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Ask The Readers: How And Why Do You Jailbreak/Root Your Devices?

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Jailbreaking or rooting a device is a method used to gain deeper access to and more control over the device. This week we’re interested in hearing about all the way you jailbreak/root and why you do it.

Whether you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, hacked your Kindle, rooted your Android, modded your game console or otherwise broken through the strict (and not so strict) protective measures placed on your devices, we want to hear about it. How did you do it? Did it go smoothly? Why did you do it? What new and awesome things can you do with your liberated device that, shipped from the factory, were unavailable?

Sound off in the comments with your jailbreak stories and then check back on Friday for the What You Said roundup.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 01/18/12

Comments (76)

  1. Grant

    How: Super One Click!
    Why: To remove the annoying stuff that the carrier and phone maker added to get it closer to the original OS before they touched it.

    I had applications that tried to translate everything I installed into a language I don’t speak, and launcher changes that made the device slower and less reliable (Motoblur).

  2. Chronno S. Trigger

    Rooted Nexus 1 to install Cyanogen mod since it’s so much more stable and functional then the stock OS.

  3. TechGeek01

    I usually look at jailbreak instructions on the trusty old internet.

    I’ve jailbroken my Wii, and plan on eventually backing up Wii games to an external hard drive.

    I’ve jailbroken my Kindle Keyboard, and have the custom screensaver hack in place.

    I’ve rooted my Kindle Fire, and plan on eventually installing Cyanogenmod on it. However, Cyanogenmod was so recently ported to the Kindle Fire, that I am waiting for a version to come out where sound works, and I can revert back to the stock firmware. I’ll probably rarely if ever need to revert back, but i don’t want to be stuck.

    When i root or jailbreak my devices, it’s usually just for major geek points, and it really impresses some of my friends. Generally, when I get a device, I jailbreak or root it as soon as I possibly can.

  4. Atomsk

    I’ll jailbreak anything to get more function out of it also just for the fun of it. Still rocking the old school nexus one with CM7. Jailbroke my Nook color for CM7 and Jailbroke my HP touchpad just be WebOS is kinda a let down.

  5. Jay

    I use an all-in-one solution from the xda forums. It installs a CWM plus a stripped down rom.

    I did this to get rid of the mandatory apps running and restarting themselves. I had to recharge my LG Revolution twice a day with all the crap Verizon had on it. Now it’s a good bit faster and lasts all day on one charge.

  6. Jojo

    IOS devices
    – easy to JB
    – wanted a better backgrounder, tethering, and to be able to change my SMS tones

    – easy to JB, hard to get all the right files/settings in place so that all of the games work
    – WiiMC (Media Center) – use to playback media from file server
    – Haven’t used a disc in ages. All of my games are backed up onto a hard drive, don’t have to get up to change games, and is easy for kids to choose games to play (no more broken/scratched game discs)

  7. Sam

    I did it a year or so ago, now its much easier, 1 click and all…..

    my HTC Desire is now running 2.3.5 with sense 3.5 + beats audio, same as the new sensation XE

    battery life is better and the lack of internal space is solved thanks to an Ext4 partition :)

    loving life!

  8. Scott Sanders

    I have an iPad running iOS 5.0.1 and a Galaxy S2 Android smartphone. I jailbreak my iPad because there isn’t enough liberty and customization allowed in iOS. I like to be able to put more apps in my folders and have a larger scrolling app dock (I now have 14 apps in my dock, as opposed to the four that it starts out with). Jailbreaking is still limited though, and I wish that it gave even more freedom the way Android does.
    I rooted my Galaxy S2 so that I could use apps like Titanium Backup to backup all my apps and settings. iOS allows this in iTunes by default. But Android requires root in order to do this. Apps such as SetCPU and SetVsel allow you to overclock your CPU and slow it down when in standby to make the phone snappier while in use, while still saving battery when not. I also love AdFree, which removes most ads in apps. Before I got the Galaxy S2, I also rooted my device so that I could install custom ROMs. I love having this ability to customize and rewrite my whole system. The Galaxy S2 works so well though that I don’t dare install a new ROM over the existing stock ROM.

  9. UltimatePSV

    Not sure how I did it (it was an old one-click solution).
    I did it to get rid of the useless apps and to let me customize my phone. Also to let me use new ways to save battery and speed up my phone.

  10. Trevor

    I usually stick to the guides over at They are always on top of the best and latest jailbreaks.

    The reasons for me to jailbreak are deminishing more and more with each major release however. I use to jailbreak for access to things like multitasking, better SMS messaging, and even so I could change my wallpaper. Apple is. Catching up though, and I don’t have a whole heck of a lot left to jailbreak for. Now it really comes down to two things that I gotten spoiled on with my jailbroken devices: sbsettings for quick access to settings and NoAccSplash to get rid of the stupid accessory attached screen when I connect it to my car.

  11. Graeme

    Follow iphone Dev Team tweets/blog

    Because Apple has created a great smartphone OS that has some incredibly frustrating problems:
    * Lacks customization options
    * Odd/Retarded/F’d up functionality problems
    * Syncing media through iTunes is total BS, what happened to letting iDevices operate like flash drives?

  12. Justin

    One-click program and tethered phone

    My main reason was to remove the stock applications that drained battery life and could not be removed otherwise. However, I’ve since come to enjoy many additional features from custom roms. Transparent backgrounds, quicker access to settings, skins, CRT power-on/off effects, HDMI mirroring, backing up applications, over/underclocking, and more. Plus, I find it fun to tinker with devices.

  13. TradeMark

    Simple: freedom!

    It’s the same reason I love the philosophy behind the US constitution.

  14. Artur

    I jailbreak for pirated apps

  15. Johnny

    I rooted my phone to save battery life.

  16. Lee

    I jailbroke my iPod Touch for the tweaks initially (like SBSettings) but I purchased iBluever and now can use my dumbphone as a bluetooth modem for my iPod, essentially giving me an iPhone with unlimited data for $10 a month :)

  17. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @TechGeek01: Here are some great resources for soft modding your Wii when you get around to it:

  18. RABO

    how:universal androot
    Why: because t-mobile hates the dream and left it on donut

  19. brgulker


  20. Coleton

    I like jail breaking my things, for instance my PlayStation Portable, my tablet mostly due to the freedom i get from it. But there are also reason why I don’t jailbreak these items, manufacturer’s warranty. even though it sometimes doesn’t cover many things it can (and in most cases does) add some sort of returnable quote sometimes or better yet a refund. if jailbreak the system the warranty is usually is voided. Another reason I do not jailbreak things is due to instabilities in this unofficial software that is not monitored in any form. The best way to jailbreak your items safely is to do as much research as possible on the jailbreak software, the methods it uses, and what errors can occur if done wrong. I love the jailbreak freedom from restrictions but if don’t know what your doing it can get hairy if something does mess up.

  21. Chris

    Device: Pandigital Novel eReader
    How: z4root
    Why: so I can use time sync

    Device: Samsung Google Nexus S 4G
    How: not yet
    Why: haven’t found a compelling reason yet.

  22. saman

    Galaxy s 2
    Root for:
    Increase battery life(cpu voltage and use custom kernels)
    Custom rom
    cyanogen mod 7 for now and 9 for later :-)
    Customize the font,theme
    Customize the colors and sound
    Support socks and https proxy
    Market enabler
    Use cwm to backup roms
    titanium backup for backing up apps and data
    Change dpi
    Remove ads
    App to sd config
    Use terminal
    Install latest android version roms and make them to support Rtl persian language.

  23. saman

    And i just forgot to say:
    remove carriee iq!

  24. Henry

    Sony PRS T1
    because I can
    also as a temporary android tablet

    Sony Xperia Play
    because it only comes with 280 mb of user storage on the phone
    uninstalling bloatware
    changing what buttons
    and blocking ads

  25. Cody

    My Samsung Captivate:

    How? – By the amazing support of XDA Developers and a LOT of reading.
    Why? – Initially because I wanted to run Gingerbread, before it was supported, and to get rid of the useless apps that AT&T installed. However, I keep up with it because I can overclock my device, install basically whatever app I want, and now because I can install Android 4.0 ICS, which is amazing.

    My Wii:

    How? – By using the Mailbomb exploit.
    Why? – So I can set my Wii up to be basically a home media streamer, which works flawlessly. Oh, and also to run backups off of a hard drive.

    My Previously Owned iPhone 3G:

    How? – redsn0w
    Why? – Because I wanted to make my iDevice my own, instead of every iDevice I come across looking surprisingly the same. Also because I wanted to tether before it became easy to do so.

    I enjoy getting into the nitty-gritty of devices, and rooting/jailbreaking allows me to do so. Nothing puts a smile on my face than being able to do something new to a device that isn’t the normal thing to do. Oh sure I’ve broken a lot of devices in my time, but to me, it’s strangely worth it.

  26. stenc55

    Rooted with CF-root
    To remove Samsung and Google bloatware. And in the last case to install ICS on it.

    Transformer TF101
    Razorclaw (doesn’t work anymore)
    To ger coocked ROM on it. To be able to overclock to run 720p movies. To tweak dock keyboard to CE layout.

  27. liamwli

    I used rageagainstthecage exploit, so I could put the latest port on it.

    My OEM says it can’t go above 2.1, but now we have 4.0.3!

  28. Dani

    I really want to root my HTC Desire, especially to gain more space for applications, but never found a complete and good tutorial for that.
    Maybe someone can point me a step by step tutorial to root HTC Desire that work on their phone.

  29. jon_hill987

    I used supeoneclick to root my Xperia, first to remove the rubbish my network put on there and then to put CM7 on it because Sony were never going to update past Android 2.1

  30. quinnten83

    Device: Original HTC Desire GSM version (European)
    How: 1 click root on Linux following these instructions:
    Why: to remove annoying software in the Sense interface, but ended up using it to work around the limited internal storage space on the phone by creating and EXT3 partition to use as the dalvik cache on the SD.
    More control and working around idiotic design limitations is reason for me to root ‘n Rom. Also HTC still hasn’t updated the Desire to gingerbread and CM7 has.

  31. quinnten83
  32. AJBarnes

    I root my phones to run AdBlock which removes the myriad ads that pop up everywhere. I understand websites are not free, but when you have more ads than content, you have to do something to filter out the noise to get to the subject. I also like complete backup control for all files which makes it easier to restore a phone in event of catastrophe. Finally, I like to experiment with new looks, new functions and other things that my cell provided apparently didn’t think I needed…

  33. matt Lucas

    DEVICE: Motorola Droid Bionic
    HOW: Super One Click

    DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    HOW: Super One Click

    Remove ads, firewall for phone,openVPN, free tether, Tasker Automation, Custom Roms, Backup Images,….

  34. Chase

    the first thing i jailbroke was back in the psp days. i had a pandora battery
    then i jailbroke my ipod touch, that one broke and i have a new one and am currently rejailbreaking for an untether, i usually use Redsn0w.
    I recently got a hp touchpad and from the first day i got it have had android on it, i also have ubuntu on it, using ubuntu chroot.
    I like how much it opens up your device, it makes the possibility’s you can do with it practically endless!!!

  35. Rebs

    Because its mine

  36. Demetre

    Jailbraking my iPhones to get rid of the carrier limitation…

    My phone, my choice carrier !

  37. Steve

    Rooted my new Asus eee Transformer pad using the Razorclaw app. a one click wonder.
    Why?? Freeeeedom baby, Freedom!

  38. Patrick

    I Rooted my HTC Inspire back when there wasn’t any “one click” Took me an hour and half to get it right! But love it. Let me remove the bloatware, install any ROM that I want and the tethering / WiFi hotspot is really nice.

  39. Dave

    I jailbroke my iPod Touch to get more customization out of it, since iOS is completely locked down.

    On my Droid X2 I see no reason to root it. Android is almost completely customizable out of the box, but then throw in the ability to load a new launcher and you can change literally anything. Only reason I remotely thought about it was to remove those stupid stock apps that come with it.

    My solution to Jailbreaking- Just buy an Android

  40. ted

    Rooted my color nook the day I got it, First with a MUMI chip then I made my own CM7 chip and tried that, finally settled on Phiremod. Everything went smooth and I learned a lot . Love my color nook now. Thanks Cyanogen.

  41. Edwin

    Free tethering is 90% of why I root my phone. The other 10% is pure curiosity.

  42. Hillmi

    I love modding my stuff.

    PSP-softmodded to custom firmware 5.00 M33-6, stable for ps-one games(popsloader plugin) and just a simple eboot decrypt with the ISO_tool v1.977 let’s me play 6xx iso games.

    Wii- Letterbomb’ed that sucker and just used the hackmii downloader/modder program from easy and simpel and creates tutorials which fits to your setup also ensures you load the correct wad files for most games to work when using usb loaders to load games via HDD.

    Blackberry 9900- tethering this beauty to the point that my cell provider is feeling

  43. Dnyan

    Rooted my sgs and xoom to backup my apps, change fonts, calibrate battery, change the complete look of the stock os. Since I love tinkering around with my devices, wanted a better understanding of the device, so i tend to go into the root files and see what tends to work and what doesn’t. So i tend to crash my device often. So, need a backup of the os and apps so that with one click I can restore everything. I also tend to install different roms, so titanium backup and rom manager comes very handy.

  44. Hillmi

    I love modding my stuff.

    PSP-softmodded to custom firmware 5.00 M33-6, stable for ps-one games(popsloader plugin) and just a simple eboot decrypt with the ISO_tool v1.980( let’s me play 6xx iso games.
    For a good read/links on psp mods etc. visit or

    Wii- Letterbomb’ed that sucker( and just used the hackmii downloader/modder program from easy and simple and creates tutorials which fits to your setup also ensures you load the correct wad files for most games to work when using usb loaders to load games via HDD.

    Blackberry 9900- tethering this beauty to the point that my cell provider is feeling
    Used this tutorial for my tethering habits


  45. Bob

    iDevices – Dev-Team blog and related
    Android & WinMo – XDA-Developers and related blogs
    Other devices – GOOGLE searches. And Linux groups.

    There are so many very, very easy jailbreak/root techniques now it is hard to mention anyone. Just LOOK and do your research. Back in the cave man days it required some good command line knowledge and skill along with a broad technical understanding of what you were attempting. It also took a lot of courage! You really could ‘brick’ a device or system to the point of having to physically take it apart and get at the internals to ‘reset/recover’ it. Today that is not the case (or should I say RARELY).

    I’ve rooted: Tivos, iPhones, iPads, Windows Mobile 5 & 6.5, Android phones and tablets, Nook, Kindle, and maybe some others, I can’t remember.

    – Freedom to actually OWN my devices and the information and configuration(s) of said devices. Included but not limited to being able to fully utilize the OSs’ true abilities without any carrier, manufacturer or other vendor limitations. Read – CUSTOMIZATION.
    The ability to remove bloatware and other data usage ‘stealing’ applications is another big plus.
    Probably the MOST important thing to me is the ability to do a FULL system backup of my devices. Being the IT guy I am I live by being able to recover data. Few things are as satisfying as being able to recover a device in minutes vs days or worse!

    I honestly can’t understand why one would NOT root/jailbreak any device they own.

  46. david

    Rooted a Droid, will root new atrix 2 when time allows

    Do it because i prefer the vanilla version of gingerbread over the skinned one. Bye bye bloat-ware.

  47. Infoseeker

    If you brought the device , then one is in control of what they purchase , who are the carries and manufactures to tell a paying customer of what they can and can’t do?

    Freedom is what our forth fathers , black or white struggle for , lets not bring shame to them.

    Infoseeker , Birmingham UK

  48. James

    Flashed Android and Windows Phone 7 onto HTC HD2.

    Reason: You ever used Windows 6.5? If so you know why.

  49. markiz

    I did it over the browser (WP) and i did it because marketplace seems to be never ever coming to my country, croatia. So sideloading is the only option I have sadly. And I’m not ashamed of it.

  50. Jim Knock

    I jailbroke my AT&T iPhone so I could use it as a wireless modem. I also developed a few apps. I hated the OS.
    I switched to T-Moble android, did the same thing, and I still love it. I upgraded my ROMs through the sequence Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, and now ICS. Every upgrade brings more delightful stuff.

  51. paperrhino

    Galaxy Nexus:
    How – Super One Click!
    Why – Waze does not have an intent to exit the application so the only way I have it exit when I take it out of car dock mode is to give Tasker root permissions.

    How – Don’t remember, searched the internet.
    Why – Our DVD player broke so I used the Wii to get us by until we got a new DVD player.

  52. Josh

    To get rid of Carrier IQ and increase privacy.

  53. RonV

    I had to root my Android phones just to get updates that the manufacturer and carrier refused to do. That led me to 3rd party ROM’s would solve the issues were APPS would force close, home page froze up’s, inconsistent performance of apps, etc would be resolved by these magic ROM’s. Finally determined that clean ROM’s with minimal application’s installed and removal of widgets created the most stable environment but that defeated the reason I got a Android phone in the first place.

  54. Mohamed Ashraf

    Jailbroken iPhone so that I may use it as a flash drive and for the themes and springboard. One of the most important reasons for my jail breaking is the pirated applications. Tethering is also one of the really good reasons. Many may say that jailbreaking is no longer usefull but I still believe there are many things it has to offer

  55. Ishtar

    I jailbroke then unlocked my AT&T iPhone to be able to use it in Europe. It works fine. You can buy an unlimited pre-paid data plan for about $10 a week in Italy with some minutes of voice calling. Very nice and easy but it wouldn’t work with the Verizon phones.

    I follow the Dev Team work.

  56. Joel

    I have rooted my Android device because of the ‘protective measures’ that are infringed on the device without giving the option to the person who buys the phone. these ‘protective measures’ include facecrap among many other applications that are free to install if the user wants them on their device but the ones the user doesn’t want they have to stare at as they scroll through their installed applications trying to get to what they want to open. this is more than a nuissance in my opinion, as a phone should be sold with the basic requirements to call/text/browse and give the owner the option of what app or crap they want to install to clutter up their screen.

  57. Colleen

    I have Sprint, and a manager at a corporate store explained that Sprint monitors your device and can tell when you “root” you phone and they can slow down your service. Has anyone heard this before? I would like to root my phone, but my service sucks already, so I really can’t afford for it to get any worse.

  58. umer936

    -Friend’s iPad
    -Another friend’s iTouch
    -Yet another friend’s iPhone 4

    Why? iOS just didn’t cut it, no customization or cool junk like the pattern lockscreen…

    How? I used Greenpois0n on the iPad and iPhone and Redsn0w on the iTouch, Greenpois0n was easy to use, just follow the on screen instructions, takes about 5 minutes..

    And I homebrewed my Wii just to try it (for the cool junk), running smoothly, I don’t really use any homebrew stuff though, so I may uninstall homebrew, probably will just leave it…

  59. Jasonwuzthere

    Droid 1: Original ADB push rooting.
    Why? To ROM and tether
    D2G: z4root ( I think)
    Why? ROM and tether
    ASUS Transformer: Razorclaw
    Why? Poops and giggles, and I likes my Root Explorer

  60. xdr

    After HTC didn’t release update for my HTC Desire HD in a year, I rooted it and installed RCMix3D. It’s got sense 3.5 and android version 2.3.5 (mine was sense 2.1, androis 2.3.3). With it got slight speed up, customizable lock screen, beats audio, stop market :).

  61. zapper067

    Isnt this illegal?

  62. guest

    first of all i like jailbreaking my devices just to have the thrill of sucess or bricking it.
    its like flashing bios, you never know… ;-)

    as i was youing i have to open all electric devices and have a look inside,
    now its just the same with jailbreaking all my gadgets.

  63. conrad

    wow, the exact forem i need. i want to jailbreak my phone, virgin moble, optimus v, so that i can
    tether and eliminate the god damn stupid minimal internal memory! i have had to eliminate some nice apps because of low internal phone storage. i need- step by step- instructions though and it seems as there are many ways , but no best (easiest) way. i hope the great geeks here can help out.

  64. Loser

    Is there a possible reason for jailbreakinng? As long as it is my device, why am I restricted to its highest access?

  65. onzii

    HOW: i always check first if someone already did it to the same device i have (same model) and if they give positive feedback, i will going to use the same way. (forums)

    WHY: so i can use many programs i want and customized the setup.
    DEVICE: cellphones and apple device

    for GAME CONSOLE: il let other people do it for me.
    WHY: so i can play many games i want :)

  66. GrrrrrrDrrrArgggggg

    Seriously going to root the Nook Tablet. That thing is locked down tighter than any Apple device I’ve ever come across (especially with the 1.4.1 update). It just really ticks me off that a device can be bought but never fully owned if you catch my meaning. 1.4.1 will not even let you sideload apps any more. Like I said, it’s a real pisser when you give a not insubstantial sum of money for a device that a company says you can only operate in a way they approve of. I paid good money for the damn thing I should be able to do what I want with it right out of the box, be it a new OS, whatever app I want, or have root access. It’s screwed up that we have to go through such means just to get full access to the devices we’ve bought.

  67. celly

    I rooted my droid with hopes to under clock things to make battery vampires go away and eliminate stock ware. Also for the tethering aspect for my lappy toppy. Since then, most newer phones come with a tethering app. Swapping roms is cool but, always backup before you do anything.

  68. Charlie

    I started Rooting six months ago when I purchased a Color Nook. Very easy Root to CM7 which gave me a fully functional Tablet with Market, Netflix, Youtube and every downloadable App and game.
    Great Tablet for $149.00 !
    My next Root was the HP Touchpad ($149) which is now running Android 2.3.7 CyanogenMod-7.1.0-tenderloin-alpha3.5. Instructions and dowloads available online – just read and re-read and follow the steps. Rivals any $499 Tablet and has dual boot into Android or HP’s webOS.
    Lastly, just finished Rooting Coby MID7015 tablet which was a challenge but well worth it. I now have full Market, Netflix, etc.
    So what are you waiting for? Go online and enter a search for ROMs for your device. There’s a huge community with lots of support. It’s Great Fun and a Wonderful learning experience !!!

  69. Kevalin

    I originally rooted my Samsung Captivate to install a custom rom because I couldn’t stand the horrible battery life of Eclair (about ten hours with very light use). Now I generally at least root my various devices because I want the option of being able to remove the company bloatware that slows the phone down, is often redundant, and which I’m never going to use anyway.

    And because, dammit, it’s MY phone/tab/reader!

  70. Mandy

    How? Can’t remember

    Why? Because it’s MY phone and I’ll use it the way I want. That is also why I will not buy a locked device. It has to be unlocked completely. :D

  71. Athar Shaikh

    Rooted my HTC Desire
    The device comes with SIMLock and i had to get rid of it because of isuues with the network…
    I installed CM6 and every month or so updated it….. It is awesome eventhough it’s an AOSP Rom i.e. is elementary in nature…..But still, the CM guyzhave done an awsome work……..

  72. Abhinav

    Jailbroke my iPod touch with redsn0w

    I did it because of install0us..I could get paid apps for free!!!

    Very easy process

  73. Njitram

    Several reasons. The reason I did it with my SGS2 recently is because I wanted to try roms without having to reinstall everything. After a backup with titanium and and full backup with nandroid I tried out what I wanted. In the end I preferred the original rom but at least I had the choice to do so.

    That is also the main reason I have “hacked” my wii, psp, phone and router. I get to try new things and hopefully learn a bit about the inner workings in the process. It takes a lot of research so it’s educational too.

    Finally, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also as a sort of fuck you to the creators for limiting us.

  74. Jason

    One thing I know that you must do on a android phone that “I” own is root it, and be able to root it. If the phone can’t be rooted, it goes back pronto! Now you ask why? These smartphones are not just phones anymore people, their small mobile computers and what is the first thing a computer must have ” A Firewall” and the only way to have one is to root your phone with super user privegies and grant the firewall app permissions to block data access in and out of your phone. To give a example why does a game of chess or checkers need data access or my phone contact list, etc. When someone ask me why I root my phone that’s always the number 1 app on my list.

  75. Gobias

    Device: Samsung Google Nexus S 4G
    How: instructions on XDA
    Why: To increase it’s awesomeness. Rooting only to add a custom kernel that increases battery and performance is sooo worth it. And now, great ICS ROMS are out.

    Device: HP Touchpad
    How: instructions from the site formally known as PreCentral.
    Why: Because it needed it. The TP was hampered by logging and had missing features (couldn’t add samba shares, etc.). Installing Preware and a custom kernel is a must. And while i’ve learn to really love WebOS, whenever a ICS ROM comes out for it, I’ll be throwing that mug on it too.

    Device: Sansa Fuze, clip, and Clip+
    How: Rockbox
    Why: Rockbox added features. also, the dual boot option is great.

    Device: Wife’s Ipod touch
    Why: Just because.

  76. Pirahnya

    It’s kinda like getting a new computer. All the crap the “techs” loaded on it do not enhance or optimize your system. And as long as they have their crap on it, it’s not really all yours, is it? When I spend $400+ on a phone and have to pay $136 dollars a month, I shouldn’t have to have their crap on my phone. NO, DAMMIT, I DON’T WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO VOICE-TO-TEXT, SPRINT, GET YOUR FREAKIN’ OVER-SENSITIVE BUTTON OFF MY VOICEMAIL! Thanks. All better now. I don’t care if it voids the warranty, if I’d rather try to hack it to make it mine than to bow down to da man!

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