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Relive Some Bizarre Star Wars History with the Star Wars Holiday Special

Words cannot adequately describe just how weird the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special was; it had Bea Arthur, singing princesses, extended Wookie dialog, cartoon interludes, and more. Seeing is believing and we’ve got a copy to share.

The special centers on the adventures of the Star Wars cast surrounding Life Day, the Star Wars version of a Christmas holiday. Rather than describe the plot (which is tenuous at best), we’ll highlight a few of the things you’ll miss by not watching: extended (and painfully un-subtitled) Wookie dialog, a Wookie attempting to cook a meal watching an intergalactic cooking show, Bea Arthur (of the Golden Girl fame) doing a public service announcement for The Empire (including a song and dance) and the first appearance of Boba Fett.

Does it sound too awesome to be contained in one Holiday special? Indeed, it does. Check out the video above to watch the special in all its 1978 bizarre glory (with bonus vintage commercials left intact). Curious to learn more about the show? Hit up the link below.

The Star Wars Holiday Special [Wikipedia]

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  • Published 12/16/11

Comments (7)

  1. Zach A.

    I can’t believe you found this! If Lucas knew of this, I’d fear a DOS attack or something of the sort… :{)

  2. Wayne

    Don’t make me watch it again! It took 2 years of psychotherapy to get past the first time I saw this.

  3. Jeremy

    This is the first time I’ve seen this…To quote OMC, How bizarre….

  4. Kerensky97

    Rifftrax did a riff on the Holiday Special for the perfect collision of Geekery holiday entertainment (Plus unlike other riffs obtaining the movie is free).

  5. sragan5

    I tried. I really, really tried to watch this. I mean, I loved Star Wars, and it was nice seeing the younger handsomer versions of Mark Hamil and Harrison Ford again. I also love the holidays. And I’m really in the holiday spirit. I mean, I thought I was until I began watching this terrible piece of TV history. And let me say how much I really love cheese. But the cheesy factor in this … too oohy-gooey for me. But you can’t say I didn’t try to watch.

  6. Cory

    I have to agree…..Lucas has disowned this project and basically denies its very existence. As a die hard fan, this is a scary sight indeed.

  7. Max

    I watched the entire Holiday Special last year. I’d seen a five-minute version but I knew I had to watch the full disaster to get a real impression. It is as bad as its infamous reputation, and a genuine sideshow curiosity in the Star Wars universe for anyone willing to sit through the whole thing. Lucas is right to be embarrassed by it, though it wasn’t the last time he would pimp out his creations for a few bucks.

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