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Did You Know Spotify Has a Voice Assistant?

Voice assistants are all the rage, but did you know Spotify has one too? That’s right, the Spotify app for iPhone, iPad, and Android has a voice assistant built-in and it’s surprisingly cool. We’ll tell you all about it….

What Are “IOPS”, and Do They Matter?

When it comes to PC components, it’s all about performance. But the meaning of some performance measures can be very unclear including today’s topic Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPs). What are IOPs, and are they measu…

Did You Know?

It’s a common practice in Japan to package toys with a single cheap piece of candy in order to allow those toys to be shelved in the candy aisle of stores.

The Best Wi-Fi Range Extenders of 2022

Wi-Fi Range extenders can help with dead zones or poor Wi-fi signal in your home, whether it’s an issue with thick walls or a small router range. Our recommendations will make sure your whole home has internet coverage….
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