Water Leak Sensors: The Most Overlooked Smarthome Device You Probably Don’t Have

While most smarthome products are aimed at convenience, there’s one smarthome device that’s actually quite useful, possibly saving you headaches and ton of money: the trusty water leak sensor.

How to Stop Your Roku From Talking in Menus

Roku players and TCL Roku TVs have an “Audio Guide” feature. If you press the * button on your remote four times quickly, the narrator speaks menu option names out loud. Here’s how to turn it on and off.

How Big Are Gigabytes, Terabytes, and Petabytes?

You’ve no doubt heard the terms gigabytes, terabytes, or petabytes thrown around before, but what exactly do they mean in terms of real-world storage? Let’s take a closer look at storage sizes.

How to Force Reboot Your Oculus Go (When It Stops Working)

The Oculus Go headset is really great, but sometimes it just locks up and stops working. And when that happens, the easiest thing to do is reboot it. But what’s the best way to reboot it? Here’s what you need to know.

The Best Must-Have Exclusive Games For the Nintendo Switch

It’s so obvious that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the go-to game for Nintendo Switch players that for a while, the Switch version of the game was outselling the console itself. Still, this game isn’t just one of the best exclusive games on the console, it’s a console seller all on its own. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet (maybe you were waiting for more exclusive games to come down the pipe), this should still be the first one you crack open when you pick up a Switch.

How to Change the Chat Background in WhatsApp

By default, WhatsApp has a pretty weird and childish background for your chat messages. The good news is that you can change it. Here’s how.

How to Monitor Humidity Levels in Your Home

High humidity is no fun, and neither is low humidity—you want a good balance between the two. Here’s how to monitor the humidity in your house so that you can make the proper adjustments.

7 Accessories to Turn Your iPad into a Productivity Powerhouse

While iPads are still a way off replacing computers for everyone, they are incredibly capable devices. With the right accessories, you can turn them into a really powerful part of your workflow. Here’s our favorite picks for enhanced productivity.

How To Change Your Gmail or Google Password

Changing your Gmail password is a simple process in your web browser or mobile app, and will take you just a couple of minutes. Here’s how to do it.

What’s the Latest Version of iOS for iPhones and iPads?

Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices all run the iOS operating system. You can upgrade to the latest version of iOS right from your Settings app, but Apple regularly drops support for older devices. So what’s the latest version?

Quickly Check Where Any Downloaded File Came From in macOS

Not sure where that file you just downloaded to your Mac actually came from? There’s a quick way to check in macOS.

The Best Cast-Iron Skillets For The Traditional Cooking Experience

A cast-iron skillet is a commitment and involves care and attention, but it’s a valuable part of an avid chef’s arsenal. We’ve sought out the best cast-iron skillets out there for your money.

How to Change Your Default Credit Card on Amazon (And Clean Up the List)

If you’ve ever had a payment declined because your default credit card payment method on Amazon has expired, you know how annoying it is. Here’s how to change your default card on Amazon, and also clean up the list since Amazon doesn’t do that automatically.

What’s New in Windows 10’s Redstone 5 Update, Available Fall 2018

Windows 10’s Redstone 5 update is scheduled for release in fall 2018. This major upgrade includes tabs for almost all your applications, a clipboard history that syncs between your devices, and a long-awaited dark theme for File Explorer.

How (and Why) You Should Be Cleaning Your Phone and Other Electronics

Your phone is gross, but it doesn’t take much effort to clean it up and get rid of all those germs. Here’s how (and why) you should be cleaning and sanitizing your phone and other devices around your house.

The Best Smarthome Products That Are Rental Friendly

If you rent your home, you could feel left out of the current smart home renaissance. Fear not, though. There are still quite a few gadgets you can get to smarten up your rental.

How to Choose Which GPU a Game Uses on Windows 10

Windows 10 now lets you select which GPU a game or other application uses right from the Settings app. Previously, you had to use manufacturer-specific tools like the NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Catalyst Control Center to control this.

How to Enable Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10’s Bash Shell

Windows 10’s Bash shell finally has convenient copy and paste keyboard shortcuts, but they’re disabled by default for compatibility reasons. These shortcuts are already available in Insider Preview builds of Redstone 5, which will be released sometime in Fall, 2018.

How to Set Per-App Sound Outputs in Windows 10

Windows 10 now lets you choose which sound output and input devices individual apps use. For example, you could have one app play audio through your headphones and another app play it through your speakers.

10 Retro-Style Games For The Switch (While You Wait For Switch Online)

The Switch Online service, and access to Nintendo’s classic games, won’t be out until later this year. But if you’re hungry for retro-style thrills, the Switch catalog already has some choice games to choose from.
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