If you want to add a business card template to an existing contact in Outlook, you can do so without having to enter all of the information again. We will also show you how to customize the layout and format of the text on the card.

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Ransomware is a type of malware that tries to extort money from you. One of the nastiest examples, CryptoLocker, takes your files hostage and holds them for ransom, forcing you to pay hundreds of dollars to regain access.

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Whenever you add a Business Card to your signature in Outlook 2013, the Signature Editor automatically generates a picture of it and includes that in the signature as well as attaching the .vcf file. However, there is a way to leave out the image.

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iPads and Android tablets can’t run Windows apps locally, but they can access a Windows desktops remotely — even with a physical keyboard. In a pinch, the same tricks can be used to access a Windows desktop from a smartphone.

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When you add a business card to a signature, an image of the business card is inserted into the signature and the vCard (.vcf) file is attached. If you don’t want to attach the vCard file, you can insert the image only into your signature.

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vCard is the abbreviation for Virtual Business Card and is the standard format (.vcf files) for electronic business cards. vCards allow you to create and share contact information over the internet, such as in email messages and instant messaging.

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Windows 8.1 is available to everyone starting today, October 18. The latest version of Windows improves on Windows 8 in every way. It’s a big upgrade, whether you use the desktop or new touch-optimized interface.

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If you sign most of your emails the same way, you can easily specify a default signature to automatically insert into new email messages and replies and forwards. This can be done directly in the Signature editor in Outlook 2013.

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You turn on your computer one day and Windows refuses to boot — what do you do? “Windows won’t boot” is a common symptom with a variety of causes, so you’ll need to perform some troubleshooting.

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If you sign your emails the same way most of the time, you can create signatures in Outlook that you can attach to your emails. Easily create a signature for business emails and a different one for personal emails.

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Accessing your system’s settings in Windows 8 is not exactly the most straight-forward of processes, so if you need to change your settings often, then it can be a bit frustrating. With that in mind, the good folks over at 7 Tutorials have created an awesome shortcut that will take all the hassle out of accessing those settings, and make ‘tweaking’ Windows 8 much easier.

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There may be times when you want to add a note to an email message you received. Maybe you need to remember something about the sender or the contents of the email. There are several ways to add a note to an email message.

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If you need to do something related to an email message you received, you can easily create a task from the message in Outlook. A task can be created that contains all the content of the message without requiring you to re-enter the information.

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You should never have to hunt down a lost file on modern versions of Windows — just perform a quick search. You don’t even have to wait for a cartoon dog to find your files, like on Windows XP.

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We’ve previously covered the standard ways to free up space on Windows. But if you have a small solid-state drive and really want more hard space, there are geekier ways to reclaim hard drive space.

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Windows is big, complicated, and misunderstood. You’ll still stumble across bad advice from time to time when browsing the web. These Windows tweaking, performance, and system maintenance tips are mostly just useless, but some are actively harmful.

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Windows 8.1 will automatically encrypt the storage on modern Windows PCs. This will help protect your files in case someone steals your laptop and tries to get at them, but it has important ramifications for data recovery.

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If you choose to manually update your RSS feeds on demand, there is a way to do this without having to send and receive your email at the same time. You can create a special Send/Receive Group for your RSS feeds.

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Windows 8.1′s Assigned Access feature allows you to easily lock a Windows PC to a single application, such as a web browser. This feature makes it easy for anyone to configure Windows 8.1 devices as point-of-sale or other kiosk systems.

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Windows gets so mad when you don’t safely eject USB media, but does it really matter? What’s the worst that could happen if you never safely ejected your USB drive and other flash-based media?

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By default, RSS feeds update automatically. If you have a lot of RSS feeds you follow, you may not want them all updating automatically. You can set up the RSS feeds so none of them update automatically, or only certain ones will.

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Antivirus programs aren’t perfect — especially Microsoft Security Essentials. If you’re relying on your antivirus alone to protect you, you’re putting yourself at risk. You should still follow basic, common-sense computer security practices.

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If you have a long list of emails and you’re having difficulty distinguishing among the individual emails in your list, you can select a grid line style to display between each of the emails. This can improve the visibility of each email in your list.

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If you have a lot of RSS feeds in Outlook, it may get very chaotic in your RSS Feeds folder. There is a way you can set up your RSS feeds using Search Folders so you can view only today’s unread feeds.

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Now that Skype has been merged with Windows Live Messenger, it’s more popular than ever. There’s no way to use Skype with a third-party client, but Skype does offer hidden features that can make it more powerful.

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