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Geeks versus Non-Geeks when Doing Repetitive Tasks [Funny Chart]

Geeks and repetitive tasks (Bruno Oliveira) [via Geeks are Sexy]

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  • Published 01/6/12

Comments (18)

  1. Ali

    haha, nice one

  2. Bob D

    I had to show this to my wife, who often pokes fun at my “complicated” ways of getting things done.

  3. Antje

    Yup, that sums up the advantages of a computer.

  4. megageektutorials

    I am obviously not a geek since I don’t know how to write scripts.

  5. gilteon

    I am quite familiar with this phenomenon. Unfortunately, most of my tasks never quite reach the “wins” task size level.

  6. penywyse

    lol… true that!

  7. Little John

    There was a database with 1,300 names which had to combine into single name. There was non-geek manual way which took about 8 hours to complete with errors. The geek way took 10 minutes to write the script and 2 minutes for computer to do it’s thing with no errors. Then boss change his mind, now he what two completed names, one with lastname at the end and other with lastname is first. The geek took about 5 minutes to re-write the script and 2 minutes of computer time. The non-geek said no to new job. Geek won again with 2 days off with pay.

  8. JR

    Back in the day, I ran a swing shift crew. I had always been called lazy because I’d usually think about how to get a job accomplished in the easiest and quickest manner. The swing shift they put me in charge of was where they sent all of us “lazy” workers. My first objective was to figure out what incentive would get my new crew to accomplish the mission they were there to do. They all were under the impression that they had to be there a certain amount of hours so that was what they did each evening. Sit around and watch the clock till it was time to go home. My plan was ‘get the job done’ then you can go home regardless what time it was. Soon my swing shift crew was accomplishing more than the other 2 crews combined. The weird thing was my crew was only putting in 3 1/2 days per week now and I was only reporting in 2 1/2 days myself. And yes the other 2 crews were still doing the 8 hours a day, 5 days a week thing. The real secret here is to pick the laziest person in your shop to head any crew when you want it accomplished in the quickest and easiest manner. Just be sure that it is also the most affordable manner and you can not go wrong with this formula.

  9. Jeeeem

    I’ve always told people the reason I rely on scripting so heavily is because I’m too lazy to do the same thing twice!

  10. Britus

    Instead of “writes script to automate”, it’s “search web for freeware that does the job”

  11. Adamboy7

    LOL so true…. so so true . Guilty as charged.

  12. Mark e.

    funny, but not completely accurate, first, a good geek won’t just write a script, he/she will do what they can to automate any repetitive task, and second, the chart makes it look like there is zero time/effort after the script is complete, most of the time you have to at least double click. :-)

  13. geek

    echo “lol”


  14. Pocho_X

    LOL… most of my script go to “loses” xD

  15. Jeremiah

    Yes, very accurate. I have a very powerful scripting tool that does all my repetitive work. I call him robo-nerd. Robo-Nerd does a lot, everyday allowing me to manage or direct.

  16. Steve-O-Rama

    Frustrating when you have someone above you demanding that you do it “their way”, even if it’s ridiculously repetitive, boring, and time-consuming. Usually insisted upon by those with MBAs, and not a damn clue about scripts, macros, AutoHotKey, etc. The only excuse I was offered was “so I know it’s done right.” Yeah, sure, because it’s so much more random when a computer does the task via programming.


    (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

    So glad I don’t work for anyone else anymore. :)

  17. Ryan B

    You forgot the part where the geek writes another script that does the non-geeks job, thus making the non-geek unemployed.

  18. Bull

    Too bad it takes a geek to interpret the graph.

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