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How to Turn Off The New Health Report Feature in Firefox on Windows


Firefox 21 was just released and introduced a new feature which submits data to Mozilla by default. Here is to disable it.

How to Turn Off The New Health Report Feature in Firefox on Windows

Open Firefox and click on the “Firefox” menu, from here expand the Options menu item and select Options again.


You will then need to switch over to the Advanced section.


Here you will need to switch over to the Data Choices tab and then uncheck the option to “Enable Firefox Health Report” as seen in the screenshot below.


Notable Replies

  1. Wisewiz

    When someone asks for suggestions for improving the performance of his Buick, telling him to buy a Ford really isn't helpful. I don't doubt for a minute that you're happy with Opera, but millions and millions more are using Firefox, and they need information like that supplied by HTG when new FF issues arise. Just as we try to gently discourage those whose answer to every Windows issue is "switch to Linux," we may need to post reminders from time to time that alternative programs or OSs are not what people are seeking unless they explicitly ask for them.

    End of sermon. Amen.

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  • Published 05/27/13


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