You’ve laid the last foot of wire, tested all the inputs, and ran your sound checks. Now it’s time to impress guests with a proper demonstration–check out these 10 movie scenes to find the perfect clip for your demo.

At Unpluggd they’ve rounded up 10 high-impact movie scenes that will dazzle viewers with stunning visuals and rich sound. For each of their 10 picks they’ve included the disc chapter and the minute marker so you can jump right to the scene–they also offer other notable scenes from the movies so you can get more from each disc before moving onto the next demo. Here’s a sample pick from their roundup:

5. The Dark Knight

Chapter 20, 1:15:12 – 01:22:25

The Dark Knight is one of my favorite films, and this is one its most intense scenes. Shot with IMAX cameras, this scene will take up your whole screen and really come to life. You’ll feel the rattle and boom of your subwoofer as the Tumbler speeds through the tunnel; and the wide shots of the city will have you crushing those blacks.

Other scenes of note…

  • Opening sequence with bank robbery: Chapter 1, 00:53 – 06:22
  • Skyhook scene with great full-screen aerial shots: Chapter 9, 35:17 – 37:39

Hit up the link below for the other 9 recommendations.

Top 10 Movie Scenes to Demo Your Home Theater [Unpluggd]

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