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Notepad 7 is a Sleek Ribbon UI Notepad Replacement for Your Favorite Windows System

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Are you tired of Notepad being the one native Windows app that looks out of place next to others such as Wordpad, Paint, Microsoft Office, and others with the Ribbon UI? Then you will definitely want to have a closer look at this slick Notepad replacement for your favorite Windows system.

As you can see above the Ribbon UI on Notepad 7 is an excellent match for other Microsoft apps with the same setup.

The app comes in a zip file with exe and msi installation files so you can choose the format that works best for you when setting it up. Keep in mind that Notepad 7 does require Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to work though.

Special Note: When you visit the download page make sure to use the “Softpedia Secure Download (US) [ZIP]” link. The external link was broken at the time of our writing.

Download Notepad 7 (Softpedia) [via Guiding Tech]

You can also view a similar, portable ribbon UI notepad app that we have previously written about here:

FluentNotepad Adds the Office Ribbon UI to Notepad

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  • Published 01/12/12

Comments (9)

  1. Android

    It shares the same new format as paint 7. Which is fine for notepad but I think they should have left Paint alone. It was perfect(in my opinion) the way it was. It’s the line option that annoys me. It remains active until you grab an end and adjust it perfectly or you click outside the canvas. This would be an improvement only if it was an option. As a default I spend a lot of time clicking outside the canvas. That really blows. :)

  2. DropDown

    The Ribbon UI sucks. It’s difficult to find all of the functions office offers. Since, I can’t find the function quickly any longer using Office, I made the switch to LibreOffice. It lacks some of the function, but if I can’t find them in MS Office, why use it. Long live FOSS.

  3. ceixari

    I agree. The ribbon is bad design. It is very busy and takes ages to find things, especially in the new Office products.

  4. SatoMew

    @DropDown @ceixari: First of all, the Windows native apps use a variant of the Ribbon UI called the Windows Scenic UI. Secondly, the Ribbon UI is NOT inherently a bad design, it only seems “bad” because you’re quasi-programmed to do everything using the concept of the menu bar. Still, that doesn’t make it bad, especially in Office, where things are FACTUALLY much easier to find.

  5. Dafoo

    I think the Ribbon UI is great. Makes things like editting graphs much easier, since you know exactly where to go in order to edit them.

  6. Jacobm001

    Why do people hate the Ribbon so much? It wasn’t the most efficient in 2007, but all the later implementations have been fabulous.

  7. Karina Kaminski

    It’s a pity about the spelling mistake in the Save Changes dialog box which mars a neat little app.

  8. Wayneluke

    I’ll tell you why I don’t like the ribbon. It doesn’t add any true functionality and just takes up space. I’ll stick with Notepad++. More features, minimal UI.

  9. SteveM

    Notepad++ = Perfect!

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