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How to Install Arch Linux on a PC

Arch Linux is well-known for its complex command-based installation. But once you get familiar with the ins and outs of the process, you can install Arch on any computer without fear of the terminal. We’ll help you get there….

Did You Know?

The popular children’s cartoon Arthur is based on the Arthur Adventure book series by Marc Brown, and has been airing since October 1996 (the 25th season, airing in the winter of 2022, will be the final season of the series).

The Best Video Doorbells of 2021

Video doorbells keep your home safe by monitoring your front door and sending instant alerts to your phone. This lets you respond immediately to someone or a package at your door. Here are our top picks for the best video doo…


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The Best Streaming Services of 2021

The recent proliferation of streaming services can feel overwhelming, with each touting its exclusive offerings and superior value. But different outlets serve different viewing habits. Our top picks will help you choose whic…

Did You Know?

Only four U.S. states allow proxy marriages (a marriage where one party is not physically present)—Colorado, Kansas, Montana, and Texas. Among these, only Montana allows double-proxy marriages (a marriage where neither party is physically present).

The Best eReaders of 2021

eReaders are great for helping you to read more. E Ink technology makes it so there isn’t much glare when you’re outside, and the low energy use makes eReader batteries last for weeks. We have some great eReader recommendatio…
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