The Information Machine: A 1950s Look At Computing [Video]

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on December 22nd, 2011

We frequently look back at the early days of computing, but we rarely get a chance to see how people in that age saw computers. This 1958 video gives us a peek.

“The Information Machine: Man and the Data Processor” is a 1958 cartoon commissioned by IBM and executed by famed American designers Charles and Ray Eames. Why call in the big guns for a 10 minute informational film? In the 1950s computers were alien to and misunderstood by the average person; IBM really wanted (and needed) the public to better understand computers and how they directly benefited the average person. To that end it’s an informative and interesting little cartoon and an interesting piece of computing history.

[via Unpluggd]

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  • Published 12/22/11
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