What You Said: The Best Sources for Awesome Wallpapers


Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite websites for finding awesome wallpapers and today we are back to share the results with you. The desktop paradise you have been waiting for is only a click away…

We will start off with the websites that you voted for most this past Wednesday. Each of these received a lot of love in the comments and come highly recommended by your fellow readers.

A popular avenue for finding wallpapers among readers was using Google Image Search. brodiemac writes:

Google advanced image search using specific keywords and dimensions for my triple monitor setup at work.

Deadline also uses Google to find wallpapers and writes:

I usually use Google images, set it to search for my screen resolution and search away.

Using Google to search for images with your screen’s resolution set as a parameter is definitely a quick and easy way to add a fresh look to your desktop.

Quite a few readers prefer to create their own desktop paradise using photos they have taken. Alex Thorp writes:

I prefer pictures of clouds as my desktop background. Since I couldn’t find any good pictures after searching for a while, I jumped on an airplane, and took a bunch of pictures. http://kalhounmedia.com/Clouds2.jpg <– That is my current background, and when I get tired of it, I have a few more good ones to use before I need to get more. I have also used pictures of waterfalls and lighthouses that I’ve taken myself as backgrounds. Someday, I would like to take/create an HDR picture with the moon to use as a background.

Vincent also writes:

I stick to photos I’ve taken myself, usually of landscapes or ones with friends in them (memorable moments usually). Even with a basic point a shoot camera I get some really good wallpapers with no editing required. I rotate them about every 15 minutes or so (default Win7 manager). Even with that you can go days without seeing a specific picture.

Some other unique mentions shared by fellow readers are:

So there you have it…all that you need to get started on your own personal wallpaper quest for the best desktop ever.

Missed your chance to share your favorite wallpaper websites or methods earlier this week? Then make sure to share them with your fellow readers in the comments below! And when you have finished sharing your favorites take a moment to browse on over and look through our Wednesday Ask the Readers post for more reader recommendations.

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