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The Science of Snowflakes – Time-Lapsed Snowflake Growth in the Lab [Videos]

Have you ever wondered what snowflakes look like as they form and grow? Ever wished that you could watch one form in front of your eyes? Then sit back and enjoy these two videos that show snowflakes forming right in the lab.

We have also included the second snowflake formation video from futurityvideo here for your viewing enjoyment.

You can learn more about the fascinating research that physicist Kenneth G. Libbrecht is doing on snowflake formation and see some great photos by visiting his blog.

Designer Snowflakes – Part One [Designer Snowflakes – CalTech Blog]

Snowflake Science: Time-lapse 1 [via boingboing]

Snowflake Science: Time-lapse 2 [YouTube]

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  • Published 01/11/12

Comments (4)

  1. David Bradley

    How does each branch of a growing snowflake “know” what the other five branches are doing so that it stays hexagonally symmetrical?

  2. thyme676

    There is no conscious force or intelligence dictating it’s growth, the structure and chemistry on the atomic level is what causes these patterns to repeat.

  3. truebuilt

    i think that it is called a semetrical bonding

  4. truebuilt

    the point at witch a liquid becomes a solid as with acls [salt]etc…

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