Traceroute is a command-line tool included with Windows and other operating systems. Along with the ping command, it’s an important tool for understanding Internet connection problems, including packet loss and high latency.

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Modern-style apps in Windows 8 need a screen resolution of at least 1024×768. Unfortunately, many netbooks have a 1024×600 resolution. If you have a netbook, there’s a chance you can bypass this limitation and run modern apps anyway.

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We’ve covered virtual private networks and when you might want to use them before. Connecting to a VPN is easy, as Windows and most other operating systems offer built-in VPN support.

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You should only run a single antivirus application at a time, but none of them are perfect. Some antiviruses may catch malware that other antiviruses miss. Luckily, you don’t just have to rely on a single antivirus program.

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A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more.

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If you use Safari on Windows, we have some bad news for you: the new Safari 6 has been out for over five months and Apple has confirmed it will not be released on Windows.

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Our latest edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Windows 8 Fast Startup feature can put data at risk on dual-boot systems, a critical Ruby on Rails bug threatens 200,000+ sites, Microsoft confirms Windows Live Messenger – Skype transition bugs, and more.

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Linux has come a long way, but you may still need to run Windows applications occasionally – especially Windows-only PC games. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to run Windows applications on Linux.

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Windows 8 and Windows 10 no longer include the Windows Classic theme, which hasn’t been the default theme since Windows 2000. If you don’t like all the new colors and the shiny new Windows 10 look and feel, you can always revert to the super-old-school look.

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Once upon a time Windows was, well, the Windows dressing for DOS–but is Windows still dependent on the DOS architecture for daily operations? Read on as we investigate.

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Reinstalling Windows is one of the easiest ways to fix software problems on your computer, whether it’s running slow or infected by viruses. You should also reinstall Windows before you get rid of an old PC.

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The wait is finally over for those of you who have been patiently waiting for Dropbox to release their official Windows 8 app. Install the app and moments later you can start enjoying easy access to your online files directly from the Start Screen.

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Need to send sensitive information through email? Normal email messages can be intercepted or hacked before reaching the recipient. However, you can use a free extension for Google Chrome, called SafeGmail, that allows you to send encrypted emails to anyone.

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The NTFS file system used by Windows has a built-in compression feature known as NTFS compression. With a few clicks, you can compress files, making them take up less space on your hard drive. Best of all, you can still access the files normally.

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Windows comes prepackaged with a ton of handy run-dialog shortcuts to help you launch apps and tools right from the run box; is it possible to add in your own custom shortcuts?

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Windows has come a long way since version 1.0 and now you can take a quick visual trip through desktop O.S. and server release history with this video from YouTube user compdude100.

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The Windows Aero Glass interface for Windows 7 or Vista requires a decent video card, you won’t be able to use it on an old clunker computer. For those worried about performance, sometimes squeezing every last drop requires disabling Aero.

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The Professional edition of Windows 8 comes with “downgrade rights.” If you’re not happy with Windows 8 on a new computer, you can downgrade it to Windows 7 for free – as long as you have Windows 8 Pro.

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Windows Defender doesn’t scan removable drives by default, like USB drives or SD cards, but you can quickly change a setting to make that happen automatically.

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Computer repair places like Best Buy’s Geek Squad do a lot of things that you can easily do yourself. Instead of paying for a pricy malware removal or computer tune-up, you can do it yourself.

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Batch files are a handy way to execute a series of commands in Windows, but is there anyway to run them invisibly in the background? Read on find out how.

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If you’re looking to purchase Windows 8, there are two main editions you need to concern yourself with: Windows 8 (similar to the Home edition in previous versions of Windows) and Windows 8 Pro.

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In years past, automating network drive creation required the use of primitive batch files, luckily for us you can now do it through PowerShell.

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We are always on the lookout for geeky ways to impress our friends, and recently we came across a way to connect to our wireless network from the command prompt, so today we’ll show you how to do it as well.

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