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Despite its widespread use in the plots of TV shows and movies alike, a chloroform soaked rag is a terrible way to render someone unconscious as it takes around five straight minutes of breathing chloroform in via a rag to knock someone out—not the mere seconds portrayed in TV shows and movies.


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The Best Samsung Phones of 2021

There are many Android phones to choose from, and the biggest producer of those phones is Samsung. It makes many popular phones, but also some you may not know about. We’ll show you the best ones out there….

Did You Know?

The eulachon, a fish found in the Pacific Northwest, is a slender but very fatty fish known as the “candlefish” due to the way indigenous people would dry the fish and then burn them as a candle-like source of light.

How to Schedule Lights with Amazon Alexa

With Alexa Routines, you can schedule your lights to turn on and off, change brightness, and change colors. You can even create schedules for your lights to run on specific days and times. Today, we’ll show you how….
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