way too much personal information: It wants my email address, wants my birthday, wants me to give them my street address and my phone number. Fuck that shit. I just told it I’m Fake Fakedy, my email is, and I live at 123456789 Fake Street, Fake City, with a fake postal code of H0H 0H0 and my phone number is 555-777-777. And my mother’s maiden name is SCREW YOU! And, just to add insult to injury, it has a fucking captcha. That’s right, you have to guess the fucking-hard-to-read captcha right or you can’t finish the setup. WTF Microsoft?

    B) Long list of missing features. No classic start menu. No start button. No control panel shortcut in the Metro tiles. No log-off menu. No shutdown menu. No restart menu. No user-switching menu. No CMD or “run” option on the Metro tiles. In fact, no way at all to bring up a CMD window at all except to go manual find the cmd.exe in windows explorer. Thanks a fucking lot for making life harder, Microsoft!

    C) New stupid, pointless, waste-of-time, annoying “features”, like having to swipe that picture up to get at your login so you can type in your password. (What moron thought this was useful? Gee, thanks for adding one more pointless step to the login process, you idiots.) When you boot, you boot to the fugly Metro tiles. No way to charge this to make booting to Metro GTFO. God-dam ribbon interface all over Windows Explorer. Fuck that shit, give me classic Windows menus. I don’t need to re-learn where everything is, you assholes!

    D) If you did a dual-boot and want to uninstall this piece of garbage… NO UNINSTALL FOR YOU! You have to delete the Win98 partition manually, and then go fix your MBR manualy too becasue Win8 replaced your Win7 bootloader with it’s own! It does this even if you installed Windows 8 on a completely different physical hard drive than your other OS. That’s just fucking retarded! They just HAD to mess with the bootloader on a hard drive it’s not even installed to?!

    What a pile of garbage Windows 8 is turning out to be. At this rate, I’m avoiding it like the plague and sticking with Windows 7

  34. ddsaaaaadfa

    i hate the new interface. I am not an apple fanbois either, I personnally didn’t mind vista though win 7 was much better. but it feels like it was meant for tablets not desktops and laptops. No start button is bad because i use it every day so i’m used to it and its hard to find things in win 8

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