A beautiful outdoors theme consisting of wallpapers with trees, leaves, forests, waterfalls, dew, and droplets. The theme has 29 nature wallpapers, custom icons, and soothing sounds to give your desktop that wonderful “green” touch.

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Would you like more of your favorite programs to include jumplists for your favorite tasks?  Here’s how you can customize your Windows 7 jumplists quickly with Jumplist Extender.

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Would you like to run programs on your PC without installing them?  Whether you’re wanting to run an outdated app or just want to try a program before installing it, here’s how you can run many programs online with Spoon.

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Here at How-To Geek, we’ve covered many different ways to reset your password for Windows—but what if you can’t reset your password? Or what if you’re using drive encryption that would wipe out your files if you changed the password? It’s time to crack the password instead.

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One of the cool features in Vista and Windows 7 is it’s set to automatically defrag your hard drive by default on a weekly basis. If you’re still using XP, here’s how you can set it up to work similarly to Vista or Windows 7.

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The new Internet Explorer 9 Beta includes many new features, including a Popular Sites page that presents a nice looking list of your most frequently visited sites when you open a new tab.  Here’s how you can customize or remove the Popular Sites page from IE 9.

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Have you ever worried that someone could figure out your password by trying different key combinations?  Here’s how you can prevent this by temporarily locking your computer when the password is entered incorrectly a couple of times.

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Over at the Windows Phone blog, they’ve just announced that one of the top requests from developers was using Visual Basic to write apps for the phone. Visual Basic? Seriously?

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Over at Arstechnica, they’ve figured out that the generic icon used when there’s no picture for a contact is actually a silhouette of Bill Gates.

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Since IE 9 beta was released to the public, there has been a lot of discussion about it feeling strange without the Menu and other Toolbars. You can bring them back easily enough, and here we’ll look at a couple ways of doing it.

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Yesterday we introduced you to McAfee’s new URL shortening service. Today we have an extension for Chrome that lets you create shortened URLs with a single click.

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Would you like your computer to automatically lock and require you to enter your password when you exit the screensaver?  Here’s how to quickly change your screensaver settings to keep your computer secure when you’re away.

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If you’ve been trying out the public beta of Internet Explorer 9, you might want to revert back to IE 8 for some reason. Here we look at how to uninstall IE 9 and get IE 8 back.

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Ready to add some “battitude” to your Windows 7 system? Then you should definitely take a look at this Batman theme. The theme consists of 25+ hi-res wallpapers, custom Batman icons, and select sounds from the movie.

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Connecting to file servers is something most people do on a daily basis even without thinking about it. In Linux, it may not be intuitive how to quickly connect to a samba or ftp server without a separate program. Here are a few different ways to connect to a remote file server without needing to touch a terminal.

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Now that IE 9 Beta has been out for a while, and you’ve had time to explore it, you might want to import bookmarks from other browsers. Here take a look at how to get it done in IE 9 Beta.

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Would you like to tweak your title bar and menu fonts in Windows 7?  Here’s how you can change those little settings you may have enjoyed tweaking in older versions of Windows.

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Are you one of the many Vista users who want to get in the Internet Explorer 9 Beta fun?  Although Microsoft mostly focused on Windows 7 specific features in it’s information, IE 9 still has a lot of great features for Vista.  Let’s see how you can use the best new features from IE 9 including pinning sites and site specific browsers in Windows Vista.

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Are you wasting time switching back and forth between your mouse and keyboard while browsing or using webapps?  Let’s look at how gleeBox can streamline your browsing experience with innovative keyboard shortcuts and prompts.

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You’re using the 64-bit version of IE 9 Beta and attempt to watch flash videos, and realize they won’t play. Here we look at fixing the problem by installing the new 64-bit version of Adobe Flash.

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Are you tired of shuffling between windows when browsing or copying files between different folders?  Here’s how you can make Explorer more usable with integrated tab navigation.

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In addition to creating backups, there are a variety of tasks and functions SQL Server makes available which can both improve the performance and reliability of your databases. We have previously showed you how to backup SQL Server databases with a simple command line script so in the same fashion we are providing a script which will allow you to easily perform common maintenance tasks.

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The other day Microsoft released the IE 9 Beta to the public and it’s very nice. You can search directly in the address bar like in Chrome but the default provider is Bing. Here’s how to change it to Google.

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Windows 7 Media Center include an Optimization feature that will optimize media to work with WMC. The process can take a long time if you have a large library and here we look at how to schedule it to occur while you’re sleeping.

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Why bother with complicated webapps when you just want to make a simple list? With a few handy Unicode characters, you can make a visually appealing and easy-to-skim list with plain text!

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