Do you like to autohide toolbars such as the Menu and Status Bars to conserve screen real-estate? Now you can add the Bookmarks Toolbar to that list with the Bookmark Autohider extension for Firefox.


For our browser there were three ways that we could hide the “Bookmarks Toolbar” if desired but all of them required manual intervention. First the “View Menu”…

Then right clicking on one of the toolbar areas…

And finally using a “specialty” toolbar button. If you can autohide the other toolbars why not the “Bookmarks Toolbar” as well?


As soon as you have installed the extension it will automatically start working. That “Bookmarks Toolbar” is definitely out of sight…

To display the “Bookmarks Toolbar” hover your mouse right at the bottom edge of the “Address Bar”. As long as you hold your mouse anywhere over the “Bookmarks Toolbar” it will remain visible.

Note: Depending on your theme the trigger area may not be as tight to the “Address Bar”.

But the moment you move your mouse away the toolbar starts disappearing…

Almost gone…

Totally hidden again until you need it. More autohiding goodness is always a good thing.


In the preferences you can fine-tune the timing for the autohiding sequence, the amount of time the “Bookmarks Toolbar” remains visible after the mouse is no longer over it, and the amount of time before reappearing.


If you like to autohide your toolbars and have been looking for a way to do the same with the “Bookmarks Toolbar” then your wait is over. This extension is worth trying even if you love to keep all of your other toolbars visible.


Download the Bookmark Autohider extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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