If you’re sharing or collaborating on a Word document, you might want an easy way to add comments to parts of text. Here we look at how to add comments to documents in Word 2010.

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There might be times when you need to access your Windows computer at home or the office, but all you have is your iOS device. Here we take a look at RDP Lite which provides access to your Windows PC.

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Nothing is more annoying than getting your Internet connection shut down, due to weather, or perhaps forgetting to pay your bill. Let’s take a look at some ways you can be productive and entertained without the Internet.

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A personal wiki is an amazing place to store all of your notes, to-do lists, projects, and links. Traditional wikis are no easy task to set up and typically cost money for web hosting and software licensing. With TiddlyWiki and Dropbox you can set up your own wiki that is easy to use and available from anything with a web browser. Here is how to get started.

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Most people know that you can use the middle mouse button to click on links in any browser to open the page in a new tab, but sadly not all laptops come with a middle mouse button—but you can simulate it on most laptops by using both buttons at the same time.

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If you have a Netbook or Laptop that you would like to use on a Public Wi-Fi hotspot, there are security precautions you need to take. Here we look at keeping your computer secure at public Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Google Chrome extensions have only had the ability to create buttons on the menu bar, and we’ve been waiting a long time for support that integrates with the context menu, or some other method that doesn’t waste space on the menu bar.

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If you’ve ever accidentally triggered a system shutdown and then suddenly changed your mind, here’s the simple trick to tell Windows to abort the shutdown and let you get back to goofing off.

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Have you ever noticed that when you save a file into a Windows 7 library through the common “Save As” dialog, that it ends up in just one of the folders that make up that library? Here’s how to customize the default save location for any library.

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Purchasing textbooks, starting new classes, and trying to hammer out a schedule can be hectic when starting school. We put together a guide to some of the best apps and discounts to help you make the most of the new school year.

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If you run a Windows Server which takes advantage of the built in DNS Server, you have a nice graphical interface for viewing and managing your DNS records. However, the vast majority of the time you probably just look at these records as opposed to updating them. This process is not difficult, but can be a hassle as you have to connect to the DNS Server machine through remote desktop, open DNS controls and locate the record. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply see this information over the web?

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Are you looking for a utility that will allow you to quickly create professional, well worded documents? Today we take a look at the word completion eType Beta, and we have 1,000 invites for our readers.

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If you often use removable USB devices like a flash drive, you are probably already familiar with the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon that sits in the system tray. The problem for many people is that the icon is tiny, and clicking it just right to bring up the menu is a pain. Can’t we just make a shortcut to bring up the dialog?

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Google’s own Matt Cutts has the answer on how to easily switch back and forth between the Dev and Beta channel versions of Google Chrome if you’re using a Debian-based Linux like Ubuntu. Here you go:

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Deep 7 is an impressive visual style hack for Windows 7 that completely customizes almost every aspect of the interface. It’s really worth a look.

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Ever wondered how many floppy disks it would take to install Windows 7? Here’s your answer.

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Would you like to move your notes from Evernote into MS OneNote?  There’s no direct way to import Evernote files into OneNote, but here’s some tricks that works quite good for moving your notes to your favorite application.

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When you have a bunch of end user computers on a network, it is important to be sure files stored locally on the respective computers are backed up in the event of hard drive failure. Maintaining backup programs, configurations and, possibly, support costs on each machine can be a real pain, so as an alternative we have a simple solution: a script which, when run, mirrors local data to a common network location.

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Sometimes when your making tweaks to WHS or installing certain Add-Ins, it can make the system unstable. Here we take a look at how to backup the WHS System State and / or Registry so you can restore it if something goes wrong.

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If you’re in college, chances are you’re overwhelmed by rising tuition and textbook costs.  Here’s how you can get a little break with absolutely free development and design software from Microsoft via DreamSpark.

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While there are a myriad of useful applications and utilities which are available via portable distributions, many tools still remain in their “install only” format. This limitation, however, should not discourage you from using the respective program as a portable application. With a few tricks we are going to show you here, you may be able to add these programs to your collection of portable tools yet.

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If you’re having problems with media playback on your Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 PC using Windows Media Player, or even using other applications like Media Monkey, you might need to reinstall Windows Media Player. But how?

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If you’ve ever wanted to adjust the context menu for a file so that you can launch the application as administrator with another utility, here’s the quick registry hack that you can use to do so.

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Virtualization has become an incredibly powerful and flexible way to deploy environments. So much in fact that Microsoft has integrated the ability to attach virtual hard drive (VHD) files as physical disks in the Windows Disk Management tool. This process is easy enough to do manually but if you attach VHD files often then we have a solution which enables you to mount and unmount VHD files with a single click.

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