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Desktop Fun: Views of Earth Wallpaper Collection Series 1 [Bonus Size]


Our planet is a beautiful sight to behold from orbit or further out in the solar system…a tranquil blue jewel resting among the stars. Bring the majestic beauty of our home world to your desktop with the first in our series of ‘Views of Earth’ Wallpaper collections.

Views of Earth Series 1

Note: Click on the picture to see the full-size image—these wallpapers vary in size so you may need to crop, stretch, or place them on a colored background in order to best match them to your screen’s resolution.





















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Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 01/14/12

Comments (14)

  1. Cam2644

    Some good stuff here. Thanks

  2. Kevalin

    Hah. I was looking at some of the ones that showed the land masses and thinking, “Look, Ma–no lines!” We make all these boundaries up, then kill each other over them as if they’re actually (or ought to be) real.

    How strange we humans are.

  3. AJ

    What an awesome display of the wonders of creation and how they speak of the One that created them!!! I look at these pictures and all I can say is “God, how great Thou art”!!! Thank you, How-to Geek, for sharing these awesome pictures!!!!!

  4. Swayam

    Yes @kevalin! We are our own enemies.

  5. Mark Iliff

    I can see my house! : O

  6. Mike

    Wow!!!seeing such beauty can make a person wonder why are we not working together to better ourselves, working together to make our home, our earth home,a better place for future generations. Because mother earth is home to us all

  7. adh247

    This is the best Collection of Wallpapers I have ever seen!
    Thank you!

  8. kamal

    is desktopnexus is owned by howtogeek?

  9. donnamarie

    impressive photos, thanks for the collection, keep up the amazing work!

  10. Kevalin

    @mark iliff: :-D

  11. willard garnett

    Wow ! these pics are really so wonderful,i love them,this is the creator handy work on display,

  12. Helen

    Awesome! Thanks! Love to look at these.

  13. Hola Amigo

    Is it themepack? how can I download them, I don’t see the button that I need,

    btw I’m new to website so I might’ve missed the download button!!

  14. Asian Angel

    @Hola Amigo – Right click on the images you like and select to open the download pages for them in new tabs/windows. Once there click the download button on the right side and select the size you want in the opening window from the options menu in the upper right corner (if you are not happy with the auto-sizing feature of DesktopNexus). ^_^

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