YouHaveDownloaded Tells You Whether Your IP Has Been Tracked

By Akemi Iwaya on December 13th, 2011

Has someone you know used a public peer-to-peer network to download ‘files of interest’ and were curious if there was a record of it? Then a quick visit to may provide for an eye opening experience. The website presents a publicly searchable database and will verify whether an IP address is on record there or not.

From the blog post: In many ways, the technology behind the site merely recreates in a publicly searchable way what the entertainment industry has been doing for years: It tracks and records information that users share when they download and upload files on public peer-to-peer file-trading networks. But the free service does have the potential to make people think twice about downloading pirated movies, games and music, because it shows how easily this information can be discovered and archived.

You can read more about how the website works, the stats for the site, its limitations, reactions from those who have found themselves on record there, and more using the link to the full blog post below.

Who Knows What [Krebs on Security]

Special Note: If you do choose to visit the YouHaveDownloaded website linked below, then know ahead of time that it will cause WOT to throw up a safety warning (mixture of Green for Trustworthiness, Yellow for Vender Reliability & Child Safety, and Red for Privacy).

Visit the YouHaveDownloaded Website

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  • Published 12/13/11
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