We’ve all heard the rumors and seen occasional evidence — some Internet service providers slow down certain types of traffic, like BitTorrent traffic. Other ISPs slow down their customers’ connections if they download too much data in a month.

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The ability to sync data and settings between computers running Windows 8 is great, but it does mean that your information – possibly personal – is stored in the cloud. If you have changed your mind about syncing and want to remove your data from the cloud, here’s how to do it.

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Suppose someone asks you for a list of applications you have installed on your computer. To get this information, what’s the first thing you would think to use? Third-party program? Not us, we have PowerShell.

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Windows includes its own versions of many widely used system utilities. A variety of new utilities were added to Windows 8, but many of these utilities are available on Windows 7, too.

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You’re constantly plugging and unplugging (and mounting/unmounting) your flash drive. What can you do to minimize potential data loss?

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Firefox has a problem. It has fallen behind, with development stalled on the most crucial, most difficult problems. Many of the most significant improvements in Firefox over the past few years have simply been copying changes made in Chrome.

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We’ve taught you what bokeh is and how to create it with a physical camera, now let’s take a look at how we can create the gorgeous softness of bokeh as a nice colorful and light-dappled wallpaper for your computer and mobile devices.

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The Modern UI apps bought along quite some change in Windows 8, and figuring out how to print a PDF file requires getting your robe and wizard hat. Here is how to do it.

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With the old Windows Start menu, you could add the Control Panel as a menu or a drop-down list. With Windows 8, you can pin the Control Panel to the Start Screen and taskbar but first you need to know where it is.

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When your torrent client joins the swarm to share and gather file pieces, how exactly does it know where all its peers are? Read on as we poke around inside the mechanisms that undergird the BitTorrent protocol.

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Firewalls are an important piece of security software, and someone is always trying to sell you a new one. However, Windows has come with its own solid firewall since Windows XP SP2, and it’s more than good enough.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could print from any of your devices (desktops, phones, tablets) to any of your printers, at any time? Read on as we explore Google Cloud Print, a fantastic way to enable printing on all your devices big and small.

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Today’s Question & Answer session comes to us courtesy of SuperUser—a subdivision of Stack Exchange, a community-driven grouping of Q&A web sites.

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Windows’ Safe Mode is an essential tool. On computers infected with malware or crashing because of buggy drivers, Safe Mode may be the only way to start the computer.

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Screenshots of the Windows 8.1 Preview have been circulating on the internet for a bit now, but we have had to wait until this week to see any official video footage of the new system in action. Watch as Jensen Harris from the Windows Team shows some highlights of what we can expect in the Windows 8.1 Preview due to be released on June 26th.

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If you love abstract luminescent line wallpaper (and we certainly do), read on to see how you can make your own custom wallpaper with exactly the kind of lines, colors, and perfect level of luminosity you crave.

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You may find you need to change multiple cells from one case to another in Excel. Maybe you imported data that came in all upper case, or maybe you convert headings on columns to upper case. Changing case is easy using some special functions.

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Image courtesy of EasyDNS, a dynamic DNS service provider.

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Online services are becoming increasingly concerned with security, with two-factor authentication now being the flavor of the day. Extra security at login is great, but what if you forget your password? Facebook’s Trusted Contacts can help out here.

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RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary.” It’s a document specification that allows you to easily collect and organize web-based news and information from websites in a standardized format commonly called a feed, which is like a bookmark that actively updates itself.

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Have you ever wondered how those third party tweaking programs allow you to add custom shortcuts to the Computer dialog? It’s actually really easy.

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If you love your iOS device but you’re not a fan of iTunes, there’s a way to manage your device without it. Read on as we show you how to spend less time syncing files and dinking around with iTunes and more time enjoying your device.

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The Common Feed List is a list of subscribed RSS Feeds that is saved with your Windows user profile. RSS clients, including Windows Internet Explorer and Outlook, use this list allowing you to configure your RSS subscriptions in one location for multiple readers.

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You are emailed a document and you have to sign it and send it back. You could print out the document, sign it, and then scan it back in and email it. But there’s a better, faster way.

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Google Reader will be dead soon, but it has been dying for a long time. A declining user base, lack of innovation, and lack of mass appeal doomed it. People are using other types of services to stay up-to-date with their favorite websites.

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