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Portable Internet in a Box [IT Crowd Video]

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Moss and Roy decide to play a trick on Jen for her upcoming speech to the shareholders by letting her take a ‘portable version’ of the internet with her. Will the guys have a hilarious story to share or will Jen’s speech go brilliantly? Watch to find out!

The IT Crowd – This, Jen, is the internet [via Fail Desk]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 01/13/12

Comments (15)

  1. limegreen

    Love! Love! Love the IT Crowd!!

  2. Mattglg

    Whats with all the canned laughter? -is this the American version or something?

  3. Tom

    Canned laughter is so annoying. Half the time its not even remotely funny.

  4. sragan5

    Canned laughter or not, this really made me laugh. Thanks.

  5. LuisB

    The IT Crowd is amazing, make me remind my first job in one IT department.I bought the whole series and i am still enjoying and laughing when I watch it.

  6. Pooks99

    It’s filmed in front of a studio audience, who seem to have found it funny, hence the ‘canned laughter’. Here’s a brief article in the Guardian by the writer Graham Linehan, explaining why he prefers filming sitcoms in front of a studio audience:

  7. J Glenn

    Great show. “If you Google the word ‘google’ you will break the internet.”

  8. Barry

    This was the very first scene I saw from The IT Crowd fell in love with the show right then and there. I love the show so much that I have seen every episode at least 3 times on Netflix… LOVE LOVE LOVE

  9. Fyrewerx

    I remember the day that happened. I thought my DSL was down, but it turned out the WHOLE Internet was broken. Thank god they fixed it.


  10. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    Seriously, IT Crowd is like my favorite comedy ever! Discovered it last year and I’ve seen it around 20 times till now.

  11. Paul O' Sullivan

    To those of you hating on the canned laughter. There is none. it’s recorded and then shown to an audience, who are recorded.
    Most TV in the UK is not as fictitious as US shows tend to be.

  12. Adamboy7

    LOL Silly people! The internet weighs 50 grams!

  13. Alex

    But it’s not the portable version, it is the Internet. That’s one of my favourite chapters.

  14. Craig M. Rosenblum

    I am a huge fan of the IT Crowd. Oh, but if you like dark tech humor, you should definitely read BOFH as well.

    This video always makes me laugh, cuz it show’s clearly, how naive, the non-technical people are….

    The guys couldn’t believe at how easily the muggles believes that a little box was the internet lol.

  15. SteveMc

    Canned laughter was so annoying that I didn’t finish watching. Otherwise, a clever skit, ruined by a laugh track.

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