Build Your Own Camera Flash with a Built-In Optical Slave

If you’re an electronics tinker and photographer, here’s a DIY project right up your alley: a DIY flash bulb with built in optical slave.

At DIY Photography they share a straight forward guide to building your own camera flash, including parts lists and schematics. The build itself is a pretty easy one if you have a few electronics projects under your belt. The only caution we’d throw out is that, because you’re working with flash bulbs, you’re also working with high voltage capacitors. This project includes a 450v capacitor which, under the really unfortunate circumstances, can accidentally discharge into your body and give you a heart attack–such is the nature of working with high-voltage electronics.

Hit up the link below for additional photos, more warnings, the schematics and parts list.

How To Build A Flash (With An Optical Slave) [DIY Photography]

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