Once a week we mine the tips box for awesome reader tips; this week we’re sharing a rather clever work around that allows you to stream your music collection from Google Docs.

How-To Geek reader Andrew wrote in with the following tip detailing how you can turn Google Docs into a slimmed down and personalized version of Google Music. He writes:

Guide to playing music on Google Docs

The recent announcement of Google Music is great news, but it’s only available if you live in the US. There is another way to stream your music from Google. It is not as visually impressive as Google Music but sounds just as good. You can stream your music from Google Docs to your PC or phone.

To do this, you need a sync app like Syncdocs, and a media player like iTunes, Windows Media Player or VLC. Here’s how you can stream your music from the web:

1. Install the latest free beta version of Syncdochttp://www.syncdocs.com/s. [trialware]

2. Right click on the folder containing your music. Select “Create Google Playlist”.
If it not already on Google Docs, Syncdocs will pop-up and ask you to upload it first.

3. Syncdocs will make two “Google Playlist” files.

Syncdocs syncs these files to Google Docs, so you can just download the playlist files from another browser and open them to play your music. Open these files on your mobile, or other computer you want to listen to this music from. You can also email these files or get the short link in Syncdocs sharing.


What’s great is that you don’t need the big audio files on the device you are using to play the music. All you need are the tiny playlist files. The audio is streamed live from the Google.

Open the playlist in Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp or iTunes on any other PC or Mac. You can also play it on your mobile, the m3u playlist file can be played with a playlist media player, like Just Playlists on Android or fstream on iPhone.

We’re all about clever tips and workarounds; this certainly fits the bill on both accounts. Thanks for sharing Andrew!

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