What’s the Best Antivirus for iPhone? None!

You don’t need an antivirus for your iPhone or iPad. In fact, any “antivirus” apps you see advertised for iPhones aren’t even antivirus software. They’re just “security” programs that can’t actually protect you from malware.

How to Fix Oculus Go Battery Life Problems

We’ve been having a lot of fun playing with the new Oculus Go VR headset, but the battery life is terrible, and not just when you’re using it. The battery drains in a few hours just sitting there! Here’s how to get better battery life out of your Oculus Go.

How to Use the Reader View in Firefox

How many times do you go to a website to read an article and once the page loads, you’re bombarded with banners and distracting ads? Firefox’s Reader View removes the clutter and simplifies the page for better readability, leaving only what you actually want to see: the article.

Why Restarting Your Phone Makes it Perform Better and Fixes Common Issues

We’ve all heard it: “have you tried turning it off and back on again?” It’s the first step when troubleshooting any tech problem—it even makes your phone perform better when nothing is wrong. But why?

10 Best Lawn Games Kits for Summer Fun and Backyard Gatherings

Looking for some entertainment to go with your summer gatherings?  Add to the festivities with these awesome lawn games of all shapes and sizes. With so many fun games to play, the party will never end!

How to Stop All of Twitter’s Annoying Emails

Twitter sends a lot of emails—like, an utterly unreasonable and incredibly annoying amount. If you’re not careful, you could end up with five or ten emails a day. Here’s how to stop it.

How to Get Started With Usenet, the Best Alternative to Torrents

What would BitTorrent look like if it was lightning fast, always available, completely private, and secure? It’d look a lot like Usenet. Read on to learn how to ditch Torrenting and enjoy super speeds and selection on Usenet.

What’s Really Going On with YouTube Music? Red vs. Premium vs. Music Premium

Google announced YouTube Premium and Music Premium this morning, but it’s a confusing, convoluted mess. Here’s what we know, what we don’t, and what we think is going to happen.

Basic Home Maintenance Tasks That Most People Overlook

Owning a home requires a lot of responsibility, most notably regular maintenance to keep everything working great. However, there are a handful of very basic home maintenance tasks that you might be forgetting about.

The Best Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are great for portable music playback, but for those times that you want to take them somewhere a little more off the beaten track, you need something a little more rugged. Here are our top picks for the best rugged Bluetooth speakers for your next outing.

Being The Product Isn’t Necessarily Bad

It’s an internet cliche: “if you’re not paying for something you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold.” And it’s true, but doesn’t explain why internet companies watch you constantly.

How Android P’s Gesture Navigation Works

With the beta release of Android P, Google is making available a new navigation system: Gestures. This replaces the Back-Home-Recents navigation scheme that Android has used for years with quick swipes and slides.

The Best Must-Have Exclusive Games For the Xbox One

It’s a sad fact that the Xbox One has the fewest notable exclusives among the major game consoles. There are still a few, though, and these are some of the best.

How to Change Your iPhone Ringtone

The problem with having a popular phone like an iPhone is that, by default, everyone has the same ringtone. If you want to give your iPhone a more personal sound, here’s how to do it.

Avoid iTunes Bloat With the Windows Store Version

There are two ways to install iTunes on Windows 10: By downloading it from Apple’s website, or by installing it from the Microsoft Store. You get the same application either way, but the Store app has less bloat.

What Are Hot-Swappable and Cold-Swappable Devices?

You’ve probably seen the term “hot-swappable”—and to a lesser extend, “cold-swappable”—pop up if you’ve ever shopped for any digital storage devices. Here’s what that means.

5 Great Selfie Accessories For The Perfect Selfie

Taking a selfie is a fun exercise in capturing moments with our friends and sneaking ourselves into cool sites we visit, but there’s more to the perfect selfie than just flipping the camera around. Check out our top picks for the best accessories to take a perfect selfie.

How to See or Clear the Browsing History on Your PlayStation 4

The web browser on Sony’s PlayStation 4 remembers your browsing history, just like desktop browsers do. You can view your browsing history on the console—and delete it, if you like.

Google Maps vs. Waze: Which One Is Really Better?

Google may own Waze, but that doesn’t mean its own Maps product and Waze are the same. In fact, the two still fight for dominance over your navigation needs. So which one is better? Turns out, it depends.

The Best Stick Vacuums for Household Messes Big and Small

Ain’t technology great? The dust-blasting 40-pound bag on wheels your grandma used to push around the carpet is now a sleek cordless shaft of plastic and engineering. If you want a new stick vacuum, here are the best.
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