If you are using the stable version of the Dropbox desktop client and have been looking forward to the new features (and bug fixes for the 0.8.x releases), then your wait is over. Now you can dig into and enjoy wonderful Sele...

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Creating greeting cards can be a lot of DIY fun around the holidays, but printing them can often be a nightmare. This simple How-To will show you how to figure out how to perfectly print your half fold card.

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Mastering the keyboard will not only increase your navigation speed but it can also help with wrist fatigue. Here are some lesser known Windows shortcuts to help you become a keyboard ninja.

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This week we learned how to breathe new life into an aging Windows Mobile 6.x device, use filters in Photoshop, backup and move VirtualBox machines, use the BitDefender Rescue CD to clean an infected PC, and had fun setting up a pirates theme on our computers.

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Do you need to upload a very large file to store online or email to a friend? Unfortunately, whether you’re emailing a file or using online storage sites like SkyDrive, there’s a limit on the size of files you can use. Here’s how to get around the limits.

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After you’ve used Disk Cleanup, you probably expect every temporary file to be completely deleted, but that’s not actually the case. Files are only deleted if they are older than 7 days old, but you can tweak that number to something else.

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If you’re running Google Dev channel version of Chrome, you might have noticed that the latest update really broke—the problem is the GPU accelerated canvas option, but you can’t get in there to change it since it keeps crashing. Here’s how to fix it.

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Need something to rev up the looks of your desktop? If you like fast cars then you should take a look at this elegant Porsche theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with 40 HD wallpapers, custom Porsche icons, and Porsche car s...

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Regardless of which operating systems we use there are at least some changes made to personalize each to suit our tastes or needs. This week we would like to know how much you customize your operating system.

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Need to move a virtual machine, only to find that copying and pasting doesn’t work?  Perhaps you just want to know what to backup?  Take a look at this quick guide on the process to get a better understanding of VirtualBox

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Are you a classic computer game fan who would love to play a Super Mario style platformer on your Windows, Linux, and/or Mac systems? Then you may want to have a look at Secret Maryo Chronicles, an open source game ready to f...

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With all the buzz about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7, there’s one group that may feel left in the cold: those with older Windows Mobile 6.x devices.  Here’s some ways you can keep your now-obsolete device a little more viable and useful today.

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Have you been eagerly waiting to get LastPass extension support in Opera? Now your wait is finally over. Just head on over to the extension page and get ready to enjoy that LastPass goodness in Opera.

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The idea of drive extender for Windows Home Server is you can have as many hard drives as you want and they all group together into the same pool of storage. This is similar to a RAID setup but drive extender had a few cards up it’s sleeve that made it invaluable for a NAS appliance.

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We’ve already shown you how to create shortcuts to create new Google Docs easily, but what if you want total Windows integration? Here’s how to add them to the Windows Explorer “New” menu for easier access.

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Instead of having a bunch of separate drives to deal with, why not put them together into one big drive? You can use software RAID to accomplish this, and here’s how to do it.

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This week we learned how to disable scan and fix for removable drives in Windows, quickly create new Google documents with a shortcut or hotkey, lock the screen orientation on an iPad with iOS 4.2, have fun cleaning up after a snow storm with Friday Fun, and see the tech that the writers at How-To Geek are thankful for.

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Sometimes you’ll be prompted to scan and fix a removable disk before using it in Windows. The proper way to fix this is to scan for filesystem errors, but here is how you can make the prompt go away permanently.

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Monitor profiling and calibration are serious business, often involving equipment costing hundreds of dollars. Thankfully, there are free tools for calibration both on the internet and in your operating system.

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When you’re dealing with a PC that is completely infected in viruses, sometimes the best thing to do is reboot into a rescue disk and run a full virus scan from there. Here’s how to use the Kaspersky Rescue Disk to clean an infected PC.

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It’s Thanksgiving, and this year we’re going to share all of the great technology that we’re really thankful for. Join us for a look at the tech products that keep each of the How-To Geek writers going. Also, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Reader Jeevus wrote in asking how to remove the “Troubleshoot Compatibility” item from the Windows context menu whenever you right-click on an application—naturally, we were happy to explain how to do it, and share with the rest of you.

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Is sunset your favorite time of the day? Those of you who enjoy the gorgeous views and colors that mark the peaceful, calm moments before darkness falls will definitely want to have a look at this sunset theme we found to share with you.

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It is a lot of fun to find those perfect sets of icons from our favorite movies or TV shows to customize our desktops with. This week we have a nice mixture of icon packs for you to look through with our first Popular Movie and TV Show Icon Packs collection.

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I’ve never really been a desktop gadgets and widgets type of person, but I often put an inspirational quote on my desktop wallpaper. Today we’ll show you how to do this using Rainmeter, no matter what wallpaper you switch to.

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