Are you envious of Windows 7 getting all of the wallpaper love with the new themes? Set your envy aside because you can download many of the wallpapers individually.

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If you aren’t a fan of scrolling your pointer over to the lower right corner of your monitor to Show the Desktop, we have a cool tweak that will let you create a Show Desktop icon in the Quick Launch or anywhere on your Taskbar.

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Would you like to change out the icons on your taskbar with a beautiful set of icons that all go together?  Here’s how you can change out the random candy-colored icons for a stylish icon set of your choice.

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Since I spend a large amount of my time testing out applications, taking screenshots, and doing web development, I’m constantly needing to resize windows to various sizes—so I’ve put together an AutoHotkey function that does it for me.

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Until now Office 2010 was only available in 38 languages. Starting this past week Microsoft has started releasing new language interface packs.

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Today Microsoft finally released the newest version of Internet Explorer, complete with hardware acceleration, web standards support, and a completely redesigned interface focused on using web sites as applications. Join us for a tour of the features in Internet Explorer 9.

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Sometimes your boss might want you to create a spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation and it’s on a deadline. This is where Templates in Office apps can be your best friend.

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Last week our friend Ed Bott wrote up an excellent article on how to install iTunes 10 on Windows without extra bloat. Today we take a look at doing a minimal install with a step by step tutorial.

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Often times you will need to copy and paste text into an email from various sources. By default Outlook keeps the formatting of whatever it is that you are pasting instead of the formatting of the email you are composing. Here is a quick tip on how to change that behavior.

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One of the primary features that kept me using Outlook’s calendar was the desktop notifications that popped up to remind me when it was time for another boring meeting. Now with Google Calendar and Chrome notifications, I’ll never miss the chance to sleep through another meeting.

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When you’re dealing with an application that displays data in a set of columns, it’s often frustrating to have to resize each column separately—but today we’ve got a great trick for you that resizes all the columns with a single keystroke.

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On Wednesday, Microsoft is set to announce the official beta of Internet Explorer 9 and unveil the new interface, but if you’re interested in the behind-the-scenes technology, they’ve got a great write-up for you right now.

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This week we learned how to tell what type of memory Linux PCs have installed, manage iPods with MediaMonkey, clean up a messy Internet Explorer context menu, convert a PowerPoint 2010 presentation to video, switch Windows 7 to the XP Style Alt-Tab switcher, and more.

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If you’re doing work at the command line on your Windows box, it’s sometimes useful to copy the output of a command to the clipboard, but who wants to try and scroll and click to use copy and paste? Here’s how to do it the easy way.

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You’re no doubt reading this article because you’re wondering what that SearchIndexer.exe process is all about, and why it’s chewing up a lot of RAM or CPU. Here’s the explanation you’re looking for, and how to deal with it.

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Microsoft has released a new book aimed at helping teenagers to stay safe while on the Internet. This free 266 page PDF book deals with issues such as malware, hackers, spam, cyberbullies, privacy, online predators, and more.

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When you get down to it, batch files and executable files work pretty much the same way. Both are simply a set of instructions and logic for Windows execute. So why would you want to convert a batch file to an executable if they essentially work the same? Here are a few reasons:

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Would you like to keep your programs neat and orderly in your Windows 7 taskbar?  Let’s look at an easy way to make your taskbar simpler and more aesthetic all at the same time.

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Windows Live Writer has a great feature that detects the style of your blog and allows you to write posts in a way that looks similar to your site, but sometimes it goes wrong, and there’s no easy way to fix it.

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A while back, we showed a fun Easter egg in Windows 7 that shows the old XP-Style Alt-Tab switcher if you use a certain combination of keys, and today we’re going to show you how to switch to the old style permanently—not that we’d actually recommend it.

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Is your Internet Explorer context menu completely out of control? Is it so long that it actually runs off the screen? Here’s how to quickly take a few steps to get rid of all that ridiculous clutter without installing Google Chrome instead.

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If you own an iPod you might not be happy with how big and bloated iTunes is and want an alternative. Today we look at using MediaMonkey Standard as an alternative for managing your iPod and audio collection.

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Many services and programs out there produce log files as an audit trail for everything they are doing, however few have a function which removes these files as they outlive their usefulness. As a result, these log files sit on your system eating up space (sometimes more than you know) and cluttering directories for those times you need to access them.

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Have you ever needed to perform the same mindless task over and over on your PC? Instead of wasting hours clicking buttons and hitting keys, this is the perfect time to use your AutoHotkey skills to make your PC do the work for you.

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Do you ever plug in your wired network card while your wireless card is still enabled? Ever wonder how Windows chooses which one to use? Here’s how to see the default priority—and how to change it if you want.

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