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How to Set Your Proxy Settings in Windows 8.1

Traditionally you set up your PCs proxy settings via Internet Explorer. We find this non-trivial as do most people, however it looks like Microsoft gave us an alternative option in Windows 8.1. Here is how to set it up.

How to Set Your Proxy Settings in Windows 8.1

Press the Win + C keyboard combination to bring up the Charms Bar then click on the Settings Charm.


You will then need to head into the Modern Control Panel by clicking on the “Change PC Settings” link in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


Proxy settings fall under the Network category so that is where we will be heading.



Once you have found the proxy settings you will need flip the switch to activate the use of a proxy.


You can then go ahead and fill in the IP address (or domain name) and port of your proxy server.


We realize that this wont be useful to everyone, but for those with a proxy server it’s a welcome enhancement to the latest OS from Microsoft.

  • Kimbie

    Having not used 8.1 yet, can you tell us if there have introduced different proxy servers for different networks both wired and wireless?

    As works wifi has a proxy server, home wifi does not, Android and Apple tablets allow for this to happen.

    Also it says that the proxy does not apply to VPN, so how do you define a proxy on a VPN connection?

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 07/16/13


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