Animated GIFs are everyone’s new favorite way of expressing themselves. They’ve become the moving equivalent of the emoticon, so it can be helpful to know how to create your own.

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Android N will bring a lot of new, innovative, and useful tools to Android, but if you don’t have a modern Nexus device, then it’s hard to say how long you’ll be waiting to get your hands on some of these new goodies. Fortunately, if you’re running a rooted device with the Xposed framework installed, getting many of N’s new features is only a quick download away.

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When you open a document created in an older version of Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint in a modern version of Office, you may see “Compatibility Mode” appear after the name of the document in the titlebar. This changes the way the document appears and prevents you from using some modern features.

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Ever since Vista, Windows’ Control Panel has been a little difficult to navigate. Windows 10’s new Settings app is better, but not as feature filled. Here’s an easier way to get to the page you want: Use these shortcuts and the Windows Run menu.

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If you don’t want to turn on the A/C in your house, but want to at least keep the air flowing for a bit to reduce any stuffiness, here’s how to use the Nest Thermostat to manually run the fan from your HVAC system.

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Google Keyboard has a ton of customization options, but every tweak requires a trip to its Settings menu. While there’s an easy way to access this menu from the keyboard itself, there’s also another way: through the app’s icon in the app drawer. Unfortunately, this isn’t enabled by default—but with one last trip into the Settings menu, a simple switch will make it possible.

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Chrome allows you to create multiple profiles, each with a different set of bookmarks, search history, settings, toolbar buttons, among other things. You can switch among your profiles, each profile opening in a separate Chrome window.

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You’ve just closed an Office document and accidentally clicked Don’t Save. Or maybe Word crashed or your laptop lost power before you remembered to save what you were working on. We’ve all felt that pain, but all is not necessarily lost. By default, Office applications automatically save temporary backup copies of your documents as you work and there’s a good chance you can recover them.

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In this day and age, there’s no reason to shut down your computer, then sit through the boot-up process when you want to use it. Save yourself time by putting your computer to sleep or hibernating it instead.

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When it comes to playing online games, the better our connection speed is, the more we can enjoy ourselves. But what type of connection is actually best for our needs in the end? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answers to a confused reader’s question.

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If you have multiple people in your house, and want them all to have access to the Nest Thermostat from their phones, here’s how to share access to the device with other users.

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If you use your iPhone’s speakerphone for the majority of your calls, then you might be a little tired of having to always tap the speaker button. Luckily, you can set it so that calls go to speaker every time.

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The status bar in Windows’ Notepad displays the current line number and column number of the cursor location. However, if you find that the  Status Bar option on the View menu is grayed out, it may be because you have Word Wrap enabled.

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The Disk Cleanup tool has been around in Windows for years. It offers a quick way to remove temporary, cache, and other non-essential files to help you free up some disk space. You can even use it to remove old versions of Windows after an upgrade to Windows 10. Disk Cleanup also has several hidden options that you can only access if you run it from the Command Prompt or a custom shortcut.

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Changing the default application for most files in OS X is easy. OS X also allows you to choose your default web browser and email client, but these options are hidden in a place you might not expect.

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Samsung has finally won me over.

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Browser extensions can be incredibly useful, but install the wrong one, and you’ll open yourself up to security risks. If you don’t use extensions (or someone you know doesn’t), here’s how to disable extensions entirely.

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If you like the idea of smart outlets, but wish you had one with more than just one receptacle on it, the ConnectSense Smart Outlet is worth looking into. Here’s how to set it up and instantly get double the fun.

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Rumors abound that Apple will be adding Siri to OS X in the near future, but what you may not realize is you can already control your Mac quite a bit with the built-in Enhanced Dictation feature.

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The Security Warning dialog box in Windows displays when you run or open a file that Microsoft doesn’t recognize as a trusted file. The file is blocked unless you specifically tell Windows the file can be run or opened.

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Google Chrome’s internal chrome:// pages are full of all kinds of statistics, tools, and experimental features (much like the advanced settings of any other browser). What you may not know is that many individual settings have their own URL as well, and aren’t listed individually on the chrome://about page. If there are any you access regularly, you can bookmark them for easier access in the future.

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If you have a Kinect, you can use a variety of voice commands with your Xbox One that turn it on, navigate the interface, skype your friends, and even record your gameplay.

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It’s dinner time. You’re just sitting down when you get a call. On the other line, a robotic voice says: “We have important information regarding your credit accounts. Please hold to speak to a representative.”

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If you hate seeing good electronic parts go to waste, then you likely look for ways to incorporate them into other devices or have them serve as accessories of some kind. With that in mind, today’s SuperUser Q&A post offers some helpful advice to a curious reader.

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The 2nd generation of Philips Hue smart light bulbs have been out for quite a while now, but you can still buy 1st-generation Hue products at some stores. Here’s what you need to know about the 1st- and 2nd-generation Philips Hue hubs and bulbs, and the big differences between the two.

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