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Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th Anniversary Stop Animation Short [Video]

Jeff Gurwood wanted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, so what better way was there to do that than by making an awesome stop animation movie short. Using action figures from Hasbro and sets that he built himself, Jeff has done an painstakingly incredible job of recreating the thrilling opening sequence from the film.

Indyanimation [via Neatorama]

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  • Published 12/15/11

Comments (9)

  1. Mike

    Very nice

  2. Dr. Jones

    Excellent! Clearly crafted with love! Great job!

  3. Ushindi

    Amazing! What a lot of work that must have been. “Great job” from me too, Jeff.

  4. DocDave

    Amazing! I’d love to know how long it took to make.

  5. llorch

    I was very impressed having done stop action animation many years ago I know what went into the first 30 seconds and had to be continued throughout the production. An honestly amazing piece of work. when does the full feature come out. can’t wait to see the rest of it.

  6. MidMoMan


  7. scorpion99


  8. Dan

    Come on Angel were all curious. How much time, How long did it take, Were all saying your great. Just tell us?

  9. Asian Angel

    @Dan – From what I have been able to find out it took Jeff six months to make this…talk about patience and passion combined! ^_^

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