Turn an Old Laptop into a Windows 8 Tablet

If you’d like to take Windows 8 for a preview spin on an actual tablet, this hack converts an old (but suitably spec’d) laptop into a touch screen tablet for Windows 8 Preview.

Instructables user HackItBuildIt shares his guide to converting an old laptop into a Windows 8 tablet. You’ll need an old laptop with specs high enough to run Windows 8 and that you’re willing to do a little franken-hacking on–you’ll need to remove the screen, rotate it, add a touch screen panel, and reframe it over the laptop body. When you’re done it won’t exactly be a slender iPad, but it will run Windows 8 with a native touch screen.

Watch the video above to see it in action then hit up the link below to check out the full guide build at the link below.

Windows 8 Tablet [via Hack A Day]

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