This Is Aperture Is a Fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Tune

By Jason Fitzpatrick on January 31st, 2012

In this well done fan video, the characters of the Portal universe come together to sing their own rendition of The Nightmare Before Christmas tune “This Is Halloween”.

At the beginning of the acclaimed Tim Burton movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, the song “This Is Halloween” sets the tone for the movie. In this reworking of the song, the robots and characters of the Portal universe sing “This Is Aperture” to introduce you to the labs of Aperture Science.

Note: There are a few tiny spoilers tucked away in the video. They’re small and zip by fast, but if you’re a die hard fan of Portal who hasn’t got around to playing Portal 2 yet, you may want to bookmark this video for later.

[via Geek Dad]

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  • Published 01/31/12
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