Earlier this week we asked you to share the games you like killing downtime with; you responded and now we’re back to highlight your favorites.

You guys logged a diverse pile of votes, but a few of the games had broader appeal and/or a unique angle. We’ve rounded up the more popular picks here with video trailers to show off the game play.

Kynann writes:

Battleheart (Android) great little action RPG that is fantastic for those brief moments, or longer stints where you are stuck waiting and have no computer. Helped me through the 4 days we were in hospital during my wifes extended labour where I could do nothing but wait!

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy style RPG games, Battleheart looks like a winner (in face we’re downloading it right now).

Battleheart ($2.99) is available for both Android and iOS.

Several readers weighed in in favor of Great Little War Game ($2.99), a turn based war strategy game available for for Android, iOS, in Google Chrome, and on the PC.

If you’re a fan of turn-based battle games, we’ve killed quite a bit of time around the office with Uniwar–an additive little game for Android and iOS.

One of the more interesting suggestions came from Bobro. He logged a vote for OnLive, a streaming service that takes popular games and streams them to your devices.

OnLive… for those who dont know this is, full spec games like Batman Arkham City and Saits row etc… now streamed (with fast enough internet) to Android and iOS devices. Some games have onscreen controls like LEGO Batman (free last week when you downloaded the OnLive app; this week it is Defence Grid Gold)) are a bit poor, but I will be getting my universal controller to connect to my Galaxy tab when stuck at the in-laws, or i just play my OnLive on my PC at work.

Awesome service, if you not heard about it go check it out (I’m still slightly overwhelmed by playing Arkham City at 720p res on my tablet with perfect performance!!!)

You sign up for the free service, you install the app on your devices (from your PC to your smart phone) and then when you buy a game through the service it is available on all your devices. Thus you can buy Lego Harry Potter or L.A. Noire, start playing them at home, and then continue your game on the road. It’s a pretty novel concept and it certainly blurs the boundaries between mobile and console/PC gaming.

Have a game you’d like to share? It’s not too late to join in!

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