Have you entered some text in columns separated by tabs and you want to convert it to a table? Word provides a useful feature that allows you to quickly convert text to a table and a table to text.

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Stores like Best Buy will charge you $49.99 to “optimize” and “tune up” your PC — either in-store or online. These services are generally a complete waste of money — you can easily do this all yourself for free.

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Have you created a long table in Word only to discover that the rows need to be rearranged? Luckily, it’s very easy to move rows up and down within a table using an easy keystroke combination.

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Back in the day, it was common to apply dozens of tweaks to Windows XP to get things just the way you wanted and to significantly improve performance. Are there equivalent tweaks for the modern incarnations of Windows?

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Jumping to a specific page in Word is a common task and easy to do using the Find and Replace dialog box. You can also use this same tab to jump from one table directly to the next table in your document.

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When it comes to hidden gems in Windows, nothing beats the Reliability monitor tool, hidden behind a link inside of another tool that you don’t use either. Why Microsoft doesn’t shine more light on this really useful troubleshooting tool, we’ll never know.

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Recent revelations about government surveillance have raised the question: why don’t cloud services encrypt your data? Well, they generally do encrypt your data, but they have the key so they can decrypt it any time they like.

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So you have multiple computers and you want to keep your files in sync, but you don’t want to store them on someone else’s servers. You’ll want a service that synchronizes files directly between your computers.

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If you’re using a password manager and it’s not the cloud-based LastPass, it’s probably KeePass. KeePass is a completely open-source password manager that stores all your sensitive data locally. However, this means that it isn’t quite as well-integrated as other solutions.

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The Auto-Complete feature in Outlook 2013 automatically fills in names and email addresses for you when entering them in the To or Cc fields. Based on the characters you start to enter, Outlook displays a list of possible choices that match what you’ve entered.

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It’s a common situation — you have several computers near each other and you want to transfer files between them. You don’t have to pull out a USB drive, nor do you have to send them over email — there are faster, easier ways.

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Your computer consumes a large amount of power just idling there awaiting your command, so does charging a smartphone or tablet off one of the USB ports impose much of a demand on it?

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If you are working on a large spreadsheet where all the rows and columns of data don’t fit on the screen, it would be helpful to be able to keep the heading rows and columns stationary so you can scroll through the data.

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Many programs want to send usage statistics, error logs, and crash reports — data about how you use the application and what problems occurred — to their servers. Some people disable these options, but should you?

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For almost everyone who made the upgrade, Windows 8 proved to be something of a disappointment for one reason or another. Windows 8.1 (or Windows Blue) was released to address many of the issues users had complained about, including reintroducing the ability to boot straight to the desktop.

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Microsoft released a preview of their update to Windows 8 today, and we’ve got all the details, starting with how to get your hands on it.

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If you’re writing a long Word document containing a lot of images, you may want to add captions to those images. You can then reference the images by their number in the text as well as generate a Table of Figures.

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When people refer to running native software, emulation, and software compatibility, what exactly are they referring to? Read on as we delve into the concept of native software.

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Last week we told you all about camera white balance and how to fix color issues right in your camera. But what about the photos you’ve already taken that need a little help? Read on as we show you how to fix color issues in existing photos.

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When you’re managing a public computer, you need a special kind of tool. You need a way to reset that computer back to a clean state every time it boots so no one can make any harmful changes.

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When it comes to getting things done quickly, automation is the name of the game. We’ve looked at IFTTT before, and a new batch of updates has introduced a number of options that can be used to automatically do things with files that are sent to your Gmail address.

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Your local internet service provider probably doesn’t have the fastest DNS servers, and that can slow down your browsing, since your browser needs to look up the IP address of every web site you try to view. Here is how to switch to either OpenDNS or Google DNS for faster browsing times.

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We have previously covered how to send the contents of a text file to the Windows Clipboard with a simple Send To shortcut, but what if you want to do the opposite? That is: send the contents of the clipboard to a text file with a simple shortcut.

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Web apps are all the rage, but offline apps still have their place. Whether you want better offline support or you just want to keep your sensitive data on your PC, there’s a free desktop app that can replace your web-based productivity app.

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Did you have someone else set up the wireless network in your house, and can’t for the life of you remember the password? If so read on to see how you may still be able to recover it.

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