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Ask The Readers: What’s Your Geeky New Year’s Resolution?

New Year’s is almost upon us and we’re interested in your geeky New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’ve resolved to learn how to solder or to finally start doing off-site backup, we want to hear all about it.

Anyone can resolve to lose a few pounds, show up to work on time, or be nicer to their grumpy neighbors. What we’re interested in hearing all about is how you let you’re going to let your geeky nature shine through in the New Year.

Are you going to build your first Arduino project? Teach yourself to program in assembly language? Build that backyard observatory you’ve been dreaming of? Whatever you’ve geek-centric thing you’ve resolved to do in the New Year, share it in the comments–don’t forget to check back on Friday for the What You Said roundup.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 12/28/11

Comments (49)

  1. Chronno S. Trigger

    Learn TSQL and get the F out of tech support.

  2. Liolta

    Do some serious spring cleaning by setting up some sort of very dramatic folder/subfolder system… thats probably a five year plan, as for the really geeky resolution… learn how to work everything from both command prompt and terminal :)

  3. dima


  4. Saman

    1920X1080 for desktop
    1366X768 for laptop
    480X800 for smartphone

  5. Aaron

    Learn at least the basics of Java, and make an applet I can call my own and be proud of.

    Buy a welder and… weld.

  6. Sream

    1. Templates for the Joomla CMS…
    2. C++ advanced and interface…
    3. QT – finish my open-source software suite…

    and for the resolutions xD

    Laptop 1600 X 900
    PC 1024 X 768
    Smartphone 240 X 320

  7. Patrick Williamson

    Build one server to rule them all. By “rule them all” I mean take over the functions of the three that I have right now.

  8. Scott

    I’m going to attempt to avoid using Internet Explorer at all costs. Even if that means carrying a flash drive with Google Chrome portable.

  9. The Brain

    The same thing I do every day… try to take over the world

  10. plloyd44

    Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert certification. I’ve been studying for the good part of two years now, working my way up through the CCNA, CCNP and CCNA Security to learn more about the networking world. I work as a network engineer so it’s not necessarily required for my job, but something that I’d love to be able to say I have.

  11. David Aris-Sutton

    Build my “PC in a Desk”
    Been planning it for 12 months and I’m determined to finally start production

  12. Rod

    Take a vacuum cleaner hose to the vents of your electronics. Open up your computer case and go to town with a can of compressed air while someone is holding a vacuum hose over the target zone.

  13. xXx

    Quit Smokin……………..

  14. iluvwin

    Get another 1 TB of storage

  15. Wayne

    JavaScript as well as Kilingon #weirdal #whiteandnerdy

  16. Hisa

    1920X1080 … XD

    I am a geekless resolutioner with the minor exception above. My biggest techy move for 2012 is to stop enabling my family and friends (ie stop fixing their problems so they stop doing stupid stuff simply because they know I will come and fix it…)

    Otherwise, I am completely off IE and plan to hide IE from all my family and friends, giving them only Chrome and FF to choose from. The hate will be large ^^ They loves their precious IE.

  17. Brendan

    +1 @chronno! +1 big time….

  18. uvitas

    Build gaming PC.
    Take, and pass, A+ cert tests.
    Start on Network+ cram.

  19. Dano

    @chronno – You said it brother

  20. Kevalin

    Get a-holt of the parts and build a desktop pc with enough wallies to do some intensive design and video work… and, okay, play a bit of NFS on occasion.

  21. RadagastII

    Create a media server with all of our movies and music on it using nothing but an external hard drive, a wireless router, and a MITX system mounted to the back of the TV.

  22. jjb

    Install an ubuntu on a pc and not to wreck it.

  23. Cori

    Finish “Teaching myself ASP.NET” (started the book months ago, but never found the time to finish), work on upgrading my Microsoft certs, and maybe start on my Graduate degree. =)

  24. Alex Thorp

    2048×1536 sadly, my current are 1400×1050, and 1440×900.
    4:3 ftw! oh wait.. not the resolution you were talking about?
    I don’t actually do the whole new years resolution thing.
    The best way to describe it is this. Every day is New Years day.
    I don’t try to improve myself once a year, instead, I try to improve myself everyday.
    “New Yoar’s Day” by “Carolyn Arends” <– says it pretty well.

  25. jthelw

    “Take a vacuum cleaner hose to the vents of your electronics. Open up your computer case and go to town with a can of compressed air while someone is holding a vacuum hose over the target zone”

    I actually DID this-on Christmas eve, in fact. Don’t know if it’s going to extend the life of my PC, but it’s enormously satisfying to blast the dust and cobwebs to oblivion!

  26. John

    Learn Ladder Logic programming and become indispensable in my job.

  27. Usman

    Get a new iPhone, get a new laptop, write a lot, learn a lot, and try to be nice to everyone around me :)

  28. Avinash Kumpati

    To take my blog into new heights and compete with

  29. Roi

    I plan to learn C and Haskell to move away from Java a bit. I also plan to make a new game since I have made one in a while.

    My resolutions:
    1920x1080p desktop
    1280×800 laptop
    489×800 Android phone

  30. Roi

    haven’t* and 480* typos in my last post :P

  31. doubletrouble

    Learn to program in C++, build my first Arduino Project.

  32. Vaibhav D

    Quit NFS MW and move on….
    Sadly It’s the only NFS game that runs well on my current hardware, and my next hardware upgrade is still couple of years away.

  33. iluvwin

    Learn C++. Develop a GUI app in it

  34. zapper067

    1600×900 desktop(hx2000) and 1366×768 laptop(toshiba satellite pro L630).

  35. jksatya

    i will check & forum daily its my 2012 resolution..

  36. TheFu

    Redesign the home network.
    * Public LAN
    * Private LAN
    * Home office LAN

    * Refresh all (15+) Linux LTS Server VMs from 8.04 to 12.04 (when available).
    * Consolidate virtualization to LXC and KVM only, dropping VirtualBox, ESX, ESXi and Xen.
    * Migrate the current SAN to a private network.

    After all, the network IS the computer.

  37. Dennis W.S>

    I promise that I will quit “looking around” my PC case and put the sides back on for better cooling of my two new 2T hard drives.

  38. autumn

    Actually get my hands on the ASUS transformer prime I ordered last month.

  39. dragonbite

    To take the time to “tinker” more at home, whether in .NET, Mono, PHP, Java, batch scripts, Python or whatever!

    Plus, to get the servers up and running again.

  40. ano

    stop buyin apple’s stuff…

  41. Sai K.

    I wanna loose a freaky fifty pounds of my weight. I’m gonna start off with interval workouts.

  42. Wayne Riker

    Keep my 10 year old PC running ONE MORE YEAR!

    Seriously: Earn certificates for Network+, Security+, Microsoft Servers, Linux, Linux Servers, Ethical Hacking among others. B-)

  43. George

    (Without Unity)

  44. Taksh Sharma

    Learn PHP, MySQL, Flash and more to complete my project challenge given by IBM The Great Mind Challenge. It would be a social networking website for social awareness. I’m damn excited. It’s also gonna serve as my major project in college.

  45. Maria

    get a new ipad!

  46. Riddle

    Javascript , assembly , arduino .. weird combination , I know…

  47. Nebuchaddnezzar III

    learn more about how operating systems work and get deeper understanding of computer concept and function, also being able to use eclipse without wondering wtf I’m doing. also work on my own operating system. find out where to start.

  48. Antriksh

    Probably get the next iPhone when I move to a better country.

    Learn a good programming language and maybe start developing for iOS and/or Android.

  49. sonnet

    i like the one about ruling the world. Yeppers…it is just the kind of resolution that i need.
    the entire world at my beck and call!

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