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SleepBot Tracks and Analyzes Your Sleep Patterns

Android: If you’re worried you’re not getting enough sleep but not sure how to keep a close eye on it, SleepBot is feature-packed app that analyze your sleep patterns, integrates with alarm clocks, and more.

SleepBot has a deceptively simple interface; simply install the application and put the SleepBot widget on your home screen. Tap it when you climb into bed and when you wake up.

SleepBot supports multiple daily entries (if you sneak in a nap or wake up in the middle of the night and get a little reading done, for example) and compiles all those entries into sleep trend graphs that display average sleep length as well as your sleep/wake patterns and times. In addition it calculates total sleep for span of time and your sleep debt. Whether for personal use or to share with your doctor you can also keep notes related to your sleep and then export the whole thing (notes, sleep record, and all).

Finally, you can also integrate SleepBot into your Android’a alarm clock function (with support for popular alarm clocks like Alarm Klock and Gentle Alarm).

SleepBot is free, requires Android 1.6+.

SleepBot [Android Market]

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  • Published 12/26/11

Comments (4)

  1. Ms Hanson

    Used this app since last summer. Pattern showed that several days of 6-7 hour sleep cycles would be followed by a catch-up night, early bedtime or oversleeping the next morning. Now I get a bit more sleep, all evened out.

  2. myszogladzsuzsanna


  3. John

    Or,you know, imsoniac.

  4. Steve-O-Rama

    Just started to use this. Holy crud, only a couple of nights with it, and I’m already seeing a terrible pattern!

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