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Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings

Disembodied dark lords, giant spiders, ghost buddies, there are a remarkable number of similarities between the Hogwart’s and Middle Earth.

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  • Published 12/30/11

Comments (24)

  1. BirchSama

    That bastard Peter Jackson stole everything from Rowling!

    (P.S., I will proceed and disembowel myself with a wooden spoon for this comment)

  2. indianacarnie

    J. R. R. Tolkien “stole everything from Rowling” you mean………. :)

    Very funny btw!

  3. incredulous

    Have you guys lost your minds, JRR Tolkien wrote LTR decades before Rowling ever thought to take pen to paper. I’m rather impressed that the movie directors followed the storyline so closely without taking “creative” license on another’s work. Come on indianacarnie, at least know what you’re talking about first.

  4. Mark W

    Just wait, I’ve seen a trailer for this new movie called The Hobbit and it really does rip off Lord of the Rings, I mean Peter Jackson and JK Rowling should bring a class action or something.

  5. Xilef

    @Mark W: It’s most probably based on The Hobbit Novel by Tolkien…

  6. jon_hill987
  7. mike

    @Mark W: The Hobbit is based off of the novel, is a prequel to Lord of the Rings, and Peter Jackson is directing the film.

  8. BirchSama

    The Hobbit is just a rehash of LOTR!!!!!! Marketing schemes!

    (Guys, relax, I’ve been a Tolkien addict/reader long before the movies, it was sarcasm towards the general ignorance you observe on the internet about Tolkien)

  9. UrsaMedius

    The world *really^ needs a sarcasm emoticon.

  10. pete

    Lord of the rings was written by Tolkien in 1954, 43 years later in 1997, Rowling wrote Potter. Now tell me again who based their characters on who’s work?

  11. BirchSama

    @pete Stephenie Meyer actually wrote the original material and Tolkien plagiarised it.

    Really, can’t you stand sarcasm? Duh

  12. Kore

    The amount of misunderstanding in these comments is amazing.

  13. CountSmackula

    Even though it *SHOULD* be obvious… all sarcastic comments should end with “”.

  14. CountSmackula

    Even though it *SHOULD* be obvious… all sarcastic comments should end with “</sarcasm”.

  15. David

    The article is cute. The replies are hilarious.

  16. Siosilvar

    Y’all are wrong. Tolkien stole it from Stephanie Meyer who stole it from the Brothers Grimm who stole it from Peter Jackson who stole it from Rowling who stole it from Avatar that took its plotline from the Hobbit movie, which was inspired by a true story.

  17. Siosilvar


  18. Wayne Riker

    Sarcasm emoticon: (>.<)

  19. cocobiskits

    I’m suing all of them. They obviously copied it from my unpublished manuscript written last week! /s

  20. ArgusVision

    Hey incredulous & pete, there’s this thing… It’s called ‘Sarcastic humor’.
    @Siosilvar by Jove I think you’ve unraveled the twisted web. All this time I suspected time machine bandits, could’ve sworn I saw a tardis in LOTR.

  21. ArgusVision


  22. ArgusVision

    Forgot [/sarcasm]

  23. prasenjit ghosh

    look im quiet surprised. i think how u compare these all. im 30yr old. i saw harry potter and lotr series just one yr earlier. so i think my opinion is not cheated by childhood emotions. Harry Potter is good. Just good. But my friends LOTR is incomparable. I did not saw anything like this. The story is so simple but awesomely gorgeous. besides harry potter story is little bit snob. many characters are just stolen from LOTR. Frankly speaking I think it is an insult for Harry Potter to compare it with LOTR. We can compare between River Nile and Amazon but cant compare these with Pacific Ocean. LOTR is Pacific Ocean.

  24. LOTR & HP are brilliant!

    This debate is actually meant to be about which you like better or spot the similarities. The misunderstanding in these comment are ridiculous, seriously I understand that some of you mightn’t know much about either or one of the 2 fantastic series but how can Tolkien steal creations of other story worlds if he JK Rowling wasn’t born then? I don’t think JK Rowling stole anything she was more “influenced” and so there are similarities.
    I think both series are as richly described, tightly plotted with magnificent and complex storytelling, highly convincing worlds, and beautifully felt human emotions and feelings. This makes them both literature masters and creatively ingenious. Twilight fans, you might love Stephanie Meyer’s books but in my opinion, they don’t have a very “strong” plot to follow nor do they relate to us as human beings. To be quite honest I have only read 60 pages of the first book “Twilight” but I only have an overview from the films (which some Twilight fans have said are really disappointing so I don’t know. But I know by the story and characters).

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