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YouHaveDownloaded Tells You Whether Your IP Has Been Tracked

Has someone you know used a public peer-to-peer network to download ‘files of interest’ and were curious if there was a record of it? Then a quick visit to may provide for an eye opening experience. The website presents a publicly searchable database and will verify whether an IP address is on record there or not.

From the blog post: In many ways, the technology behind the site merely recreates in a publicly searchable way what the entertainment industry has been doing for years: It tracks and records information that users share when they download and upload files on public peer-to-peer file-trading networks. But the free service does have the potential to make people think twice about downloading pirated movies, games and music, because it shows how easily this information can be discovered and archived.

You can read more about how the website works, the stats for the site, its limitations, reactions from those who have found themselves on record there, and more using the link to the full blog post below.

Who Knows What [Krebs on Security]

Special Note: If you do choose to visit the YouHaveDownloaded website linked below, then know ahead of time that it will cause WOT to throw up a safety warning (mixture of Green for Trustworthiness, Yellow for Vender Reliability & Child Safety, and Red for Privacy).

Visit the YouHaveDownloaded Website

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  • Published 12/13/11

Comments (18)

  1. karttikeyabihani

    haha, This got me. damn. Now, what do I do.?

  2. Nick

    I’m more concerned because it lists stuff that I know I haven’t downloaded, yet I always check my router to see if anyone’s hopped on my wireless network. Guess it could be my friends that hop on and off when they come over, but it sure isn’t my junk. Guess I need to start picking my friends better…

  3. YB

    Router is locked down with WPA2 PSK and SSID hidden, so I know exactly what is downloaded and/or uploaded.

  4. Jaws4theRevenge

    I like how it knows that I downloaded Nehrim for Oblivion, a completely legit torrent linked to by the Nehrim homepage, and brands me a pirate. Just goes to show how “sophisticated” these searches that the entertainment industry uses are, right?

  5. edmenje

    Checked the site from computer with torrent downloading at the time…they say they have no records.

  6. Max

    @YB — “hiding” your SSID does nothing. You can still see it with any simple wifi tools.

  7. jon_hill987

    Lists me as not downloading anything.

    Until everyone has a static IP this is next to useless.

  8. iluvwin

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! It Showed me my Downloads in the past week About 5 GIGS. Now using a VPN(Hotspot Just to test this website) and it says that i have downloaded 5 files Worth 25 GIGS. As said previously this is next to useless:)

  9. netjuru

    Wondering why this and a few other links posted by HTG go to pages that WOT suggests not to go to.

  10. William Wood

    Comments on the site indicate that it is essentially useless. They make no effort to filter out dynamically assigned IPs. I connect routinely through mobile broadband, thus the IP constantly changes. I checked today (just to see what it said) and it listed three files that I KNOW I never downloaded — as I have exactly no interest in having any of the files. But, someone who got assigned the same IP did download them — months ago. Comments made also indicate the site simply doesn’t care about passing along what amounts to F.U.D.

  11. Keth

    Honestly, that’s just utterly worthless. I don’t even want to get into all the privacy issues..but the damn thing doesn’t even work properly. Hell, i’m downloading just now and it says i’m not..silly thing.

  12. Keth

    As a follow that crap even legal? As far as i know gathering personal information without permission is not.

  13. jack

    Time for a tutorial on spoofing.

  14. Alex

    I personally don’t use torrents or share or download files, not anymore. But I refuse to be scared of big brother or the big wigs in the entertainment industry. They can sue me all the want, I will not be afraid of them, I am so sick of the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads all the time! To be honest, there’s no real good movies or music I’m interested in downloading anyhow! Most of what I listen to is from the 1960’s

  15. vgamesx1

    lawl such a fail site..
    it didnt even get me and with a world of VPNs and proxys not to even mention Usenet this site anit worth crap for finding people.

    Try again.

  16. vgamesx1

    wonder if I downloaded Heat Online (racing game) which uses a legit torrent, would mark me as a pirate if I downloaded it. (I mean download it with my PC directly plugged in to the modem)

  17. Murk

    does this site get its data from the open bittorrent tracker? IMHO openbittorent is a set up server to do just this. :/

  18. 202_d

    if you want a better understanding of how their trackers work you have to read the (often rude) FB thread attached to the page. as a personal example, i get a ton of .tor, and i have a static, and all it has listed for me is twelve different episodes of twilight (which I did not ever download or even search for.)

    if you read the developer comments and the threads, they ( the commenters) say how the service is useless for dynamics….and the dev says it time/date/machineID stamps all records so if you searched hard enough you can link up a dynamic to a machine. i would never claim to know enough about network to have an opinion, but i can say that even as i write this i have 25 .tor going and a static, and they dont see that. so if i had to venture a theory, i would say you are more trackable by 1.which program you use 2.which version of that program and how you set preferences and most importantly3. which sites you grab the actual .tor from. ..and maybe#4-who you have for internet service, and what main server you go through and what time of day

    I am guessing that people who see a significant amount of accurate history on themselves do not know how to properly search and download the torrent files…but like i said i am not a network guy

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