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The Top Ten Features of Windows 8 [Infographic]

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Top Ten Features of Windows 8 [Infographics] [via TinyHacker]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 01/10/12

Comments (31)

  1. megageektutorials

    I hope they will finally realize they can’t keep selling it at the high price point. I hope they bring it down to at least $50. And they better get rid of all the “versions” like starter, home, pro, and ultimate. That stuff is stupid.

  2. Emir

    one more: will support native virtual machines.

  3. Peter

    One less….IE 10.0 is NOT a feature :)

  4. Tyler F

    The versions are a great feature, helping save costs for the average user.

    Yes ok they could just charge a lower price point but they aren’t, so would you rather pay for the same version as a business would need? A home user doesn’t need any of the features that the Professional version has, or, they are very unlikely too, so having a Home version means its going to be cheaper, the same with Professional. Starter is a version aimed at low powered machines, meaning they can keep in the netbook market without being out done by Linux, and, as this infographic notes, it can run on 300MB RAM, so they might get rid of the Starter version because of that.

    Ultimate is one of those things for people that need the best, and therefore will pay for the best, the features vs costs are not really worth it, yet people will pay for it, it doesn’t affect any other user apart from those who can’t afford it just to have the best version.

    I do agree it should be cheaper though, which I think they might look at, as Linux is getting more popular and Apple are gaining some market share.

  5. CitrusRain

    I wish they would put a browser selector on it instead of IE10. EVEN if they were to manipulate numbers like they did on that site promoting all browsers with a score comparing them from 1-4 based on how they compared to versions of IE.

    But… there’s really nothing new here in terms of innovation. So I’ll be waiting for the “Windows 8 [does this] and it was my idea.” commercials.

  6. KevinLausen

    First of all there is no way it will run on only 300mb of ram…although if the swap file is on an ssd then maybe windows 8 prefers the hard drive to swapping…which is just silly, because that assumes that your not only going to pay to upgrade to windows 8, but pay for an SSD to run it properly…

    Next I as a hard-core Linux user, are annoyed that the new file-system will make sharing on a dual-boot Linux-windows much more annoying….
    so I will have to boot into windows, just so I can copy the files that I want available in Linux to a secondary NTFS partition &/or external HDD so that I can reboot, and now Linux will have access to the files…
    So MS assumes that you are going to want to pay a crap ton of $ to upgrade to their software, but also upgrading the hardware to run it properly…that’s just plain silly……

  7. Urichhau

    AH I will sticking with 7 for a while, Really do I want my desktop to look like a Windows phone? as far as “OH My, my Linux will be harder to use with windows” Pleas I use Ubuntu and seriously they just suck to use together, neither wants to talk to the other. But then again I probably started a Flame war, Sorry HTG. But really since using Win 7 and Ubuntu I cant get either one to play nice. So as always the house on Windows and my netbook on Linux.

  8. theredyguy

    # 1. Linux has done it for years.
    # 2. There called repositories on Linux
    # 3. Gnome, GnomeShell, Kde, XFCE, Blackbox, Openbox, LXDE, Fluxbox, etc. Use what you like.
    # 4. Not needed
    # 5. Chrome, Chromium, FireFox, Iceweasel, Opera etc. Again use what you like.
    # 6. I’d like to see it beat my Crunchbang setup ;)
    # 7. It’s not a phone. No one wants a bunch crap open hanging and crashing in the background
    # 8. My Linux uses 78mb at boot.
    # 9. Linux and iOS already done it.
    # 10. ……….there is no number 10 on the list. Nice job Angel

    Also good job Microsoft on all the innovative ideas. If only this was 2002.

  9. Daniel Guntrip

    Eliminating the various versions of Windows isn’t a terrible idea; instead, Microsoft could make available additional features through its Windows Store.

  10. Theredguy

    Everyone that paid for xp got their money worth and then some using it for 9 years.
    This is just windows 6.2. Looks like 7 is the new xp.

  11. Odin

    Integrated Social Networking and Cloud: You can use Facebook and Twitter inside the Windows 8 because of integrated social networking in it. Plus Windows Live Service’s Cloud service, Sky Drive, is also supposed to get integrated into Windows 8. This will put Windows 8 into cloud.

  12. theredyguy

    Bravo, another feature that isn’t innovative.

  13. Tom

    @Peter – When I was cutting my teeth on computers (1980’s) there was a joke going around. “If you can’t fix a bug, sell it as a feature.”

  14. Theredguy

    @tom I think thats what gates did with steve ballmer.

  15. Ashwin Rao

    Is Windows 8 is stealing idea’s from from Ubuntu Unity? Looking it this list, it seems so as Ubuntu already has these features.

  16. Nick

    What is this new Protogon file system?
    Never heard of that

  17. Jeremiah

    I am aware that MS didn’t come up with a lot of these ideas, but who cares? that’s what companies do. I prefer Windows mostly because that is the main supported OS for computer games. as far as the price, we all know there are more cost-effective ways of acquiring a copy of windows(:

  18. Rusty

    I really don’t see any new features here except the elimination of ms bloatware. If they could just lower the price. I might consider an upgrade, but why as long as windows 7 does the trick, I have already paid 400.00 on two copies. What the heck is MS thinking they have been over charging for years and finally people want something else other than MS windows (Android OS?).

  19. ExTexan

    Win 8 is slated to be released in 2012 – that’s a long time to wait? HUH?

  20. Luke

    Great linux can do all these things and that’s fine but the fact is that linux isn’t accessible for the vast majority of the market. I’ll just make this one point, Apple didn’t invent the mp3 or the tablet, they just did a much better job of it than anyone before them. I think that’s what ms are trying to do here…..

  21. Luke

    * and by mp3 I mean the mp3 player

  22. emifra

    I find the features mentioned for windows-8 pretty accurate and the performance is slick as a whistleand exactly as stated. I’ve been using it for 2 months and I like it. I’ll keep my criticism until I know what I’m talking about, and I’d like to know the price. With so much free programming coming on line it might be cheaper.


  23. emifra

    Is is appropriate to leave a link to windows-8 in this blog.


  24. emifra

    As a group we love howtogeeks and we are using howtogeeks links to help educate our windows-8 members.


  25. theredyguy

    To each his own. Windows is and will always been hampered from changing to much because they are trying to cater to everyone. Is MS would stop trying to enter so many markets and failing [HD-DVD, Zune] and just focus on the best OS they can make and stop worrying about backwards compatibility. Everyone knows security is their biggest issue and should be handled on a kernel level and not by throwing a bunch of prepackaged programs on top, and relying an 3rd party apps to help stop infection. Ballmer is also a tool. Just to throw that in there.

  26. lock3bon3

    i dont understand, such flaming. Heres my two cents.

    I dont use linux and unix because i want easy to use click to mess with UI.

  27. uking94

    Haha, my custom Windows XP runs at only 29mb of RAM, and since i don’t have a good computer, I think i will stay with this OS for a loooong time :)

  28. Doc

    The Protogon file system (ReFS, or Resilient File System) will not ship with Windows 8 – it is reserved for the Windows 8 Server operating system. It requires redundant drives for fault-tolerance; I don’t see how you’re going to put *that* on a USB thumb drive, or require desktops and tablets to have multiple flash/SSD/hard drives….

  29. Doc

    @luke: “…linux isn’t accessible for the vast majority of the market.” What’s Android but a mobile Linux with a Java virtual machine?

  30. Teiji

    What is with all of these haters…

    These 10 features are new compare to Windows 7 and past Windows versions–not to other OSes. If you’re a Windows user, you should definitely welcome these new and improved features, like I am. If you’re not a Windows user, then just stick with your OS of choice. And just because other OSes have done these before shouldn’t mean Microsoft isn’t allow to do it.

  31. PCwiz

    I hope MS charges an insane amount for all these “new” features, in hopes that doing so will push more people to use linux, and as linux becomes more and more popular, developers will start designing games for it.

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