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How to Use Multiple Profiles in Google Chrome Like a Ninja


Don’t look now, but there’s a ninja in my browser! Not only that, but I can switch between multiple profiles in Google Chrome with ease—which is extremely useful if you have more than one Google account.

This isn’t really a new feature, nor is it a tough feature to enable… but since most people don’t seem to know about it, here we are with a quick article explaining it. Seriously, it’s barely worth reading this article. Other than the ninja picture, of course.

Enabling Multiple Profiles in Google Chrome

Head into Options –> Personal Stuff, and click the Add new user button. Yep, it’s just that easy.


You’ll immediately see a new browser window, and you can start using it as if it was a separate browser.


You can switch between the different instances quickly, edit the icon and name that shows up, and all that stuff.


You can even sync each profile to your Google Account separately. It’s really quite awesome.

Plus, there are ninjas.

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  • Published 12/20/11

Comments (11)

  1. Madis

    Is there a way to hack Chrome so I could get tools menu on clicking that account switch button? Also, then I would want to hide tools button…

  2. Jeremy

    You could always look at the Chromium source code as that’s what Chrome is built on.

  3. David

    You may want to make note that this is only available in version 16 or higher. I only had version 15 until a moment ago when I could not find that option and had to update to get it.

  4. Cam2644

    No matter how many accounts you have once you are signed in Google tracks you. I wish we could read more info on browsers other than Google Chrome.Sadly How to Geek is becoming Google obsessive!

  5. CitrusRain


    I’ve been using multiple sign in with 3 bookmarks for G+ (having /u/0/, /u/1/, and /u/2/)

    This will be useful.

  6. CitrusRain


    Well, Chrome did just overtake IE as #1.
    I think that keeps Firefox at #3.
    And Opera… Is that #4 or #5?

  7. John Cena

    Having multiple Gmail accounts (or Google accounts) is against their terms of use policy. If they find out that you have multiple accounts already, they won’t allow you to create more.

  8. CitrusRain

    @John Cena

    Yet… Multiple sign on exists.

    Either way… My secondary account was previously banned. But became unbanned.

  9. Tony Silva

    There is any way to have 2 profiles with the same email, like home and work?


  10. Mike

    Apparently Chromium doesn’t have this feature? Preferences> personal stuff> and no “add user”
    Seemed like a good idea anyway.
    I’m running Chromium 15.0.874.106 (Developer Build 107270 Linux).
    Any suggestions? (that don’t include a Microsoft product)

  11. vincent@ sell my laptop

    Ahaha. It is really like a Ninja. I bet two profiles can really help you do something in stealth mode easily. :)

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