Ever get a sudden, inexplicably irresistible desire for karaoke? Maybe you like the music of a song but can’t stand the lead singer? Here’s how to use remove the vocals from most music tracks in a few simple steps.

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This beautiful theme shows the Emerald Isle at its’ best with images of green landscapes, gorgeous seaside cliffs, cities at night, waterfalls, ancient rock formations, and more. The theme comes with 17 wallpapers and 2...

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Last month Microsoft rolled out Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and, like many SP releases, quite a few people are hanging back to see what happens. If you want to update but still error on the side of caution, reader Ron Troy  offers a step-by-step guide.

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Album art used to be an inseparable part of music, back when it came in record or CD format. But there’s a way to capture some of that magic even today, using a free application. Read on to see how!

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You might not realize this, but there’s actually another icon hidden inside the Google Chrome executable file—and it’s a high-quality version of the same logo, but golden. Here’s how to use it.

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Windows 7 rocks a new method of file and print sharing that’s a departure from the frustrating file and print sharing found in earlier versions of Windows. What is it and how can you benefit from it? Read on as we explain.

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Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here, so if you are wanting to add a nice touch of luck (and green) to your desktop then take a look at these three fun icon packs we have for you.

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Microsoft has released the final version of Internet Explorer 9, and there’s just one question you should be asking yourself: Should I bother installing it? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest release of Microsoft’s infamous browser.

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Clearly they should have switched their servers to Linux.

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You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Today we look at how to boot into Windows after uninstalling Linux, sharing folders between a Mac and a Windows computer, and how to reinstate the missing Outlook reminder bell.

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Don’t Panic! is a free and portable Windows application that makes it easy to quickly hide windows, clear document and browser history, and otherwise mask your goofing off.

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This week we learned how to get spelling autocorrect across all applications on a Windows system, “diagnose DSL hang ups, extract media files from PowerPoint presentations, & restrict IE to a single website”, customize the Ubuntu bootloader screen, get smartphone-style word suggestion on Windows systems, learned what character encodings are and how they differ, and more.

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Do you find it hard to steer your mouse and hit the right keyboard key to play PC games? If you happen to have PS3 controllers, why not use them as Joysticks to play games?

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The battle for control of the Grid and escape back to our reality in TRON Legacy was nothing less than epic. Now you can relive the adventure right on your desktop with the TRON Legacy theme for Windows 7.

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There’s no need to settle for overly simplistic file renaming tools as long as Bulk Rename Tool is around. It’s lightweight, insanely customizable, portable, and sure to make short work of any renaming task you throw at it.

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If you’re looking for some simple hardware monitoring tools that don’t clutter up your screen real estate but are right in front of you when you need them, Taskbar Meters sit unobtrusively right on the Windows taskbar.

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Are you looking for an easy way to create custom sized thumbnail images for use in blog posts, photo albums, and more? Whether is it a single image or a CD full, Simple Image Resizer is the right app to get the job done for you.

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If you’re looking to put a end to iTunes overly aggressive syncing, Sync Blocker is a free application that puts an end to automatic iTunes synchronization and keeps your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch data from being accidentally deleted.

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Have you ever wished that you can type faster and better in Windows ? Then you’re in luck, because today we’ll show you how to get a smartphone’s word suggestion in Windows.

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If you’re stuck using a three-button mouse, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on the comfort of Back and Forward browser buttons. Using a simple AutoHotkey script, you could set your mouse up so that you can hold the right mouse button and scroll the wheel to emulate these all-important buttons.

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Google Chrome has rolled out a new update that includes a host of improves such as easier to navigate menus, encrypted password syncing, over all speed improvements, Flash sandboxing, and more.

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Your laptop’s got a trackpad, you use a mouse for gaming, and you’re tired of manually switching settings constantly. Here’s how to separate both devices and how to set up a hotkey to switch between two settings on one device.

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Spelling auto-correction can be a very handy feature, whether it is for tricky words (“emmitted” vs. “emitted”), typical typos (“desing” vs. “design”) or other common errors. Microsoft Word has it, but why not implement it across your system using a free, customizable and easy-to-use AutoHotkey script? Read on to see how.

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This week we take a look at flaky DSL connections, extracting media from PowerPoint presentations, and how to lock down IE to a single website without any additional software or network configuration hacking necessary.

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Some applications come with a boatload of keyboard shortcuts; these can make you very fast, but can be difficult to remember, especially if you customized some of them. What if you could have your own little cheat sheet that would pop up next to the application every time your ran it? Read on to see how you can make one.

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