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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Updated, Adds Chameleon Technology

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Have you run across a pesky malware infection that made it hard if not impossible to run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware? Then take heart because Malwarebytes has been updated with Chameleon Technology to get it up and running even when blocked by infections.

The addition of Chameleon Technology is not the only new thing in this latest release. You can view a full list of the changes and updates made right here.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Release December 27th, 2011) [Malwarebytes Forum]

Download the Latest Version ( [Malwarebytes Anti-Malware]

[via BetaNews]

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  • Published 12/29/11

Comments (7)

  1. Siosilvar

    It was possible to do this in previous versions, too: Rename the executable to “explorer.exe” and run.

  2. Siosilvar

    I downloaded and tested it out; my comment above stands. The chameleon thing depends on renaming the file, but it has a bunch of presets instead of you having to manually rename it.

  3. zapper067

    Wont always work as some trojans deletes the .exe extension (the trojan can be of other formats) although you are unlikely to get those virus.

  4. tottin

    I simply named the install file (example – programsetup.exe) to .com and run it. When installed find the execution file (usually in program files) and rename that one from .exe to .com. Run it, clean your computer, and then go back and change it back to .exe. If you need to download the program and can’t reliably boot into a normal environment, do it in safemode with networking.

  5. Doc

    Wow, the text on that screencap is *all* messed up. The last two lines of the disclaimer (at the bottom) run off the right edge of the screen, the copyright symbol before “Malwarebytes Corporation” is rendered as a question mark, and the characters between the build date & time appear to be a couple of Eastern-language glyphs. Is this a beta version??

  6. Asian Angel

    @Doc – The full text of the disclaimer was all still there, but unlike the rest of the window content it would not “condense down” when I resized the window for the screenshot.

    As for the Eastern-language glyphs that is Chinese for A.M. (morning time) The system this screenshot was taken on has a mix of Chinese and English in the entire system’s UI, therefore some things will be mixed on installed software like in the screenshot. Also, on a mixed language system like this the copyright sign will display as a question mark at times…

  7. Brent

    I found that a program called RKill developed by worked wonders getting rid of persistent malware.

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