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Do You Even Need a Note-Taking App?

Taking notes has come a long way since the loose leaf in my school notebooks were covered with swirly doodles and repeated attempts at a cool signature. Today every thought can be quickly recorded and collated in elaborate co…

How Cold Call Refund Scams Work

If you receive a phone call notifying you that you’re eligible for a refund, it’s probably a scam. Understanding how these scams work can help you avoid them and warn others not to fall for them either….

Did You Know?

You can tell how writers worked together on a film by looking at the way the writing credits are stylized. An “&” symbol means the writers worked directly together as a writing team and the word “and” means they worked on the script, but not together. The credits for the film The Last Time I Saw Paris, for example, shows both methods and lists the writers as “Julius J. & Philip G. Epstein and Richard Brooks”, which is meant to be read as “Julius and Philip worked together, and then Brooks worked independently on later drafts”.

10 Reasons You Might Want an Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra stole the show at Apple’s September 2022 iPhone event, introducing a new tier of wearable for adventurers, divers, and extreme sports fans. Even if you don’t need it, there are some compelling reasons yo…

You're Selecting Text With Your Mouse Wrong

Selecting text is a common thing to do on a computer. Just click and drag your mouse to highlight the desired text. Couldn’t be simpler, right? There’s actually a much better way of doing this, and you’ll never go back….


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The Best Apple Watches of 2022

The Apple Watch keeps getting better, but that doesn’t mean finding the perfect match for you is easy. Whether you need durability, cellular features, or just plain affordability, we have the best Apple Watch recommendations …

Does a Factory Reset Remove Viruses?

Viruses and other malware are an unfortunate reality of the modern age. If your phone or computer has fallen prey to them, one of the recommended solutions is doing a factory reset. But will it make your device safe again?…

10 Steam Features You Should Be Using

Steam is the most popular store and multiplayer platform for PC games, and it’s packed with features to make your gaming experience better. Here are ten Steam features you should be using that you might not have noticed….
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